Sadda Haq 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu says what is this? tania says what? sanyu says randhir, i am not ggoing to talk to him now. Tania says punch this pillow think that he is randhir. Sanyy says my head hurts. Tania says chill, i will out this face pack on your face. sanyu says no please. Tania says it will release the tension.

Next morning, parth says i wish we could attend adda’s class as well. Vid asks where are you going sanyu? sanyu says i am going to attend adda’s class i am late/ Sanyu goes to class and says ma’am i am only one minute late. Aada says someone reached before you and only one student can attend this class. Sanyu leaves. Adda asks randhir did you help sanyu in cracking the code? he says no she is smart she did it herself. Adda teaches him and asks him to solve a question.

Sanyu is in cafe with randhir, she says eat this first then read the magazine. He does. sanyu says you look cute when you listen to me. papa and ankit never listen to me. I am glad tania came she is very chilled out. Randhir recalls adda saying while he was solving, keep trying there is no limit. Randhir says adda ma’am has an amazing mind, she must make men feel inferiority complex. sanyu says i think i should change my name to adda. She gives him lassi, he says is this lassi or poison? Sanyu says if adda ma’am had made it you would love it. Randhir says what are you saying?
Sanyu comes to room and says to tania, he was praising adda too much. Tania says you dont like him appreciating another woman. Tania says i think he is into aunties these days. You should meet him after 5 years. Tania says boys have all the control in relationship. sanyu says its not like that. Adda says what color randhir hates? sanyyu says pink. Tania says what he hates doing in public? Sanyu says saying i love you. Tania says i am betting on 5k ask him to wear a pink shirt and propose you in public. sanyu says done. Tania says if this happens i will agree that you are the boss.

sanyu is working in the lab. The visitor asks pkc what is she doing in lab? Pkc says she keeps doing self studies. sanyu makes a solution and says now see whaty i do. Sanyu comes to randhir’s room. parth says what happened? sanyu says vidushi is on terrace above and dancing with a junior in shorts, parth goes there. Sanyu opens randhir’s closet and puts a pink shirt into it.
Randhir comes and opens his closet, he sees the pink shit and wears it. Someone is keeping an eye on randhir.

Tania says to sanyu how will you pay? sanyu says wait for a while, randhir comes in pink shirt. Sanyu says i wont 25%. Tania says what you did? sanyu says emogineering.
Yoyo comes to randhir and says you pinky. Randhir says this is not pink, this is black. yoyo says what is wrong with you this is black. Yoyo says no this is pink.
Randhir goes to his room, he sees someone outside, he says who is it? Sanyu comes out of sheet. She says i made dinner for you. He says i am not hungry. SAnyu says i made it for you. Parth says don’t go, dont go vid in sleep.
Sanyu makes randhir eat. He says isn’t there anything wrong in this food, sanyu says no its very tasty. Sanyu says tell me you love me, if you dont say i will think that you don’t. Randhir stands and says says aloud i love sanyu. He is high, randhir stands on a desk and shouts, i love sanyu. I love sanyu everyone comes there. Randhir says if she doesn’t listen to me i will jump from here. Randhir says if i die from here make a machine and give it to her. Vid says why you wanna die? yoyo says there is no villain. PKC comes in and says whats happening? Randhir says here is the villain, he doesn’t let me sit in class with sanyu. Whenever we are proceeding in love, this aunty comes in between. pkc says what are you saying? Sanyu says please down. randhir says okay, suicide cancel. They all go back to room. Dean comes and says randhir come in my room. Sanyu says oh no.

Precap-randhir gets a call and says rewady to see something? Randhir says why should i join someone? The woman says lets see what can we do before you decide.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sorry to say bt she don’t have de guts to say in public dt she loves Rd !! N How can she expect Rd to propose her in public dt with pink shirt on?? Which he hate de most… What dey want to convey I really didn’t get it!!

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