Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Baa saying Urmila will play that role. Kokila says it would be easy for Urmila as she has to do the same thing as she does in real. And Parag will play Kans says Baa. Hetal says who would play Radha-Krishna , Rashi thinks it would be her and Jigar. Radha says Ahem and Gopi. Gopi smiles shyly.Rashi think she’s the most beautiful but Radha will be Gopi. Hetal says Jigar and Rashi will play Sudha and his wife.Rashi is annoyed. Madhu taunts saying that there’s no role for Kokila who planned such a thing for Gopi’s birthday. Baa replies that she has planned a special thing for Kokila and she should not worry about it.Everyone leaves except for Kokila.

Gopi thanks god for giving her such a loving family. And never leaving her and let protect

her always. She then notices a paper with a rose.She reads it ‘ A special gift for you and wear it tonight’ Lala in bg. Gopi smiles thinking what happened when she woke up. Radha takes the necklace and thinks she would look like a princess in it.On the other side Gopi says she would surely put the rose on her hair. Radha on the other side says she wont even take the necklace.

Everyone are practicing there role. Rashi thinks that she’s playing a role of a servant’s wife and so she would get a saree not upto her mark. Kinjal gives Urmila a band of a devil and says its special to her character. Kokila tells Baa that she can’t play the role. Baa says she have to do and finally she agrees. Baa tells everyone to come . Jigar notices Ahem having pain in leg. Jigar asks how he would perform and he says it would be fine. Hetal says no one can make kheer better than her. Madhu comes and asks she says she also should make one day and then they should see who makes it the best. Kokila says once they would held a competition.

Ahem comes to room. Gohem share an eyelock. Ahem says she look beautiful and asks why she didn’t wear the gift. Gopi shows the rose and Ahem says the necklace she gave with it. Gopi is worried. Jigar and Kokila enters and says check so it wont be difficult. Gopi thinks if Ahem gave her an necklace where it went. Kokila and Jigar compliments Gopi. Gopi thinks that she has to find necklace in anyway. Rashi thinks it would be fun when Ahem sees Rashi wearing the necklace. Radha puts it on her neck not properly .Gopi is searching for necklace.

Rashi is downstairs waiting for Radha. Here the necklace falls .Gopi is still looking for her necklace. Meera runs with her phone. Gopi follows her. Downstairs Radha comes and Rashi thinks it would be fun. Urmila and Rashi wonders where the necklace is. Kokila compliments her. Gopi gets her phone from Meera and notices a necklace.She wonders whose necklace it is. She thinks it would be hers.Rashi asks Radha why she didn’t wear the diamond necklace. Radha touches her necklace to see its not there. She wonders where it disappeared. Gopi comes downstairs wearing it. Urmila, Rashi and Radha are shocked to see that.

Lala in bg. Ahem admires Gopi. Rashi tells Radha that gopi stole her necklace. Radha says she is right and she’ll ask the question now.Rashi says ask later and its her sister. Jigar asks ahem how gopi looks. Ahem says pretty and jigar says just pretty and he says very pretty.Jigar says he wanted to tell that ahem loves him alot. Gopi blushes.
Madhu says gopi looks beautiful . Savita ben comes she says always they waste money. Kokila says everyone has money but they believe they should share happiness. And one in love with money can never realise it. Savita says Kokila would pay for it.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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