Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila reads her friend Gaura’s letter and gets happy. She tells Gopi that Gaura is coming. Gopi says she told this 4 times already and asks if she is her best friend. Kokila says she is like her sister and childhood friend. She asks Gopi to get tulsi tea and other items which Gaura likes.

Meera comes with her bags and tells Ahem that she is going on trekking and since someone asked to inform you and go, she waited until he came home. He says she cannot go at night. She says she is informing him and not taking permission. Gopi asks Tolu/molu and Vidya to pack their bags and accompany Meera. Meera fumes. Gopi says this is not mumbai and Rajkot, so she needs tolu and molu’s protection. Ahem says Gopi is right. Meera says she will go right now and alone. Ahem asks her not to argue and take tolu/molu along if she wants to go on trekking.

Pari tries to speak to Kokila. Kokila says she knows she is worried about Kinjal and says Dhaval knows how to handle Kinjal well.

Dhaval takes kinjal and family to a small room. Kinjal yells how can she stay here. Urmila says for the first time, chorni/Kinjal is right. Dhaval says he could not arrange better place than this and they have to spend night here. Pappu requests Kinjal to agree as it is just for 1 night. She agrees. Urmila occupies sofa and says she cannot sleep on floor. Dhaval says Urmila is right and they all 3 should sleep on floor tonight, leaving Urmila on sofa.

Meera yells at Vidya that she tricked and forced herself and Tolu/molu into her trekking trip. Vidya asks her to let things go as they are and live life to the fullest. Meera asks her to stop her philosophy as she is happy the way she is.

In the morning, Kokila asks Gopi where are children. She says she they went on trekking around 6 a.m. itself. Ahem comes with groceries. Kokila asks if he brought Gaura’s tulsi tea. He says no. she gets tensed. He says he was joking and brought everything. She asks Gopi to prepare tea on wood fire as Gaura does not like tea on gas. She says she is very excited as Gaura is coming to stay with them.

A man comes and asks if it is Kokila’s house. She says she is kokila. He shows Gaura’s dead body and says he found her address letter in Gaura’s hand. Kokila is shocked to see her dead body. People keep her dead body inside and leave.

Kokila leans on Gaura’s dead body and starts crying that she did not let her a chance to apologize and left her alone. Gopi asks her to calm down. Gaura holds Kokila’s hair and says she is alive and has given her chance to apologize. She gets up and starts laughing loudly that she and her family is shocked to see her drama. She continues that she hated her a lot thinking she is responsible for her family’s death. She hugs her and says she has forgiven her as she saw her tears of repent. She has forgiven her long ago and was just testing him. Ahem asks if she had forgiven mom, why did she do such a big drama. Gaura shouts at him that nobody dares talk to her loudly and even he should not.

Precap: Gaura tells Kokila that her babu does not look like an illiterate and whole village talks that Kokila married her well-educated son to an illiterate girl.

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  1. Don’t know where is this serial going

  2. Wow! Fantastic episode! No usual drama here as it was before….

  3. Unnecessary story.

  4. Elongating the story….
    Where was this to

  5. This serial is just like preschool stage drama.
    have some sense and knowledge sathiya team

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