Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Radha asking how the murderer’ is in the house. She tells them to send her away, and also yells for police. She repeatedly calls gopi murderer. Koki tells her that gopi isn’t feeling well, but radha goes angrily towards her and tries to misbehave with her and ahem pulls her back. and koki tells her to stay in her limits but radha isn’t in a situation to listen to her. Ahem gets irritated and yells at her to shut up and stop calling gopi murderer, but radha doesn’t listen. Ahem asks her to get out of his house and radha declines saying she will stay till she avenges death of Umang. Ahem warns her and asks her to get out, but koki stops him and tells that radha and tripthi can stay here as long as they want. Ahem and others not happy. Koki asks radha and tripthi to go to their room. Madhu tells that even they should leave and urmila says she will come later but madhu ask her to leave now. Jigar goes to her and is slightly irritated asking her why she did all that as they are trying for Gopi’s bail. Rashi asks him how, as there is no info about the original murderer and Gopi accepted the crime. Jigar tells that he and koki found an earring which is surely the murderers and rashi asks where it is, jigar says its with Koki. Rashi thinks to ask her regarding it but decides not to as koki is angry with her.

Madhu feels bad for both gopi and radha and is afraid that since radha isn’t in her senses, she might do something against gopi. Madhu feels bad for radha too as she is young and is suffering so much. Urmila thinks to herself that here madhu is blabbering but she is dying in tension. Urmila disappears while madhu is talking and she wonders where urmi disappeared. At Modi house, ahem questions koki why she let tripthi and radha stay in MM despite knowing tripthi isn’t umang’s bhabi but his wife and they did all this drama to ruin their family. Koki tells ahem to understand the situation. Radha is extremely sad and if in this situation they disclose the truth she might break down and do something against herself. Koki also tells that their priority for now is provong gopi innocent and also tells ahem to go to meera and gopi as they need him mostly now.

At night, Urmila enters the MM in the burkha(a garment worm of muslim girls) . she tries to climb the pipe to go the room. She manages to get inside the room, and starts to search for her earring. But she doesn’t find it, and she goes back through the pipe. She falls down and screams in pain. Koki wonders who it is at night and goes to check, but as usual she escapes. But while escaping koki sees the shadows and wonders who is roaming outside. Koki goes out to catch her but she escapes. Koki wonders if the person is a thief but realizes that the window of umang’s room is open and then she concludes its not the thief but umang’s murderer who has come to take the earring.

At shah house, urmi goes to kitchen and madhu questions her from where is she coming at night. Urmi tells that there is no need to tell everything and leave. Madhu suspicious. Urmi decides to hide the earring as she isn’t find the other one. She goes to hide the earring in the pot and madhu ben sees it. Urmi comes back and madhu ben goes to see what she was trying to hide in the pot. She finds the earring and wonders there is something serious matter behind it.

Madhu calls koki and koki asks if everything is alright as its too late. Madhu ben tells her that urmi is behaving in an unusual manner. She also tells her that she was hiding one earring in the pot. Koki is shocked and asks madhu to come to MM in the morning with the earring.

Next day morning, rashi thinks that she should ask about earring today at any cost and madhu ben enters the MM. madhu shows the earring that urmi was hiding and koki is shocked. Jigar also looks on while ahem and hetal are confused. Rashi is shocked. Koki matches it with the other one and tells that they are same. Jigar says that means the earring they found was urmi’s. koki concludes that the murderer is urmi. Rashi and all shocked. Rashi tells that this might be urmi’s earring but she cant do the murder. Koki says that the truth is in front of her, rashi says that she might do small KKs but not murder anyone.

Urmi comes out and sees the mud in the pot is out, she is shocked to find the earring the missing. At modi bhavan, koki tells everyone that urmi came to MM to take her earring and madhu says yes and also she was limping, koki says that’s because she hurt herself while escaping. She also asks rashi if she wants any proof while rashi says that no matter what she cant accept that urmi can murder anyone. Ahem says that so Gopi is trying to protect her mami and hetal wonders why did she murder. Koki says they would find out soon. Rashi crying. Koki calls Kinjal and tells her to come to MM with Urmi and if she says no, she should inform urmi that Koki will come to Rajpal Nagar. Kinjal asks why but Koki says she will know oce she comes here. Koki tells rashi that she doesn’t have any personal rivalry with Urmi but she knows Gopi isn’t the murderer and they have to find out who the real murderer is. Episode ends on Koki’s face

Precap for Monday: Koki shows the earring to Urmi and asks her how did is it there in Umang’s room. Urmi shocked. Koki tells her that if she isn’t answering then she will call the police and urmi stops her saying,yes she went to Umang’s room.

Update Credit to: Madhu

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  1. My gut feeling is radha killed umang knowing his truth. Either she is in state of shock or tryin to escape from crime by dumping blame

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