Dil Dosti Dance 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Sharon asks Swayam they decided to go together then what happened now. Swayam says he is not well.Sharon tells they can go to doctor when Swayam replies with he knows what to do and she need not worry about him. Sharon says they can go the next day and do other arrangements today. Sharon thinks why is Swayam acting strange may be because he is unwell he is getting irritated.Kriya is in canteen when Rey comes and asks for coffee and sandwich. Kriya gets up and goes to Rey to tell him she has made seat layout and asks Rey to see it. Vicky and Nil gesture the waiter to keep Kriya busy when waiter shows Kriya her bill and asks her to pay for it. Kriya says she is still here and will pay.The waiter forces when Rey tells him that Kriya is running no where and if its so important add it to

his account.Kriya thanks Rey. In the meanwhile Vicky and Nil take away the seating arrangement layout and move outside canteen. Kriya and Rey come back to find the layout missing.The both search it around everywhere but it is not found. A chair is about to fall on Kriya’s leg when Rey pulls her which inturn leads to Kriya falling on top of Rey. Oh ho tune plays in the BG. the both get up and Rey tells he will help her out as its college mater and both sit down together to work on it. Vicky and Nil think their plan again failed and Rey is sitting with Kriya helping her out.

The gang assembles by atrium when Swayam says its one day to Annual day so lets get started with the work.Illahi plays in background when team starts doing their work. Kriya and Rey notice some changes in Swayam and Sharon. Rey and Kriya are working when Vicky and Nil come and take Rey with them. Kriya finds Sharon crying and asks her whats wrong when Sharon moves saying its nothing.Re asks Swayam in locker room is there any problem between him and Sharon.Swayam says its nothing. Rey asks why is he behaving cold when Swayam says he is just busy with work.Sharon is sitting lost in canteen when Kriya comes and asks her what has happened. Sharon nods saying its nothing ,Kriya asks Sharon does she not think her as a friend. Sharon says no she is her friend. Kriya asks what happened when Sharon starts crying saying Swayam is avoiding her saying he is busy with work. Kriya tells Swayam is really busy with Annual day stuff. Rey thinks something is surely wrong. If everyone gets sad this way it wont be working well. I can’t solve my issue but will help Swayam and Sharon solve their misunderstandings.

Sharon tells Kriya that Swayam has been avoiding her since yesterday. She does not know what she has done.Kriya think if this continues the performance of Swayam and Sharon on annual day will be affected.Kriya asks Sharon to control herself as Swayam is coming. Swayam enters the canteen when Kriya calls him.they wish hi and Sharon asks Swayam has he sent invites to Don Bosco college when Swayam says he has. Sharon tells Swayam she was discussing with Kriya if they have brochure attached to the chief guest showing their performance schedule. Swayam says there is no time for it as how will they get it printed.He adds saying he does not think its important. Kriya tells its important to make people understand if they don’t understand their dance. Swayam says sometimes in solving things we complicate it more.

Kriya asks Rey why did he call her. Rey thinks how to ask her that he needs her help. Rey starts asking is the seating arrangements ready. When Kriya says she has done and given the layout to him.Rey then asks about costumes when Kriya tells its Swayam and Sharon’s responsibility and today morning only they showed it to Rey infront of Kriya. Rey says he was just double checking the things out.Rey asks about Sharon and Swayam choreography when Kriya replies saying yesterday they showed it to all. Rey tells you have become close friend of Sharon. Kriya thinks what does Rey want to tell and says yes she is not as Kriya has thought of her. Rey says Sharon is good at hiding her feelings. Kriya says the more one tries to hide their feelings the more it comes out.Kriya adds saying she met Sharon and she is sounding low. Rey tells so you know about the issues between Swayam and Sharon. Kriya tells when two people fight the rest get to know it and specially when they both are lovers.Rey tells he wants to sort their cold war out. Kriya tells they can but only when the persons involved want to.Rey es we will go to know it only after giving it a try.They both are my best friends and I cant see them upset.Rey stammers trying to tell when Kriya thinks I knew you called me for the same. Kriya asks Rey what is his plan and says she is in.

Rey goes to Sharon and asks her is she busy. Sharon tells she is there are lots of work when Rey convinces her for a lunch out.Kriya is lost when Swayam asks what happened. Kriya tells from the time she has come she has never gone out.He even cancelled the buji pav . Swayam says they can go the next day when Kriya asks wont he do this for his friend. Swayam agrees for a quick lunch. Rey and Sharon are in the restaurant when Sharon says this is her favorite outlet. Sharon asks Rey this plan suddenly when Rey tells just so. The waiter comes and asks for order. Sharon first asks for ice tea and chilly panner. Rey is lost when Sharon asks him for suggestions. Sharon scolds him when Rey says the order is mind blowing.

Precap: Swayam,Sharon,Kriya,Reyaansh in restaurant.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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