Yeh Jawaani 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Winner is announced as Aditya ghosla..Prof Iyer congrats Cheeku…kimaya hugs Cheeku..Dodo and Gattu comes..Gattu asks a girl what happened She tells Cheeku won..Dodo gets happy..Sid and Dodo picks up Cheeku and shouts….
Veer subravarnium comes and tells Cheeku that some one cheated tells that someone closed him is washroom.Dodo tells no one did cheated Cheeku win on his own…Devika asks Cheeku for a party..Cheeku tells ok…Peon comes and asks Cheeku money.Everyone is shocked..Cheeku asks which money..Arya peeps from door…Peon tells he leaked the papers because of Cheeku..Sid asks Peon that it is wrong..Peon takes out a pendrive from Cheeku’s pocket….kimaya asks Cheeku why he did…Gattu tells that Arya did all this..Kimaya asks Gattu if she has any evidence…Arya comes and tells peon to keep quiet …Cheeku tells Arya to keep quiet..Cheeku beats Arya..Kimaya goes near Arya and stands…tell Cheeku not to touch Arya…Cheeku goes….
Arya and Kimaya goes in canteen and sit..Arya tells kimaya people like Cheeku do anything for money..Kimaya is quiet..Arya keeps his hand on kimaya..While kimaya moves..Arya chats with someone..Suddenly a boy comes and sits near to Arya..Arya introduces the boy as his elder brother to kimaya. Kimaya tells she have to do some important work and goes…The boy tells Arya that he lost the bet..Arya tells that he never losess..
On terrace Cheeku is putting his head down..Dodo comes..and tells Cheeku not to cry…Cheeku gets up and laughs…tries to beat saying Arya..Dodo tells he is Dodo not Arya…Cheeku thinks DOdo as kimaya and apologises of beating Arya..Dodo tells Cheeku to awake ….Cheeku hugs Dodo..Dodo finds vodka bottle..Dodo tells that Cheeku drink Vodka thats why..he is behaving like this.. Dodo picks up Cheeku on his back and goes..
As the dance compedition starts Dodo tells Gattu what Cheeku will do …Dodo tells Arya does Cheating like that others people are trapped…Veer comes and does action everyone laughs..
cheeku comes wearing golden pant and jacket dances on “saara zaamana haseeno ka dewaana” Cheeku first fall but after that dances very well…audience gets happy..and claps..Devika tells that Cheeku was fabolous..danced very well..Dodo tells Cheeku is his brother….Arya comes and dance on “Chamak challo”..audience claps….Arya dances with a heart showing to kimaya..later throws…Arya tells he is dedicating the performance to his friend which is his insporation.Back the stage.Cheeku is standing tells Arya to try as much as he can..
Gattu calls Dodo and tells where is he..Dodo tells he is following the canteen…Arya’s friend tells him..that he is perfect what he want he will get that..and tells that he used many girls..while Dodo listens this all…

Precap::Cheeku tells Kimaya that Arya wanted to use her..kimata tells to shut up..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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