Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th August 2013 Written Update


Someone knocks on the door and Urmi wonders who it is and calls for Kinjal. She cribs and opens the door herself. She is shocked to see JB and MB with their luggage. MB greets her and asks why is she looking like that..wont she invite them in. Urmi invites them in and looks scared as they enter.
Gopi is at the MM temple with Radha preparing for the aarti. Radha lights the lamp and throws a burning matchstick over her head. It lands on Koki’s feet and she asks why she threw the burning matchstick like that. Gopi picks it up and apologizes. Koki says it’s ok. Gopi tells Radha not to throw a burning matchstick like that and throw it in the dustbin. Radha nods and Gopi instructs her to put ghee on the lamps. Koki sees her spilling the ghee and calls

her. Gopi stops her from wiping spilt ghee with her dupatta. She gives her a rag cloth and wipes the spilt ghee. Koki asks if the puja preparations are done and Gopi agrees. They are about to start aarti but Gopi’s phone rings and it’s her mother. Gopi greets her and MB asks her what she is doing. MB tells her that they are making breakfast. Gopi replies that they are about to start puja. MB instructs Urmi on how to knead the dough for thepla; she leaves the kitchen asking Gopi about Meera. Urmi cribs about MB ordering her around. Gopi is uncomfortable as Koki is waiting to start the aarti. Gopi tells MB that she will call later and MB is annoyed.
Urmi serves thepla to MB and she yells at Urmi that she took so much time to make thepla and it’s not made well. Kinjal is shocked to see this and laughs at Urmi. Urmi glares at Kinjal and tells her to go to the kitchen. Kinjal leaves from there giggling.
Ahem is trying to talk on the phone but Radha is standing there yelling on the phone and Ahem is getting disturbed. Koki watches them worriedly but Radha goes on shouting on the phone talking to MB. Gopi is in the kitchen packing tiffin for Ahem. Ahem shouts at Radha that he is having an important conversation on the phone and Radha is shocked.
Kinjal enters the kitchen and decides to pack tiffin for Dhawal. Dhawal comes there and Kinjal tells him to wait as she is packing sheera for him. Dhawal holds her hand and thanks her. They share an eyelock and MB enters. She sees the milk boiling and screams. She taunts them that they are creating a movie scene inside the kitchen. She screams at Urmi that she taught nothing to her DIL. She taunts that they (KinWal) are shameless inspite of being married. Urmi scolds them but MB taunts her that the kitchen is dirty and decides they will clean it first. Urmi thinks that they she will make her do all the cleaning. Urmi and Kinjal start removing the vessels for cleaning as MB continues to scold them.
At the breakfast table all are shocked to see Radha piling food on her plate. She grabs food from the vessels with her hands and Gohem look on worriedly. Rashi tells her to eat slowly as she can have more later if she wants. Koki tells her to feel at home. Ahem is shocked to see the way Radha is eating as Radha spills the food while eating. He is unable to eat and tells a worried Gopi to pack his breakfast and he will eat in office. Ahem gets a call and Gopi’s phone rings too. Radha grabs the phone from her and starts talking to MB loudly. They are talking about breakfast and Ahem is disturbed with her loud yelling. He scolds her that he is having an important conversation on the phone. Gopi comes out of the kitchen and hands him the tiffin and he leaves worriedly. Gopi takes the phone from Radha and ends the call. MB is not happy. Gopi takes Radha with her and Rashi watches a worried Koki happily. Gopi tells Radha that she should not talk so loudly on the phone. She should go aside and talk softly. She tells her that that she spilt breakfast on the table and Rashi was right when she told her to eat slowly. She should take only that much as much she can eat. She should take the food using spoon. Rashi is amused seeing Gopi instructing Radha. Radha comes out of the kitchen as Koki finishes her breakfast and folds her hands thanking God. She piles on food on her plate. Koki is shocked and tells her to stop and asks her why she is loading her plate with food. Radha replies that Gopi taught her. Koki calls Gopi and tells her that she should teach Radha how they manage in the house. She tells her that Radha did not ask her before serving. Gopi scolds Radha and she leaves from there. Gopi’s phone rings again and Koki is shocked that its MB again. Rashi is happy to see that Koki is angry.
Koki is coughing and Radha gets water for her. Koki spits the water after drinking and Gopi is shocked.
Urmi and Kinjal are cleaning the utensils as MB is supervising them. She walks to Urmi and tells her that she has not cleaned the bottle properly and taunts her to do it properly. She keeps taunting her and Kinjal is giggling. Urmi is angry seeing Kinjal laughing at her. She wonders if God has written her fate using a crow’s beak!
Radha enters Gohem room and tells Gopi tearfully that she is sorry she (Gopi) got scolded because of her. She tells her that she will go back to her parents. Gopi tells her not to think like that and stop crying. Koki comes and asks for medicines. She starts coughing and Radha leaves as Gopi makes Koki sit. She gets water from the fridge for Koki. Koki takes a sip and spits it out. Gopi is shocked and asks what happened and Koki repies that its “silka” (in hindi…don’t know what it means?!) Koki scolds Radha that she did not check before getting it and Radha starts crying. Koki leaves and Gopi is worried to see Radha crying. Gopi tells her to stop crying and tells her not to do anything without asking.
Rashi is giggling to herself as she comes down to the hall. She decides to make tea for herself. She sees Koki in the kitchen and asks if she wants tea. Koki replies in the negative. Gopi comes and asks her (Koki) what to make for lunch. Rashi’s phone rings and she cuts the call as Koki is glaring at her. Koki is about to talk to Gopi but Gopi’s phone rings. Koki tells her to take the call and Gopi takes it as it’s from MB. Rashi gets a call from Urmi again and she takes the call confidently inspite of Koki’s presence. Koki is worried. Urmi is cribbing about MB. Rashi tells her excitedly that she could take her call in front of Koki as the same time Gopi was also talking to MB.
Radha sees there is a strong breeze and sees that the clothes are left to dry outside. She decides to take them but then remembers Gopi’s instruction. She asks Koki if she can get clothes as there is a strong breeze. Koki agrees and she asks where to keep clothes. Koki replies the hall sofa. Radha asks which sofa and keeps questioning her. Koki gets irritated and tells her politely to remove the clothes before they fly off. Koki is worried about Radha’s excessive questioning.
Radha comes to the hall with the clothes and asks Hetal if she can sit. Radha asks her if she can talk or she should sit quietly. Hetal tells her to do as she likes. Radha continues to ask questions to Hetal Koki calls Gopi to see how she (Radha) keeps questioning people continuously. Koki tells her that they will go mad if she keeps questioning like that. Gopi is worried.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Radha has a pack on her face and lifts a glass from the dining table. She wonders why the glass is sticking to her hand. Gopi comes and there and asks her what she is doing. She tries to take the glass from her hand and sees that it’s sticking on her hand. She asks Radha worriedly what she has applied on her face and Radha replies it’s fairness cream. The other Modi ladies come there as Gopi tells Radha that she has applied glue that is used to join things. Rashi giggles to herself.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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