Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila’s whole family is enjoying breakfast on a table. Paridhi asks Kinjal a promise which she gives. She asks her to fight with Urmila. Once they start fighting, she takes their video.

Anurag thinks until Ahem is there, he cannot get Gopi, so he has to go now.

Paridhi gets ready and asks Urmila to take her to that house now. Kinjal asks where is she going. Paridhi says she is going to a big house where a khadoos saaas and obidient bahu is there. Kinjal senses she is talking about her mother and her house and scolds Urmila how can she talk about her mother like that and how can she take Paridhi there. Urmila says when Gopi’s sister Radha can stay there, why can’t Rashi’s sister Paridhi stay there.

Urmila and Paridhi reach Modi Bhavan. Urmila introduces Paridhi to Rashi. Paridhi sees Gopi and asks Rashi if she is the same maid you had. Rashi and Gopi are shocked hearing that. Rashi says she is married to my brother-in-law. Paridhi says that is nice and says house is also nice, exactly like the one she saw in TV soaps. Urmila says Rashi that Paridhi is making a documentary on joint family, so she thought this is the best house to stay and make a documentary on. Rashi asks Urmila how can she stay here without Kokila’s permission. Kokila hears that and asks what permission. Paridhi sees her and asks if she is the typical saas, takes a selfie with her. Urmila then introduces kids and Baa to Paridhi. Urmila says Paridhi wants your permission to stay here. Paridhi says she will not deny permission as she has allowed maid to marry her son. Kokila gets angry hearing that and says Urmila she would have told all this. Urmila says she is not. Chirag, Parag, Ahem, Jigar come there. Paridhi introduces herself to them and says Jigar that she is like a wife to him and says there is a saying saali adhi ghar wali. She forcefully takes Kokila’s permission and says when she can allow Gopi’s sister to stay why can’t she.

Kokila says Paridhi that she gives her permission to stay as she has come to study, but she has to obey her family rules. Paridhi says she knows all the rules and will get more from net. Kokila asks Rashi to show her room. Paridhi thanks Urmila. Kokila asks Urmila to talk to her first before taking any decisions and sends her from there.

Paridhi talks to her father and informs about her staying in Modi Bhavan. She counts rooms, sees Kokila and asks to stay peacefully a joint family, howmany rooms should be there. Kokila says that she can do in the morning and asks her to go and sleep. Paridhi asks how it feels being a saas/mother-in-law, sees Kokila’s frowning face and says knows it does not feel good. She forcefully asks her to say goodnight. She clashes with Rashi while looking on the other side and walking and asks she was searching her room. She praises Rashi for maintaining a good figure even after 2 kids and nick names her Rash.

Kokila sees balcony railing broken and asks Meethi not to let anyone until mistry repairs it. Anurag hears that and thinks this is the right place to evict Ahem. He ties wire to the railing and waits for Ahem.

Kokila and family are on the breakfast table. Kokila asks Rashi about Paridhi. She says she is still sleeping. Paridhi comes and joins them for breakfast and says her mobile alarm went off, so could not wake up. Kokila asks if she took her bath. She says she will have it later. She sees Ahem scolding Jigar and asks him to apologize Jigar. Everyone are petrified hearing that. Kokila thinks she would not have allowed Paridhi in her home. Paridhi holds Ahem’s hand asks him to apologize Jigar. Ahem hesitantly apologizes Jigar and leaves.

Precap: Ahem gets a call and stops just before Anurag pulls balcony railing on him. Anurag gets annoyed seeing that.

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