SwaSan! The Reason I Breath Is You!! {Part-3(B)}

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S&S Mansion

“mumma where is dada… I want to show him something ” asked Sara holding a paper in her hand looking at the main door

“Sara he will come …don’t disturb me ” ragini replied arranging things on the table

“Hmmm” ?? Sara gets sad waiting for long time for her dad Bt still he didn’t came

Just then her eyes falls on Sanskar coming … Her eyes shines in happiness …

“Dada ” ? she runs towards the door happily

Sanskar looks at her and smiles widely

“Sara” he smiles and takes her in his arms

“Dada ..u know I was waiting u from sooo long time … And finally u came ” said Sara kissing on his cheeks

“Ooh I’m so sorry my sweety .. Bt mera wait kiyun kia jaa raha tha hmm” asked Sanskar with a smile

“Hehehehe Dada I hv a surprise for u…put me down I will show u” said Sara

“Ohh Surprise sai yaad aaya I also have surprise for u my sweety ” said Sanskar making her stand with a smile

“Surprise really” asked Sara excitedly

“Yes Sara” replied Sanskar with a wide smile

Sara was amazed to see her dad soo happy which she never saw .. She smiles excitedly registering the word “surprise ” in her mind

“Wat surprise dada” asked Sara excitedly??

Sanskar smiles looking at her excited face and moves …. There swara was standing behind him with tears in her eyes

“SWARA” …Sanskar looked at swara with a smile … Who is looking at Sara with teary eyes while Sara’s eyes widens in shock

Whereas ragini who heard swara’s name … Immediately rushed towards hall and was more shocked to find swara standing with Sanskar

“YOUR MOM ..SARA ” said Sanskar smiling widely looking at swara

Swara walks towards Sara and sits in her knees …. Whereas Sara was just staring her thinking something deeply

“Sara …My sweety ..My Sara ” said swara caressing her face … With tears making a way from her beautiful big eyes

“Yes swara ..Sara OUR DAUGHTER ….Jaan ” replied Sanskar keeping his Hand on her shoulder

Swara immediately hugs Sara .. And was crying….. While ragini clutches her duppata tightly tears were making a way from her eyes

” my sweety. ..I missed u soo much …my Sara ” said swara kissing all over her face

Sara who was staring swara … Transfers her gaze on ragini who was crying and again looks at swara ….. She immediately pushed swara angrily …

“Swara” Sanskar holds swara

Swasan looks at Sara in shock … While her eyes filled with anger and hatred

“Don’t touch me “? sara shouts in anger

” Sweety …she is ur mom … And” Sanskar words left incomplete

“Noooo she is not my mom … My mumma is ragini mumma … And ask her to leave from here … Leave from ….” ?She angrily pushes swara

Whereas swara looks shock as she registers her words

“Ragini mumma” said swara in shock looking at Sanskar

Sanskar was abt to say something Bt Sara interrupts

“Ask her to leave from here Dada … Thz lady shldnt stay in thz house …as her to leave ” ? Sara shouts more angrily

Swara stumbles looking at her daughter haterd for her … Sanskar looks at swara and holds her

“Swara” he gets sad seeing her tears while swara was just looking at Sara

“Dada say….” Sara’s words left incomplete

” Stop it …She Is ur mom did u get it “? said Sanskar angrily

” no my ragini mumma is only my mumma ” saying thz she runs towards ragini and hugs her by knees

Ragini smiles and caresses her hairs….. Swara looks at them …. She looks at ragini … Her vermilion her mangalsutar … She gets shock realising wat happen in her absence ….. She gets teary eyes and runs from there not even looking at Sanskar for at least once ..

Sanskar looks at her running … And understood the reason

“Swara …listen ..jaan” he runs behind her

She runs not caring abt him who is running behind her calling her name ….. She runs b/w the road … A car comes in tat way and was abt to hit her ….but in the meantime Sanskar who gets shock seeing the Car coming towards …..immediately runs toward Swara and pulls her towards him by her wrist

“Swara” shouts Sanskar

Swara falls on his chest …. He immediately hugs her tightly while tears made a way from his eyes

“Swara …Swara …look at me .. Look at me” he said releasing the hug and cupping her face …. She looks at him with teary eyes

“Look at me Jaan … Wat U r thinking is nothing like tat … I didn’t marry Ragini … O tho everyone thought u r …(choked voice) …u r de…ad so to take care of Sara …they asked me to marry Ragini …Bt i never agreed to them jaan…Bt mom compelled me to marry Ragini …for sara to give a motherly love to Sara … So I agreed only for Sara …Bt marriage is done by our heart wish na as my heart is with u… Then thz is not rgt marriage rgt ….. Bt Trust me swara i love only u ….do u think I will cheat on u ” Sanskar said looking deeply into her eyes …which is clearly showing some pain to him

“Yes …I think u betrayed me … U cheated on me” replied Swara avoiding his eye contact

Sanskar gets shock at 1st registering her words in his mind …..Bt he looks at her avoiding gaze and cups her face making her to look at him

“Wat did u say” asked Sanskar looking deeply into her eyes

“Didn’t u heard” replied swara matching his gaze

“Do u think I’m a mad… Do u think u can lie to me” asked Sanskar raising his eyebrows and pulling swara closer to him by waist

“Leave me ” she said controlling her tears

“Do u think I will leave u” asked Sanskar pulling her more closer to him ….staring her face

“Sanskar ….S..ans..kar … Leave me ….it’s …better …if u leave me” swara replied him with a choked voice

“And y do u think so swara” asked sanskar tightening his grip on her

“For Sara ….Sanskar didn’t u see she considers Ragini as her mu…mma ..” She replied with a choked voice

Sanskar was abt to say something Bt just then his phone rings …he lifts the call … Still holding swara by her waist

*on call*

Sanskar: Hello Mike
Mike: Sir actually (he tells something)
Sanskar: (shock) wat r u sure
Mike:yes sir ..I’m damn sure
Sanskar: ? …okay .. I will meet u
Mike :okay sir

*call ends*

Hanging up the call ..he looks at swara who was crying

“Sanskar plzzz leave me …plzzz Sanskar leave me” she cries holding his shirt tightly

“Okay” he takes a sigh and leaves her …

“Fine ..go ..wherever u want to go” he said looking straight into her eyes

She was surprised seeing his reaction ….Bt wipes her tears and nodes avoiding his eye contact

He looks at her and leaves from there …without speaking anything


S&S Mansion

“u r rgt Sara …I’m only Ur mumma and Ur Dada’s wife only me ” Ragini said happily

“Yes mumma” replied Sara and hugs her

Just then sanskar comes there
Ragini looks at Sanskar and searches for swara every where Bt doesn’t finds her any where thus, she gets happy

“Sanskar ji …u came … Where is swara ..” She asked Sanskar

Sanskar looks at her

“Swara …swara she left me …” Said Sanskar and made a to his room without speaking further

Ragini gets happy hearing Sanskar …and Sara smiles seeing his mumma happy


A dark room is show … A girl was laying on a bed in unconscious state …. Her face is revealed she


Hi guys tanu here …hope u all liked thz part ..

Thank u all
Love u all ???

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