Shastri Sisters 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani complimenting Anushka on her looks. Neil is with his friends who tease him about the slap. Neil gets angry. They see Devyaani and Anushka. Anushka says Minty did so much forgetting everything, we will also get friendly with them now. Anushka says Neil, when we came to Delhi, we did not think we will make enemies here, but there happened so many misunderstandings and confusion, we both made mistakes, we want to forget everything and I request you to forget it. She says sorry. Neil smiles and says cool. His friend says whats cool in this. Neil says she is right, why to keep fighting.

He clears about the train confusion and leaves. Devyaani says Anushka, you are great to do this. Anushka says for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Devyaani says I m more beautiful, but you are equal to me in brains. Pammi comes to talk to Minty, and asks what did Alka say about the proposal. Minty says Alka acts so much and I helped them. I m doing good for them. Pammi says yes, but you know Shastri ji will not agree. Alka will be stuck, you are smart. Minty thanks her and says she has slapped Neil, I won’t be quiet till………… She says she has work, and will talk later.

Minty sees Shastri ji going to office. She quickly makes rotis and gives to Sareen. She asks Sareen to call Shastri ji for breakfast. Sareen is stunned and asks are you really Minty, He says stop this drama. Sareen stops Shastri ji and asks him to have breakfast. Minty serves them food and acts sweet. She asks what did he think about proposal. Shastri ji says I don’t know any good guy. Minty shows him a good looking guy, and says he is from a good family. He stays nearby and you will be glad that Alka is close to you.

She says he is of our caste. Sareen says Rohan is a good guy, we have seen him since childhood, his parents are good people. Shastri ji says he will be good if you are saying. Minty says lets show pic to Alka. Shastri ji says she is like cow, what will she tell us. Minty says yes, really, but lets show her once. He says she is not at home, went to buy milk. Minty jokes. Alka meets Rajeev and he is shocked knowing about her proposal talk. He holds her and asks why so sudden. She says I think Minty doubted us, she has some plan in her mind.

Rajeev says I will talk to your dad. She says no. He gets angry. She says our love story is difficult and a remake of all old stories. She compares with many films, and says we are not from same caste. She says my dad won’t agree so easily, my family does not value love and feel it can happen after marriage. He asks when will she talk to them, after her marriage? He says if anyone tries to make him far from her, he will not leave anyone. He goes. Minty talks to her elder son Rajat and asks him to get transfer and come home. She says tell me when you are coming.

Sareen says you miss him and he calls. She smiles and says yes. He says when you are doing good to others Lord will do good for you. She asks whom did I do good. He says Shastri ji. She says we will keep Mata ki chowki and invite Rohan and his family. Neil comes and asks her about this. Sareen taunts him and Neil leaves for college. Devyaani and Anushka talk to a girl about extra curricular activities. Devyaani gets a call from a guy who teases her. Devyaani sees Neil and his friends coming and misunderstands that its Neil.

Alka gets Rajeev’s call and says she did not get chance to talk to her dad. He scolds her. She says I m very afraid of him. He says either get scared or love, do just one thing. She says please, just today. He says fine today is yours, then I will do what I want. Devyaani gets the call again and tells Anushka that someone is troubling her. The other girl scolds the guy and he says he is Devyaani’s BF. The girl taunts Devyaani for being so smart and started affair in so few days.

Devyaani says I don’t even bus pass, how will I have BF. Anushak says Devyaani, lets go home. Devyaani says we will go by main road, I m scared. Anushka says don’t worry, I m with you. Alka think about Rajeev’s words and cries. Minty waits for Shastri ji. He comes home and she tells him to show guy’s pic to Alka. Alka sees her dad and wants to talk to him. Minty asks her to wait as he also wants to tell her something. He shows her the guy’s pic and Alka gets worried.

He says if your mum was here, she would have done this. He asks her to reply how is this guy. Alka thinks about Rajeev. He says what to understand by your silence, yes or no. Minty says its her yes, and shocks Alka. Minty asks Alka to talk to her dad what she wants to say. He says yes, say. Alka looks on.

Devyaani gets a flower bouquet and chit to Devyaani. Minty taunts the sisters.

Update Credit to: Amena

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