Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2013 Written Update


Everybody was expecting koki will scold, but koki didn’t , she said to jigar that he can play but slowly..all shocked and happy….some kids come from outside and keep colour on kinjal’s face..kinjal went running behind them, all are happy only urmi and gopi tensed…rashi and jigar playing prank on each other..

Some kids come to dhawal and says kinjal got faint, dhawal came running and kinjal pretending to be faint…he comes worried and holds her, kinjal puts colour on his face and laughs… She says happy holi, she agrees that she pretended to put color on his face…dhawal also says happy holi but goes without coloring her ,kinjal

Gopi is thinking how to say koki the truth as urmi is almost attached with her always…suddenly ahem comes with a shy face, …gopi asks what is it ahem wants to say her from yesterday? Ahem closes the door …he says and blabbers what to say…gopi …ahem says that last holi they actually became husband wife in real meaning , bth remembers those scene and …both lost in each other and sathiya background song …ahem says I love you to gopi, bothgopi also says same,..but suddenly gopi listens urmi Voice and her dream breaks..


Kinjal brings food , hetal notices kinjal is pale…not very happy…koki too notices that…hetal asks what happened to kinjal? Kinjal no answer…dhawal brings cold drinks, hetal asks dhawal what is the matter? Dhawal says nothing like that, everything is fine…
Koki gets a call, she comes outside for catching is savita Ben and Nikki, she says if koki in in jail, they went to house to play holi but she is not there… Koki says savita is not her friend, family or dearest so no question of playing holi with her,…koki also informs that she is not in jail..both cunning ladies start to think then where modis could have gone,,,

As soon koki finishes call, gopi comes there and says she wants to talk, koki says to talk..gopi starts saying that yesterday incident koki was not guilty…but koki changes saying she knows she was innocent, it was good that urmi got idea to save her…gopi about to says the truth, but urmi throws one bucket of color water on both of them…then she says not to mind, it is holi,,…al modi members come outside and see koki in water, all control their laugh… Urmi drags everybody down to play holi and dance…
Gopi is standing alone up, she is sad…ahem comes and says they will also got down, meera in ahem’s arm


All are down, urmi says dhol player to play it loud…all are full on enjoyment mood… There is loud music and everybody dancing with lots if colors…koki says rashi to go inside, as so much colour and water is not safe for her…rashi sad , koki says her to go with meera,rashi ..jigar decides to company her but gets a call stays there…rashi goes upstairs…

Gopi again comes to say truth to koki, but again urmi comes in middle she says gopi should distribute laddu which she made for holi… Koki also agrees , gopi sad , goes to bring laddu..

There comes Nikki and savita to taunt koki, they say koki is so ashamed to show her face after coming from jail, she is hiding here…and all that…ahem becomes too angry and scolds them , but they are not going to make sense…jigar and baa thinks something to stop their drama…koki answers smartly that she was innocent so she got free from jail, and then also her family was there now also there, she is always with family..but koki says poor savita bad Nikki they don’t have family to play on this day also…jigar and baa says as they both came for playing holi, so they should play.. They throw lots of water colour on them with all kids..they both run and everybody happy to see…rashi also watching from window and happy…

In the mean time gopi brought laddus and kept , in all this drama urmi went from backside and mixed Bhang in all those….after Nikki and savita went, urmi says now it is time to eat gopi’s laddus…she was about to feed gopi but hetal comes running and feeds to urmi… Good job first time hetal…urmi is thinking she got for gopi, but what now? Hetal feeds one more to urmi and koki too,koki understands it smells strange so hetal avoids it , she understands it is Bhang laddu…all shocked
But upto that time koki and urmi are full out of order, they both start dancing ” fevicol se” song…oh my god oh my god both urmi and koki start dancing like full drank, they are too hilarious and awesome both rupalji and vandanaji…..they are dancing like mad..rashi is recording from window as it is rarest scene, she took gopi mobile for recording as it was nearby …baa, hetal and all and ahem gopi …but they both are dancing with out any hesitation, out of world


Update Credit to: basuanasuya

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