Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector informs Ahem that Kokila has complained against him and Kokila and he came to arrest them. Ahem says he is his son. Inspector says it is usual that children torture parents, arrests Ahem and Gopi and takes with him.

Urmila calls Rashi and informs her that police arrested Ahem and Gopi on Kokila’s complaint. She says she will inform Jigar and other family members. She goes to inform Hetal, but Hetal and her husband say that Kinjal has already informed them and they should free Ahem and Gopi now. They come down and see Kokila giving a knife as an evidence to inspector and saying Ahem had kept it under her pillow and was planning to murder her. Parag asks why did she do that. Kokila says she got a letter and knife, so she is sure Ahem wants to kill her.

Jigar says Parag that he will go and release Ahem first. Kinjal says Kokila must have done it due to her mental illness. Jigar and Parag reach police station with Dhaval also joining them and inform inspector that Kokila lost her memory after an accident and does not identify her children also, hence she must have complained about them. Inspector asks constable to release Gopi and Ahem. Ahem asks doctor to recheck his mother as her condition is getting worse. Gopi asks inspector to give her the letter Kokila got under her bed to check if Kokila has written it. Doctor says she must have written it as her condition is deteriorating.

Ahem and Gopi reach Urmila’s house. Neighbours says Gopi why did her mother in law got her arrested and says Kokila has gone mad. Ahem gets angry and says his mom is not mad.

Urmila and his family are fighting about accomodating Ahem and Gopi. Ahem and gopi come there. Ahem says he will stay in the hotel. Dhaval insists they have to stay in his house. Even Kinjal insists. Ahem says he does not want to trouble anyone. Maduben also insists, so they both agree and occupy a room.

Vidya with other kids call Gopi and say they are not getting sleep. Gopi says she will tell them a story and tells a story of unity. Kids sleep before her story completes. Prateek sleeps in Gopi’s lap while listening to her story. Ahem says he will pick Prateek, comes near her and kisses her on cheek. Gopi blushes. Saath Nibhana Saathiya…. song plays in the background.

Hetal gives prasad to Rashi and asks if she spoke to Kokila. Rashi says she saw Kokila sleeping. Hetal says what if Kokila sees Ahem and Gopi outside. Rashi says that will not happen and she will call Ahem and Gopi and inform. Radha hears their conversation and says she will fail their plans and will send Kokila to Urmila’s house.

Dhaval and Kinjal reach lady’s office whom Dhaval helped with a business proposal.

Hetal asks Rashi if she saw Kokila. Rashi says she did not and will search her. Radha hears their conversation and smirks.

Kokila reaches near Urmila’s house and starts searching Premlata/Urmila’s house. She sees Urmila’s picture on her chawl and identifies her. Ahem comes out of Urmila’s house while speaking on the phone. Kokila reaches Urmila’s chawl and asks a man if Urmila who is in that pic lives here. Man says her name is Urmila and she is his house owner. Kokila sees both Gopi and Ahem on road. Urmila comes just on time, hugs Kokila and signals Ahem/Gopi to go from there. Kokila says she saw Gopi and manager Bharath here. Urmila asks her to forget them and says she will treat her with tea and snacks. Kokila says she does not need tea and asks her name is Premlatha, then why is her name written as Urmila.

Precap: Kokila asks Urmila to inform Parag that she is going to police station and to meet her there.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kaun larka yahan par aik he waqt main tu larkiyo ko chud sakta hai?

    1. disgusting language

    2. Hey is it a new language if so please tell me its name I think the fate of your language is because of watch this mental serial.I suggest every one n deviUK this type of disgusting language is not audience problem this is kokila problem which is kokilas problem having it’s effect on us n making to talk like this so please show sympathy to saathiya victim’s with a big heart.

  2. NO COMMENTS.. -_-


  4. Hey this serial is losing it’s reputation. Someone give a tight slap for kokila that she must get not only her past memory back but also must remember her previous births. Idiot……………………

    1. haha…lol.. 😛

  5. hey please bring back kokilas itself the serial standards are deteriorating.and dont make it worse

  6. Oh god! This is so irritating man. Radha.. Argh! Just end this drama dude -_-

  7. Zarin Dumasia

    Now this kokila is also irritating me as much as that radha……..where do they find such annoying characters……..??
    Just make kokila remember everything, remove radha and bring some new villains….

  8. I stop watching this show. .it’s ridiculous…I absolutely hate radha and kokila is annoying. .

  9. omg gopi and ahems kisses so cute what a couple jodhi

  10. Parag and Chirag are so dumb. All is Kokila’s chalti.

  11. Kokila is stupid,idiot…..haaaaaaaate her

  12. WTH is kokila’s problem?? when is that stupid aunty planning to get her memory back? or is she planning to die…thinking she is still a young mother to kids of age 7-8….. &real Ahem is some Bharat who is planning to kill her….?????? She has made everyone’s life toooo impossible…. she is not letting poor jigar and rashi stay together…. she has separated the kids from their mommys and their daddys….. Poor Meera who recently united with her parents…. is again separated from them…because of stupid dokri doffard kokila f**king ben!!!

    P.S : She has done only one good and entertaining thing after losing her memory… and that is making radha the servant of the house…and treating her that way!!!!!

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