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Randhir is still thinking about Sanyu’s words and asks himself, me and will go to that duffer’s marriage? Other hand, Parth is also remembering Sanyu asking him to move on and Arpita’s last few moments. Just then, Jiggy comes and gives a book to Parth saying Sanyu sent it for him. Jiggy says, Kastuki is his girlfriend and still never sent any book from library, and here Sanyu is taking so much care for Parth even during exams time. He leaves. Randhir tells Parth, seriously, she takes care so much. Parth tells him to concentrate on his rank instead others’ matters otherwise his position could be at risk. Randhir says even if whole college teaches Sanyu, she can’t win, nor anyone else. Parth says, really? He takes out his guitar and tries to play it. But puts it down in frustration and leaves from there. Randhir tells Jiggy, he was acting like saint before, now you see his anger? He has so much effect of his best friend.

Sanyu is looking at Randhir’s parents’ divorce papers. She sends a message to Renuka saying she read it by mistake. Renuka replies, no problem. She thanks Sanyu, had Randhir read it, then he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his exams. Renuka is still afraid of Randhir’s dad. Sanyu says she can’t promise, but she will try to make sure that he doesn’t talk to his dad. Renuka says just try to hide until exams are over.

Vardhan gives encouragement to Dream Team students to give their best shows and do well in their exams. Have no pressure from family, professors, or anyone. All leave. Sahil is still there. He tells Vardhan that he won’t disappoint him this time.

All study one last time before the exam. Sanyu enters the classroom and Randhir’s phone rings. She gets afraid thinking it may be his dad’s, but is relieved when Randhir takes someone else’s name. She decides to sit beside Randhir as that way she would know whose call it is. Jiggy also enters, but Sanyu sits on his place beside Randhir. Jiggy says, it’s his seat. She asks him to sit elsewhere. He says, amazing, she never sat with Randhir in last 2 years, and today she sat beside him during the exam. She says it’s her lucky seat and asks him to sit beside Kastuki. Randhir asks Sanyu how low she will get. To copy from him, she is fighting with others. She says she doesn’t want to fail. He says it’s good plan to copy from me and beat me, but it won’t work. PK enters with exam papers. Sanyu and Randhir keep looking at each other. PK asks everyone to switch off their phones and put them on the desk. Randhir doesn’t switch off. Sanyu asks him if he didn’t hear what PK said. Randhir says, if he had listened to PK, then he would have failed and would be with juniors right now. Sanyu stares at him. He puts his phone on silent mode and asks her if she’s happy. She says, he asked to switch off. Randhir asks her to follow PK’s orders. Parth enters. PK taunts him for coming late.

Exam starts. Parth hasn’t started writing yet. Sanyu keeps looking at Randhir’s phone and he thinks she’s trying to copy from him and keeps hiding his paper. Sanyu notices it and puts her purse in between. She asks him if he’s happy now. Parth imagines Arpita is there. He says he’s missing her a lot and he is not feeling like doing anything. She gives him encouragement and asks if he doesn’t want to make her proud. Sanyu sees Parth lost and tries to get his attention. PK asks everyone to be silent. Parth comes out of his imagination and finally starts writing the exam. All continue writing their exam. Randhir’s phone rings. Sanyu notices it’s from his dad. She puts her hand on his phone so he doesn’t see it. He puts his hand on her hand. Both look at each other. PK asks them what happened. Both release their hands. PK asks everyone to stop glaring at each other. They all start writing their exams again. Sanyu keeps looking at Randhir and his phone. She quietly takes his phone and deletes his dad’s miss call. Randhir is done with his exam. He asks PK if he can go. PK says yes. Sanyu interrupts and asks how anyone can leave exam class. Randhir says he can at least go to washroom. PK agrees again. Sanyu tells PK to go with him. PK asks her whether she will supervise the exam then. Randhir says fine, he won’t go anywhere. After PK leaves, he asks Sanyu whether she will do all this because he didn’t let her copy. Exam time is up. Randhir leaves. Kastuki tries to talk to Sanyu, but her concentration is on Randhir. She runs after him.

Students hear an announcement that their next exam that was 2 days after is pre-poned now. Some students start complaining as they will have 2 exams on a same day. Vardhan hears it and yells at them that they are FITE students and they get scared from such small challenges? This is just an exam, how will they handle challenges in their life? is that how they will succeed in their lives? He leaves.

Parth comes to his room and finds a love letter for him. Parth asks what rubbish is this? He sees a book with it as well and remembers that Jiggy gave it to him saying Sanyu sent it for him. He says, Sanyukta?

Precap: Randhir and Sanyu are locked in the library. He thinks it’s done by Sanyu. She asks him to break the window and go out then. He says in his mind, he is not going anywhere. He will make sure she stays in the library whole night, in end it was her plan. After a while, they seem to be studying and Sanyu’s dupatta catches fire. Randhir sees it and asks her to move aside.

Update Credit to: Tina

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    PS: Brutus is a very stupid and foolish guy….he killed his best friend for power and fame.
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