Dil Dosti Dance 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 29th March 2013 Written Update

Taani is walking in the corridor when the attender gives her a letter that she got NDC.Taani reads the letter which says the forms of individual applicants are not sent but the dates have been extended.Sharon enters the locker room in her Diva style and girls appreciates her.Taani comes in when the girls say its great that she is handing both NDC and D3 team.Taani enters saying that Sharon is only handing the D3 team.The Dance team is under her.The girls says Oh god.Taani points out saying that Sharon has not done her Cs responsibility well.She shows her the letter and says the NDC forms are not being filled.Sharon says she does not know how she forgot this.Taani starts speaking saying she must have done else they would not be able to participate in NDC when Sharon points out its not only her work.Taani asks then who must do it to which Sharon says AGS can.Taani asks why will he do and this is your work why should I remind you of it and moves.Sharon comes out of the locker room and works to the class.The professor is taking class.Swayam and Rey signal her to come in.She stands at door.The professor sees and asks her to come in saying she is late.She tells she needs Rey and Swayam.The professor does not allow.Taani comes and says that she needs the ACS and AGS when professor allows.The boys come out and ask what has happened.Taani says she needs to speak alone with them Swayam stops her saying why its Sharon.Taani replies obviously you will be angry.Rey to asks her why Sharon glares from Rey to Taani and moves from there.Swayam says that so many days he was silent thinking she is small but now she is crossing her limits.Rey stops him.Taani says that Sharon is too busy and they must see for new Cs..Swayam and Rey do not agree.They are in projector room speaking.

Sharon is in the terrace of the college deciding what to day.Agar for his girl friend Rey forgot his best friend.Simmi and group come and notice Sharon tensed.hey decide to lessen her stress.They feel the pressure of Sharon is due to Taani and they must reduce it.Rinni says she likes this Sharon a lot.Neha also agrees.Vicky says this is fire.Aashi asks him what it is when Neha Comes in and says hism to explain.The girls question that when Sharon was always like this.Simmi self talks that how can make them understand that stress is not good for Sharon.The team enters the terrace and performs crazy acts.Sharon finally smiles and stops them.She says when they dont know to act they need not.Barath says cause of the girls they were caught.Girls were always like this and again they start blaming other.Sharon stops them.Vicky says you smiled and that is what we wanted.

The girls ask her to ignore and stay as much away from Taani as possible as she is in super hyper ventilating mode.Aashi suggests her to divide her work among persons so she will have less pressure.Sharon feels this as a good idea and says that this is risky but she will have to take the risk.the gang says in whatever decision she takes they are with her.

Taani says that it is risky and they cant take the risk.Swayam says that it was not only her fault.They all decided to do this as a group and they must be there for the other.Rey tries stoping him.Swayam continues its the fault of all.The GS,AGS,CS and ACS.He also adds that why will she listen to them when she has already taken her decision.Taani says if she had taken her decision she would not be speaking to them.swayam replies saying its her majburi that she has to ask to them as they are the AGS and ACS.Tani says for AGS its a yes but not for ACS.Rey stops her saying Taani.Swayam says Thanks for the respect and moves out.

Precap:The D3 team gets a contract.Rey says he cant participate.Sharon’s health worsens in front of Rey.Simmi says its Rey who is not here but the rest are there with her.The team performs dance

Update Credit to: asmaju

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