Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari sees Gopi selecting dandya competition dress at her room. She asks her to stop her drama and accept her as devrani as already Kokila and other family members have accepted her. She says she does not want to work like a servant like her and just wants Jigar. Gopi says she cannot believe her and knows she is planning something big. Pari gets irked and leaves from there. She prays god to make Gopi accept her.

Kokila with family reaches dandiya competition venue and meets Savita. Savita says praises Jigar for getting back to normal and asks Gopi if she has prepared for the competition as her bahus are competing against her. She asks about Pari. Just then, host announces Pari’s matka dance performance. Pari starts dancing with matka. Whole Modi family is surprised to see her dancing on Rashi’s matka song. Tears roll down Jigar’s cheeks and he tries to walk out. Kokila stops him and asks where is he going. He says he wants to go home. Pari sees him going, stops her dance and asks where is he going. Jigar says he cannot stay here as this place reminds her of Rashi.

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Kokila says her family that they should go back home. Pari says her competition has not finished yet. Kokila says Jigar needs us more and leaves with family. Gopi says devarji needs us now and says she has worked hard for the competition and wants to show that she is better than Rashi, but she cannot be, says she thinks she will perform dance with her, but she will not as she does not think her as her devrani, says she will win the competition for Rashi’s sake.

Pari comes back home angrily and says Modi’s have made manners to walk away before seeing her dance. Urmila calls her and says Gopi has agreed to dance with you not because she wants to, but she must be having some other plan and asks what she has planned to teach Gopi a lesson. Pari says she will break Gopi’s leg and then will serve her and get into her good books. Urmila asks Gopi to back off from competition. Gopi says she will not and if Pari makes mistake, it will come in front of everyone.

Gopi sees Jigar crying and consoles him. She then looks at Rashi’s pic and says she will continue her competition even this year. Pari says she will win the competition.

Kinjal gifts Urmila a new sari for dandiya competition. Urmila praises her selection and asks why did she gift her. Kinjal says today is navratri and Rashi likes to celebrate this day, so she wants her mom to get well dressed today. Urmila sends her out and calls Gopi to ask about her plan to counterfeit Pari’s plan. Gopi says let Pari act on her plan, she will be caught red-handed. Urmila asks her to think about her family, who will feed them if she her leg is broken. Gopi says it is necessary to take out Pari’s truth.

Gopi and Pari start competition.

Precap: Pari to take revenge from Gopi burns her saree during competition.

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