Meri Bhabhi 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini taunting Shraddha. Mummy supports Shraddha and tries to stop Kamini. Kamini says Shraddha made Kunal agree for their marriage. Shraddha says please aunty…. Kamini says tell us don’t you want to marry Kunal. Everyone looks at Shraddha. Anand says you are misunderstanding. Kamini says no way, Shraddha is keeping you all under darkness. She says she is making Kunal agree for marriage. Everyone are shocked. Shraddha says who is this Rohit. Kamini says great, if you can get Kunal then who will marry Rohit. Shraddha is shocked. Papa asks Kamini to keep quiet and talks to Shraddha.

He asks Shraddha to clear everything. He asks do you want to marry Kunal. Shraddha looks at him and says yes. Papa is shocked. Everyone are shocked by Shraddha’s answer. Kamini

laughs and says now you all know the truth. Mummy feels like fainting. Shraddha cries. She says why are you saying this, you brought this proposal. Mummy says what are you thinking Shraddha. Shraddha says about Kunal. Kamini says did you think I will bring Kunal’s proposal for you, I hate her and will never make you my bahu. Kittu says its a big misunderstanding. Kamini says I told Mummy a lot of times to keep Shraddha away from Kunal but she did not listen to me. Didi she tell you about this, all of them are very smart.

Papa says stop it, now leave from here, let us think about this. He says how this this happen. Kamini says fine, I will leave but explain it to her that I will not accept her as my bahu. She taunts Shraddha badly. Kunal comes there and says mom….. Kamini is shocked to see him. Kunal says stop it mom, you should have thought about me and talked to me before creating an issue here. He says I will answer you and explain you. He says I know what you think about Shraddha, but you should know what I think about Shraddha. He says I want to marry Shraddha.

Everyone are shocked. Kamini gets angry. Kunal talks to Papa and Anand but they don’t listen to hi. Kunal says I m sorry for telling you this way. He says I don’t want any choice. I love Shraddha a lot and asks Mummy can she give Shraddha’s hand to him. Everyone looks at him. Kunal says I won’t hurt Shraddha ever and will always keep her and Dhruv happy. Kamini slaps him. Shraddha is shocked. Purshottam comes there and stops Kamini. Kamini says Shraddha, you tried to snatch my son from me, I won’t forgive you. Kamini taunts Shraddha and Kunal scolds Kamini and says I will marry only Shraddha.

Kamini taunts Mummy also and says you might be happy, you have given her great values, you have taught her this. Kamini says this is the way you caught Papa and today your daughter is catching Kunal. Papa says enough, if you tell any word, then see what I will do. He says I won’t care that you are Kittu’s mum. He asks Purshottam to take Kamini and Kunal as he does not want to see her face.

Papa says if Kunal comes to Shraddha again, I will shoot him. Kittu cries. Papa shouts on them and asks them to leave. He says if anyone keeps relation with you, I will not keep my relation with that person. Everyone are shocked. Purshottam says what are you saying. Kamini gets angry. Kittu looks at her family. Kamini says lets go Kunal and says we won’t come to you again. Kamini says hold Shraddha well, maybe she will run away from the house breaking your house. Pursottam scolds Kamini and says our relation will end if you say anything again. Kamini is shocked. Shraddha cries. Purshottam apologizes on Kamini’s behalf and says you are not doing it right, even we are shocked, but there is no one’s mistake.

He says how can you say that our relation has ended. He says I will explain. Mummy says we are not in a state to understand this, we did not think this will happen, leave us alone. Purshottam takes Kamini with him and leaves. Kunal cries looking at Shraddha. Purshottam gets angry on Kamini. Purshottam asks Kunal to come with them. Kunal says I don’t want to come with mum. Purshottam says I need peace, I won’t let you drive alone. Kunal says I want to be alone. Purshottam insists. Papa asks Shraddha why did you do this, don’t you know Kamini.

He says how can you think she will make you her bahu. Shraddha says you told me on phone that Kamini brought the proposal. Papa says yes, I did not tell you that she brought Kunal’s proposal. He scolds her. Mummy says Kamini hates you and you know this, then how can you misunderstand. Ishaan says its not Shraddha’s fault, Kunal was after her. Papa asks what, you knew this. Anand asks tell us. Papa says did Mummy knew this, then why did you not told me. Mummy says yes, but I told this to Shraddha and I asked her to take care Shraddha says Mummy…. listen to me once.

Shraddha says Papa you can understand, it was a misunderstanding. Papa says see what she told you, how much she insulted you. He says I did not feel such low till now. Papa leaves angrily. Shraddha talks to Kittu. Purshottam scolds Kamini asking her why she went there. Kamini says how can Kunal think of marring Shraddha. Kamini says I saw you talking with Kunal. Purshottam says Kunal loves Shraddha. Kamini says he is ruining us. Purshottam taunts her and says you don’t understand him, try to understand your son. Kamini cries. Kunal shouts on her. He says do what you want, I don’t care, and dad you can’t make her understand. He says I will never forgive you for what you did, and you listen to me, I will marry only Shraddha, I love Shraddha. I will tell this till my last breath. Kamini gets angry.

Kunal calls Shraddha but she does not receive his call. Kunal meets with an accident.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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