Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jai and Veeru hide Seeta in water tank. Gopi with Pari, Mona and Sona walks near tank. Sona says she will call plumber and get the problem fixed and even clean tank. Gopi sees pipe valve closed and opens it. Swithes on motor and says within 10 minutes, tank will be full. Sona says even tank lid is open. Gopi says who must have done it and applies lock to it. Jai and Veeru get worried that Seeta will drown now. Everyone walk away. Jai and Veeru insist Sona that they will play there for sometime. Sona praises them that have become punctual and leaves. Jai and Veeru ask Seeta not to worry, they have come to save her. They try to close valve, but cannot. Water starts filling tank and Seeta gets afraid.

Gopi performs aarti at home temple. Jaggi prays god to protect Kokila and bring her back home safely. Gopi prays that god does not do injustice to everyone. Jai and Veeru rush in and call Jaggi. Jaggi asks what happened to change mangu. They plead to stop Seeta didi from drowning as they hid here in water tank. Gopi gets worried and with whole family runs towards tank. She switches off motor and closes tap valve. She gets worried that tank is full now and gives Jaggi to open lid lock. Jaggi says key is not working. Gopi says original key is in home and asks Jaggi to break lock. Jaggi hits lock with stone. Gopi picks rod and breaks lock. Jaggi opens kid. Seeta extends hand. Gopi pulls Seeta out and calms her down that everyone are here, nothing has happened to her.

At Dharam’s house, Vidya prays god to keep didi/Meera safe whever she is and let things back to normal. Gaura enters and says everything will be normal if she listens to her. Vidya asks what she means. Gaura says Chanda is jumping high with property papers and making them dance on her tunes, what if they steal papers. Vidya says they cannot take risk. Gaura says they will exchange papers with duplicate and gives her one. Vidya hesitates. Gaura says what if Chanda sells property to someone, they will be street.

Gopi takes Seeta in and drapes her with blanket. Urmila says she may catch pneumonia. Jaggi looking at Gopi says what if she is child kidnapper, she may not be,, but how can she get in someone’s house like this. Sona brings milk. Gopi asks to add some turmeric in it. Sona brings turmeric milk next and says Seeta will get energetic with it. Gopi asks Seeta who is she and why goons are searching her. Seeta continues shivering. Gopi gives kanhaji’s oath and asks to her story now.

Chanda sees babies crying and yells they have made her life hell and tries to wear Meera’s jewelry, but hides seeing Vidya entering. Vidya says everything is hers now and she need not hide anything. Papaji brought naulakha haar for her. Chanda gets excited and asks to bring it here. Vidya says kids are here and asks to come to her room. Chanda says Dharam wants to know where Meera is, she will not tell him. Vidya says okay fines and tries to leave. Chanda stops her and walks along. Gaura enters and thinks greed is really bad.

Seeta tells Modi family that she is from Bachau. Jaggi says his friend stays there and it is near. Seeta says she married in childhood and escaped from her bidayi.

Precap: Gopi tells Seeta that she can stay in Modi bhavan. Pari yells this is not a hotel where anyone can come and stay here.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Pari is the best thing that has ever happened to this show.

  2. One of the best shows of all time.

  3. So gopi’s son will now enter modi bhavan from America and seetha will marry him… So seetha will take over story… Do someone here know, who will be Gopi’s son..

    1. Rohit sachant will be playing the role

  4. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends….How are you all..?? Isaaq di, you love Adam a lot and I’m sure you’ll absolutely get him one day, don’t lose hope. Episode was awesome, specially when Gopi help sita and take her out of water tank. Akshay Bhai, I think this drama will continue for a next month. Can’t says surely, I think new track will start from march. Nandi di, I think also, that Mona will plot against sita. Guys, can anyone of you tell me that it was rumored that naiya and Samar will get ,married, what happened to those rumors.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Shakaib there was a rumour that Nayya and Samar WL get married before 5 years leap but it ws fake rumours .

    2. Nandhini

      Hi Shakaib! I am fine?

    3. Chithu

      Hi Shakaib I think this drama will go till mid Feb and Gopi’s son will be introduced

  5. Isaaq

    I’m sorry guys that I’m doing this but the truth is that Adam is a very stubborn and arrogant man. Although he is soft at heart, it is not easy to persuade him that t understand him. Even if I do try to talk to him, which I’ve tried so many times in the past but he won’t listen. I’ve decided to do one thing that I’ve never had the courage to do and it is to make pretend to hate him.

    The only way Adam will understand is when he sees his greatest love have so much hatred for him. It isn’t easy but it’s have to do it. We’re not going to be together for another while unfortunately. But those who are saying that they’ll stop believing in love if I fail, please don’t. I haven’t given up hope yet. I know Adam will confess when he sees my negative avatar

    1. Isaaq di all the very best u rock we all r with u come on go ahead and cum out with flying colours

    2. Nandhini

      Till when?? Then it will make things even worse…what if he sees ur negative behaviour and distance himself totally from you?? I dont want this to happen..but if happens means?? Its better you communicate directly to him,,i.e., confront him whats wrong with him and why did he decline ur follow request,, and see what he replies for that.

    3. Isaaq

      I’ve asked him before and he said it hurts when he speaks to me. He’s never answered my question when I’ve asked him.

      Maybe you’re right. I need to speak to him nicely and in a loving manner.

    4. Isaaq

      I need to learn from Gopi when Ahem used to be angry with her. She always used love to win him back. I guess I have to do the same as her.

      It’s been 3 years since our separation. It’s only upto God when we will reunite again. Ahem and Gopi have separated multiple times but they have always united. I am fully sure that if I cannot succeed by my own efforts, God will do everything himself to unite us as it is my destiny

    5. Chithu

      Issaq don’t do that. I strongly believe u must speak to him. Distance will create rift gradually. U must ask him directly what’s his real problem is. If u ignore him and display negative shade it will create misunderstanding. Please have a talk to him. What happened to ur London plans. Go ahead with that plan and meet him. Talk face to face I am sure every thing will be alright. Don’t wait long Issaq

    6. Isaaq

      Only the option I have is to speak to him in a loving manner. Thank you guys. I forgot he’s really sensitive and he would of been really hurt if I became negative. The only thing I need to use is love now to win him. What I need to do is prove how much I love him love him and then he will understand.

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will showcase high voltage drama.

    Gaura is playing games with Vidya and Meera, Gaura had used Chanda till now and is now ready to play game with Vidya.

    Chanda has gone against Gaura now, Chanda wants to expose Gaura’s true face before family which irks Gaura.

    Gaura now plans to get Vidya out of her way, Gaura plans to kill Chanda by manipulating Vidya and involving her.

    Vidya and Gaura’s cheap plan against Chanda

    Vidya gets manipulated by Gaura and thus gets involved with Gaura against Chanda, plans to kill her.

    Let’s wait and watch will Vidya gets inti Gaura’s cheap plan of killing Chanda, will Gaura trap Vidya in Chanda’s murder case.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Nandhini

      How come vidya try to kill chanda??!!? I think Gaura will manipulate her for some other thing against chanda,, like transferring the property or kicking chanda out of house but Gaura will unexpectedly kill chanda in the process and will blame vidya for dat…

    2. Chithu

      Vidya must not fell into Gaura’s trap. Surely Gaura is going to kill Chanda and put the blame on vidya. How can she trust Gaura after all that she have done earlier. How can she easily get manipulated

  7. Sunshiners did you hear the news that happened in America?Even though I live in the uk.They are not letting Muslims go anywhere!

  8. Sunshiners did you hear the news that happened in America?Even though I live in the uk.They are not letting Muslims go anywhere!

    1. It’s very unfair on muslims

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Rani! Its a Shame on some people who degrade other religions??

    3. Chithu

      That is disgusting thing they have done.

  9. Hi Sunshine group sid bhai akshay bhai nandini di isaaq di shakaib saba di rose rani sp chithu chanu neha sharad guru and eveeveryone episode was so nice jaggi calling jai n veeru as changu mangu very funny what is this guara upto vidya baby don’t trust guara so easily otherwise she will throw ur entire family on street

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Mahi HW r u ya todays episode ws gud finally Modi family found sita

    2. Bhai I fine yeah episode was so good soon there will be new vamps due to junior gopi bahu. Bhai will guara be exposed??

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Dnt knw mahi gaura might be exposed.

    4. Chithu

      Hi Mahi episode was good. Finally everyone saw the girl who was hiding in their house from 2-3 days

  10. hey my darling leila look i am richer than every one here even i am richer than modi family ha ha .

  11. Shakaib

    Yes, rani, I’ve heard that trump has banned on Muslims, in all countries, every religion people are allowed to live his/her life. Isaaq di, don’t lose hope. I’ve seen you as a strongest girl. You should not lose hope. Pray Allah, Allah will must hear your prayers, you’ll be absolutely gather with your lover/Adam. Sid Bhai, thanks for telling, actually, I recently saw updates of episode after naiya’s entry, and people there was talking about Namar(Naiya-samar).

    Guys, Naiya worked in SNS for five years….Lol….. Don’t forget 5 years leap.
    Note:- Just for fun.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Lol shakaib

  12. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode ko 10minutes ke baad dekha.But interesting hai.

    1. Chithu

      Yeah Rose it was good episode

  13. From where did gopi’s son come from??? She has only 2 kids right???

    1. Sita ji aaiye

      As per story, when gopi gave birth to vidhya, she is said to have twins, but the baby boy was kidnapped by daimaa, gopi doesn’t know of her son…
      ..All credits to saathiya writers..

    2. no its vidya twin and her son was taken away and I think they told her son was dead or something like that.

  14. Sita ji aaiye

    Star Plus’ popular show Saathiya (Rashmi Sharma Productions) will now see the new generation actors flourish in a new track of their own!!!
    Soon the show will follow the foot steps of other popular shows of the channel like Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Suhani Si Ek Ladki and will dwell feel into the story of the younger generation to bring in freshness.
    As we know, Saathiya will soon introduce the son of Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) and Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) and his love life.
    We now hear that the new female lead of the show will enter in tonight’s episode.
    Actor Shruti Prakash who was seen as the lead in Channel V’ s Ishq Unplugged has been cast as the girl opposite Gopi’ s son who will enter much later.
    As we know, Shruti is a singer by profession and has been a semi finalist in Closeup Web Singer contest.
    As per credible sources, “Shruti will play the role of Sita who will be saved by Jaggi in tonight’s episode. She will be shown living with Gopi and Jaggi.”

  15. this pari is so selfiish.

  16. Wen did gopi had a son n I think seeta is married to jaggie friend n also gaura will use vidya to kill Chanda n get her out of the way 2

    1. But Leila how can Vidya trust guara even if she trust why does she follow whatever guara says I like Vidya as she is gopis replica but now we r gonna watch her violent side I don’t wanna see Vidya in such a cheap plan……….And what about the bombs in modi bhawan when first day when sita entered the show the bomb timer shows 12:06 and I wonder why gopi can’t sense danger to her family……She must find it out soon. What do u say guys Sid Bhai sowmya chanu Nandini di shakaib Saba riana rose rani chithu isaaq di pleasee do share ur views and even our new sunshiners Neha Sharad guru can also say Leila wat do u say yaar???

    2. Nandhini

      Hi Mahi! The bomb is there with the timer,, but the bomb’s remote control is with Gaura..when she presses the “on” button, then the bomb may explode…and the dialog you said about “ORDER ORDER ORDER” was hilarious!??

    3. Chithu

      Yeah Mahi upto now no one noticed any bombs. One is right thr in temple. Gopi spends most of her time thr still didn’t notice. Vidya should never trust Gaura. Gaura will put the blame on Vidya

    4. Riana

      Mahi i think the bomb is at 12:00…when gaura will switch the bomb it will take time to explode…she didnt pressed the button yet…

  17. Isaaq

    I don’t understand how Pari has changed so much. I wish Radha can come back and snatch her “Jigs” from her again. Then Pari will go running to the Modis again to help her. She needs a vamp to teach her a lesson

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Ya paridhi ws caring person before the entry of Mona she supporter gopi many times but Mona spoiled her.

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Ya paridhi ws caring person before the entry of Mona she supporter gopi many times but Mona spoiled her.
      If Mona has not married Samar paridhi might be positive.

  18. Nandhini

    Guys i saw the new promo…in that seeta will cook something in microwave and it will burst..then gopi will laugh at that…gopi’s new look of SNS title promo is so awesome!!

    1. Riana

      The promo is extended a bit…i saw yesterday…Sita was watching 3d tv n suddenly the ghost came outside…she throwed all the popcorn????….after that microwave bursted…I never saw such a funny promo on sns…

  19. Jai and veeru evn their screen appearance is little but they totally stole the show…

    Loved the episode and now they sidetracked kokila story yar…

  20. Chithu

    So seetha is a victim of child marriage. May be she was married off to Jaggi’s friend’s son. In that case next villain is ready.

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