Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansi and Kinjal start alleging Gopi that she with Pari planned all the drama of insulting Ahem by neighbour and then trying to take Ahem’s side. Ahem asks them to stop lying. Kinjal asks Gopi to call Pari here. Kokila asks Kinjal to stop her drama and says her Gopi will not lie. She herself calls Pari to chawl. Kinjal asks Gopi and Ahem to give their phones until Pari comes here. Pari comes and tells Kokila if she wants her to patch up with Gopi, she will not. Kinjal asks her to stop her drama.

Manis tells Pari that she saw her talking to neighbour Sucheta. Pari says she never met Sucheta. Kinjal asks her to call Sucheta and thank her. She calls Sucheta and thanks her for her drama today. Sucheta asks who is she and what thanks, asks if she is Hetal’s bahu. Pari says yes. She says Gopi insulted her a lot today and she did good by kicking her out of Modi bhavan. She asks her not to call again and cuts call. Ahem fumes. Kinjal says she is not lying. Ahem asks her to stop her drama with Mansi and asks to go back to her house. Urmila refers Mansi as servant and says she should run back to Mumbai and asks Kinjal thief to run form there, else she will hit her.

Kinjal says Pari she does not know how she handled the situation, but she will get their truth soon and kick Gopi out from Modi family. Pari says she is right, she handled the situation well and says before coming here someone called her. Kinjal asks if she called her. Kokila agrees and says she is ashamed to call her as daughter and Ahem’s sister. She tells she saw her peeping into Sucheta’s house, so she threw garbage on them and informed Pari and Sucheta to be careful. Mansi says if she is not ashamed to throw garbage on her own daughter. Gopi asks her dare not to talk loudly to Kokila. Kokila says she will speak to them and says if Mansi and Kinjal try their dirty plan, she will confront them and will never let Ahem and Gopi separate. She tells Mansi that she is pity on her as she is staying with Ahem since 10 years, but could not get ahem’s love. Getting love and being with someone is different, she stayed with Ahem but could develop feeling in ahem’s heart. She continues that when Jigar and Gopi came there, she lied as she is feeling insecure that Ahem will leave her if he meets his family. She says in love, there is no place for fear but for pain. Her Gopi bahu spent her life to bond the relationships, but Mansi is trying to hold Ahem unnecessarily. She says Ahem said he will come only after Mansi leaves, so she should go from Ahem’s life, else she knows how to kick her out.

Kinjal says she can do whatever she wants, but she will get the truth in front of Ahem soon. Kokila says if it is her challenge, she accepts it. Pari holds Gopi’s hand and says, she also accepts her challenge and says she will reunite Gopi and Ahem for sure as their relationship is an inspiration and nobody can separate them. Kokila says it is her promise. Mansi says she does not want to be part of this game and neither Ahem would. Kokila says Kinjal she nows from childhood she does not like losing, but she should get habituated to it to live and let other live. Kinjal angrily walks out. Pari thanks Kokila for saving her. Kokila says this is the beginning, once they win, they will celebrate.

Precap: Ahem thanks Gopi for rescuing him from Sucheta. She says whenever he will be in trouble, she will be on his side. He says now things have changed.

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