Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2014 Written Update

Vidya and Samar/Sahir are playing together. They see Gauri going outside the house and go to check where is she going.

Kinjal comes to steal money from Urmila’s cupboard while Urmila is asleep. Urmila gets up and shouts thinking a thief has come. Dhaval comes hearing Urmila and comes in to check it is Kinjal. He asks why did she come like this. Kinjal says she came to take the money which Urmila steal. Urmila says she did not steal. Madhu says it is Urmila’s usual habit of stealing. Urmila says Madhu she must have stolen instead and then sees Kinjal wearing earrings. Kinjal says she bought it from a her aunty’s gifted money. Urmila says she is telling lie. Dhaval gets angry and goes to his room with Kinjal following.

Kids follow Gauri and run behind her to get her back to their house. Rashi and whole family start searching Gauri and do not find in home. Kokila scolds security guard for sleeping on duty and asks him to go out of the house.
Kids find Gauri hiding behind and ask her why is she hiding. Vidya asks why did she come out of house. Kokila says child thief must have stolen all our kids. Rashi gets worried about tolu/molu. Gopi tries to console her and says they will be back soon. Radha gets Tripti’s call. Radha informs Gauri and kids went out of the house. Tripti says kids must have gone behind Gauri and Modi family will bring them back. She says Radha she would have informed her when Gauri left, she whould have kidnapped Gauri then.

Kids say Gauri that Gopi and Ahem will fight because of Gauri. Gauri says she will not go back as they are fighting because of her. Kids say if she comes home, they will help her unite Ahem and Gopi.

Kokilan family are worried about the kids. She says she herself will go out and check. Ahem says I will accompany you and if kids are not found, I will file a police complaint. He asks Hasmukh/Jigar to accompany him and is about to leave when kids come. Rashi and Gopi hugs them emotionally. Kokila hugs them calling them as Ahem, Jigar, Kinjal. She asks them where did they go out. Gauri comes and says they went with me. Radha calls Tripti and says Meera came back. Kokila asks where did they go. Gauri says they went to temple. Kokila scolds Gauri for taking kids out and says her life is also at risks. She warns Gauri not to go out like this. Gauri says she will not do it again. Kokila hugs her emotionally. She sees a bag with her and asks what is it. Gauri says panditji gave her clothes. Kokila asks kids not to go out without informing her and asks them to go and rest.

Dahaval’s friend calls him and informs that police is searching for him. Police come to his house. Inspector asks him to give him the money back, else he will put him behind bars. Dhaval says he does not have money. Inspector asks constable to search house. They search the whole house and do not find money. Inspector warns Dhaval again to return the money, else he will be behind bars. Dhaval gets tensed.

Kids say Gauri that their plan will weork and they will unite Gopi and Ahem. She asks how. Gopi brings food for them. They say they did not like food. Ahem asks them to eat. Vidya asks Ahem to eat the food first and then decide.

Radha calls Tripti and says she saw a bag with Gauri and she was going out for sure and asks her to do something. She turns back and sees Kokila standing behind. Kokila says speak to Tripti a lot and asks who is Tripti. Radha gets tensed. She sees Rashi coming there and starts acting like having stomach pain to escape. Rashi comes and asks Mani to clean her room.

Precap: Kokila beats Samar for not studying. He cries and spits on her face.

Update Credit to: MA

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