Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The show begins with Madhu firing Urmilaa, for behaving in the manner she did. That Urmilaa is so greedy and cheap that she seeks material wealth from younger son in law and one day he, Umang might lose respect for her. Urmilaa has no words, looks on, shocked from Madhu blast.

Over at Modi home : Kokila is angry at the attempt on Radha’s life. Gopi tells her mother in law that Radha is not safe and the behavior of Umang and so called sis in law is not true and appropriate. Ahem endorses Gopi, adds further that there is more to Umang and the lady then meets the eye, some missing link that eye cannot decipher.

Kokila asks them, Ahem and Gopi, to accompany her, as Radha needs help and in danger.

At Umang’s place ; well Lady in white, is in full

flow and says she cannot take it anymore, the drama. The drama to do away with Radha failed. That she cannot bear any longer to act as his sis in law and that she indeed is wife. Also the move to use Radha as a stepping ladder to Modi home failed ; because Radha is an unwanted guest in Modi home. Somehow Umang tries to pacify, but his wife is unconvinced. In the process the lady’s name is revealed as Tripthi. As some more of these loud talks is on, the door bell rings.

Umang opens the door, along with his wife, shocked to see, regal Kokila, her son Ahem and daughter in law Gopi. Kokila enquires about the loud voices and Umang has a small face, manages an excuse. Kokila says she heard it all and it was all about Radha. After some further talk Modi trio step inside.

Kokila in a measured tone put forth the invite that Umang and Radha come and stay in Modi home for few days. Umang has a smile, but Tripthi is unhappy, and is against this move to Modi home. Silently Tripthi nods her head to Umang. Well, Umang says he would not like to leave his sister in law alone, but Radha could go over to Modi home. Kokila says that there is some differences of opinion between Gopi and Radha, hence to clear those differences this move would help. Also Kokila says Umang’s sister in law is most welcome.

Again the sly smile comes to Umang’s lips, whereas Tripthi is unhappy. Umang accept the invite and says that they would arrive at Modi home the next day, Kokila did want them over that very moment.

In the drive back home ; car : Gopi is worried for her sis Radha. Kokila assures Gopi not a thing in the form of harm would come to Radha as Umang would not harm Radha , Kokila read it right from Umang’s expression that his goal was Modi home..

Somewhere hereabouts the scenes keep oscillating between the car scene and Umang home.

Tripthi is not happy with the turn of events and questions Umang as to why he accepted the invite. Umang tells her to be calm and that this would be their last drama. Tripthi declares that she is his lawful wedded wife and Radha is not his wife. That she cannot see her husband act as another woman’s husband.

At this point in time Radha wanting a glass of water appears and sees the closeness of the two. Drops the glass. Umang and his wife are shell shocked. While Radha questions the two what was going on, Umang embraces Radha and asks about her well being.

A jealous wife, Tripthi, pulls Umang away and embraces Radha instead and offers some excuse.

Back in the room Radha is put to bed and both Umang and his wife come down. Umang cautions Tripthi not to aggravate the situation, else Radha would get suspicious.

In the car Kokila says somehow a closure to this bad situation is must and she would ensure that. Even though Kokila had asked Radha not to step inside Modi home, Kokila is making an exception, since Radha’s life is in danger.

Shah home and cellular talk, this time to Umang’s home, Tripthi in conversation with Urmilaa. Urmilaa is driving a wedge between Umang and Modi family. Speak is on and Umang is with Tripthi. Urmilaa says that she heard that they would be staying with Modi family, which is good. Although they shower love and affection, warns Tripthi not to fall for Kokila’s sweet talk.

At this point Madhu and Kinjal arrive, Madhu tells with great difficulty her daughter’s home has been made comfortable and that she- Urmilaa – is hell bent on disturbing the peace. Kinjal too is angry, she says knowing Umang, Urmilaa is creating tension. Few more talk is on when the cellular rings. Madhu picks up the call and tells Raashi to keep away from Radha and Gopi, both mother and daughter created enough problems.

The Episode Ends On Stunned Raashi’s Face ! ! !

Preview :- Modi Home ; Umang and his wife Tripthi in conversation : Tripthi is worried that Modi family expects jewelry from them, but Umang says that Jewelry will be got from the Modi family. Gopi is crossing the corridor and as she passes the room she over hears the last part of Umang’s talk.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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