Shastri Sisters 2nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 2nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani doing her work to make models ready and Bobby following her. Devyaani goes to make models ready in her fashion designs and thinks Alka did not come till now, she will ask Rohan. She says she will just come. Sareen asks Kajal about Neil. Kajal says he is having bath. Minty asks will he ban on his bath now. Sareen says he might have got up late, and maybe came late and slept late. Kajal says he said he had some work. Minty says Leela and she are keeping fast tomorrow. Sareen asks really? Leela says she does not have children, but she has Rajat and Neil.

Sareen jokes on her. He asks about Anu. Kajal says she is helping Rajat to get ready for office. He asks her to call them for breakfast. She goes. Rajat asks Anu for kerchief and hugs her. She asks is he not getting late for office. He asks whats office and flirts with her. He says he will take leave. She asks him to take leave after two days. He asks why. She says Minty will keep fast for him, she will feel good if he takes leave. He says I was joking, its tough to get leave. She requests him to end this distance and annoyance, Minty did many good things, if he just sees bad things, is this good.

He says I love mum a lot and did not forget her good things and it tough to forget the bad things. Anu asks her to try. He says I will try but its tough. Kajal looks on and asks Rajat to come, Sareen is calling. She asks is everything fine. Anu says yes. Kajal says she did not feel good seeing them quiet. Rajat tells her everything and goes. Kajal acts sweet to Anu and Anu goes stating work. Kajal says when mum knows this, then she will feel very bad.

Minty asks Kajal did she not get ready. Kajal says I m tensed, what will people say, if she keeps fast, don’t know Rajat will come or not, I heard he can’t take leave, I will fight with someone who taunts her. Minty says no need, I m fed up, its fine Rajat does not love me, but I still love him, I will keep fast as its my duty. Kajal thinks she loves her sons a lot.

Rohan thinks about Astha’s stupid act and Alka gets Devyaani’s call. Alka says she is on the way. Devyaani says models have come. Bobby covers her face and hits Devyaani on her face. She falls down and sees him. She screams and Alka hears it. She asks what happened. Rohan stops the car and asks Alka. Alka says Devyaani is screaming, don’t know what happened.

Bobby starts leaving and Devyaani catches him. She asks who is he and tries stopping him. She sees his bracelet and he kicks her. He runs from there and he flees from there. Rohan and Alka come there. Alka asks about Devyaani. The guard says someone has hurt her with a knife and they rush to see her. They see her wounded and Rohan calls hospital.

Leela and Kajal have a talk. Kajal eats pickles and says she is feeling dizzy and having vomiting. Leela gets suspicious. Devyaani is brought to hospital and she asks Alka to come along. Alka cries. Rohan asks her not to worry, as Devyaani is in safe hands. Kajal comes and Leela looks at her. Kajal says she caught heat. Leela says she is married to Neil and she did not see them together, how did this happen. Kajal says its not like that, maybe I had eaten something wrong. Leela asks her to show to doctor. Rohan and Alka hold hands and sit hearing Devyaani’s pain. Shastri ji comes with Rajat, Anu and Peeya.

Devyaani calls Papa. Alka says he can’t go. Shastri ji says she is scared of injections and have to get stitches now. Kajal says I will come in 20mins and Minty asks why is she not ready, they were going on shopping, why is she crying. Kajal says her friend is in hospital, she is in pain, we will go for shopping. Minty asks her to visit her friend. Kajal says she is so good and acts sweet.

The doctor says they can meet Devyaani after the dressing and asks for bill payment. Peeya says why will anyone do this with Devyaani, she is so good. Shastri ji asks them not to lose strength infront of Devyaani. The inspector comes and meets them, saying its police case and hospital staff called them. He asks them do they know who can do this attack. Anu recalls Neil and Alka also thinks of him. They cry and see each other.

Kajal thinks how will she give this good news if Neil did not come close to her. Anu comes and her pregnancy test report falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wonder whose kid kajal’s bearing?

    1. Maybe Neil’s or someone else’s

  2. I think not Neil…interesting
    Waiting for new twists

  3. I think she is playing some pregnancy drama to become the best bahu than anushka

  4. Going on the correct track. waiting for next episode

  5. Why writers flaw.. When asked and rohan meet security guard and run to see dewyani… Everybody was standing there and no body called ambulance.. Then alka says some body call ambulance…
    Th other people were doing? Waiting for alka to call for hospital…

  6. Not Neil kajal ki saachai aab sabki samne aayagi…believe me its new twiest is more intresting…..wait for next episode

  7. Mujhe yakeen nai hota minty Jo itne bade bade plan bana sakti hai…kajal usko secondo main fool kaise bana leate hai…apni ungali se thook laga kar batadate hai ki woh roorahi hai how foolish…saaer ko saw a saaer hi milna chaiya I think kajal ka sach same aane me baad hi minty or Neil ki aankhen khul jayaengi….I hope aisa hi ho…kyunki bahar wall se itne problem nai hote jitne ki apne family ka taurnts she hote hai

  8. i think its not neel’s kid.neel get arrested for hitting devyani.then neel relesed from by devyani with the evidence of bracelet. bobby get arreested.then neel realises her love and fall in love with devyani.

    1. Hope this should only happen

  9. Thank u for the link.I have voted for anuraj and anushka.

  10. I think kajol is carryin bobby bby for he dropped Neil hme and y would dey bring him bak quickly

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