Madhubala 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha-Sikky-Dips leave for chawl ..

Madhu is worried n comes to RK n says scared n RK says if she knows acting..they will go for her film auditions.. n today she looks like some big crime is gonna happen!

RK says.. today they are looking like RK … Radha-Krishan!

RK says no right to be scared after bearing him for so long..! Madhu asks why wearing these clothes n RK says.. as society says.. !! Madhu chides RK n he says looking like Jungli Billi ..!

Madhu chides RK for joking n RK pulls Madhu close and smiles.. n says if she thinks..will joke about their separation ever? Madhu says no! RK says wanted to say. .that today she is decked up like she is going to attend Sultans barbadi.. which he will give

RK says can forgive all sins of Sultan but not for trying to separate Rishbala.. ! He says in every birth he will be chased by his barbadi. wont spare Sultan! Rishbala hug!

Sultan says RK thinks he will trap me? LOL … His men says.. he dreams so . .he says between dahi handi.. some dance programme ..there cops in uniform n plain clothes there..1 Sultan will teach RK a lesson. .today.. Sultan will do something never done before..! RKs death n Madhus life with me..!

RK takes update from Joshi .. n he says all set. n apologises to Madhu for not trusting her..! RK tells Joshi to be careful. .and says Sultan is very smart.. he might keep in disguise.. keep an eye on movements along with face! Joshi says metal detectors there.. n all entrants will be screened..Moby jammers put..!

RK says fine. .lets go and watch THE END of Sultans movie..! Joshi says there Rishbala have to be separate.. n Madhu is scared .. RK reassures..! Paddo takes update from RK about his whereabouts..! Radha-Sikky-Dips enters..! Paddo greets them ..! Radha says any idea what happening with Rishbala? Paddo says..its a good day.. some miracle will happen..!

RK-Madhu enter holding hands..! Media click pics..! Joshi tells Madhu to pose with RK on stage for a while n then leave stage..! He says just to show Sultan..! Some girls enter in similar outfit as Madhu .. n she is confused..!

Dips says..this is first entry to Sultans trap Joshi says its to help Madhu get mixed in between them.. as some of them are cops…! Joshi says with u..! RK-Madhu come on stage..!

Sultans men arrive..!

Part 2

Crowd cheers for Rishbala.. n RK waves at them..! Madhu is worried n RK reassures her..! Right then Sultan arrives n Madhu can sense his presence..!

RK asks the matter ? Madhu just nods her head..! Paddo does her chant..! Joshi asks Madhu to come down from stage..! Madhu is teary eyed n says cant be of anyone elses will end myself n RK says not meeting last time.. we have to stay together for the rest of our life! Madhu says I n RK says HATE U!

Part 3

Madhu self thot today for u.. putting myself n my life on line. .wont let anything happen to u! RK self thot will end Sultan today or myself. .but ur RK wont let anything happen to u..! Rishbala eyelock..

BG- Kaisa ishq hai .. n Madhu moves away from RK .. their hands separate!

Both Rishbala are worried..! Madhu keeps walking away from RK .. as RK looks at her!

Precap —- Song ..go go govinda..! Dips-Sikky dance..! Madhu watches..! Dips pulls Madhu to the enter to dance n Sultan spots her!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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