Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhav knocks on the door and Chitrasi gets scared while Sona and Suhnaina smiles. Bheema asks who is he and asks Madhav to remove his sandals as the pooja is going on. Madhav says he is living in the nearby village and Deva asks so what if you live nearby? Madhav says that he wants to say something about Chitrasi. Chitrasi gets scared and everyone looks at Chitrasi and Deva asks Madhav to say what he wish to say. Madhav says he knows Chitrasi well and they like each another where everyone is shocked. Madhav says i know that Chitrasi is the youngerst daughter in law and she have been living as a widow but i still loved her. We used to quietly meet and Shakuntala says don’t trust this guy, he is putting false blame on my daughter. Madhav says that he is telling the truth and Deva holds Madhav’s collar asking who sent him to say bad things about Chitrasi? Chitrasi asks Deva to leave Madhav as Madhav is saying the truth. Everyone is shocked including Sona and Suhnaina. Siddeshwar says Chitrasi! How dare you! Kanhaiya says babuji, don’t scold her as she too has dreams and wishes. If Chitrasi wants this, we should stand by her. Chitrasi, you could have told me and i would have told everything. Its not wrong for you to love Madhav. I will get you to marry Madhav and Madhav smiles while Sona and Suhnaina is happy. Siddeshwar asks what is Kanhaiya speaking? Kanhaiya says you said that you think of Chitrasi as your daughter, then why don’t you agree for this? Kanhaiya goes to Madhav and says that he is brave for informing them and Kanhaiya will surely get Chitrasi married to Madhav. And everyone else, if you think of Chitrasi as your own family member, you would agree for this marriage and Sona smiles. I want everyone to agree for this marriage while Chitrasi looks at Sona. Siddeshwar nods his head while Deva, Bheema and Kamal are shocked and Suhnaina smiles. Sona gives a cheque to Madhav saying i am not giving this because of saying the truth but i want you and Chitrasi to have a beautiful life ahead. Madhav says that he will always remember Sona and Chitrasi comes to Sona and asks why did she do this? You could have done something else to defeat me and Sona is wondering and looks at Madhav. Chitrasi says i don’t even know this guy and Sona looks at Madhav. Why did you do this to me Sona? Sona says don’t lie Chitrasi and i know what kind of person are you. Shakuntala comes to Chitrasi saying if you don’t know this guy, why did you said you know him in front of everyone? Chitrasi says because a women’s character is very important and Sona is irritated. Shakuntala raises her voice to Madhav asking how dare he lie about Chitrasi’s character and drags Madhav to the living room to say the truth to everyone. Shakuntala asks everyone to ask Madhav if he really knows Chitrasi or is this Sona’s new plan. Siddeshwar asks what is all this and Kanhiya walks to Madhav and asks him to say the truth. Do you know Chitrasi? Madhav says no and both Sona and Suhnaina is shocked. Sona says Madhav! What are you saying? You were the one who said about you and Chitrasi when we meet at the hotel? Madhav says yes we meet at the hotel but Sona asked me to say all this and she gave me money in return. Madhav shows everyone the cheque and everyone is shocked. Kanhaiya takes the cheque and looks at Sona’s signature. Sona says listen, i gave him money because he said he needed it. He said he needed money to marry Chitrasi and why are you keeping quiet Madhav?

Part 2

Shakuntala goes to Chitrasi and asks till when is she going to remain silent? All this is only because of Sona and Chitrasi says all this is because of Sona’s love for Kanhaiya. And Kanhaiya too only wants Sona. That is why i am keeping quiet because i know that Sona don’t want me to stay in this house. I even decided that once everyone sleeps in the night, i would leave the house forever as i and Sona could not live in the same house together. Sona looks at Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya stares at Sona. Siddeshwar says Deva, firstly chase this Madhav out of this house and Deva brings Madhav away. Shakuntala says enough Sona, just leave my daughter alone. Sona says stop pretending! I myself saw your daughter speaking to Madhav on the phone. This is her new plan to get me trap. Chitrasi says i am an innocent village girl and how can i think of all this? Enough Chitrasi, stop acting. Siddeshwar asks Sona to keep quiet and i won’t accept anything against Chitrasi. You have crossed your limits and i don’t care about what the society think. I don’t want you to stay in this house and Suhnaina is shocked. Kanhaiya says and we both can’t be together anymore. Kanhaiya throws the cheque to Sona and says i want a divorce from you and both Sona and Suhnaina is shocked. I can’t live together with you anymore and Sona says divorce? Sona walks closer and Kanhaiya asks Sona to stop there as she has no rights to get closer to him because the time have come for you to leave me.I am not going to listen to anything and Kanhaiya leaves. Suhnaina tries stopping Kanhaiya and asks not to make decisions in anger and Kanhaiya walks away. Suhnaina looks at Sona and follows Kanhaiya. Bheema says if you have shame, don’t show your face anymore and everyone leaves. Chitrasi smiles to Shakuntala and wipes her tears and says this is why i said, stop all this planning and see what happened, you fell again. You were right as all this was my plan. When i know that you kept defeating me, i called Madhav so that you would listen to it. And you went to meet that Madhav who was my guy. The story he said was what i asked him to say. Everything happened as planned and when Madhav took the money, i pretended and at last got a good name. Now we have played enough of games. Its better you divorce Kanhaiya and leave. Shauntala says now no one can save you and Kanhaiya’s marriage life and leaves. Suhnaina sits next to Kanhaiya in the room and says that i know you are feeling bad. But don’t make such a big decision. Think wisely before making such decisions. Kanhaiya says everything is too late and what Sona have done is too much. You are supporting her? Suhnaina says no but divorce is a big matter. What if you take this decision now and later find out that its wrong? The relationship could not be saved. Kanhaiya says i’ve decided and lets not talk about this.

Precap : Chitrasi says to Shakuntala, I and Kanhaiya will get together and i will inherit all these properties. All my dreams will come true and i shall rule everything.


Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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