Nadaan Parindey 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 29th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meher asking Nimmi to let Balli be with him. Nimmi asks him to do what she is saying. Mangal asks who is going to Bebe’s house. Balli says he won’t go. Mangak says fine. Nimmi says he has to keep an eye on Bebe and Sameer, she might have some plan as she is keeping the baraatis here. Mangal says Bebe is afraid of the panchayat. Nimmi says if Bebe tells anything wrong to them, then what. Mangal says I don’t think Bebe will do that. Nimmi talks against Bebe and says she is do anything. Meher says enough, Bebe is sad. Nimmi asks Balli to go to Sameer’s house. They leave. Malik’s men come to kidnap Sameer.

Balli brings RV to the terrace. He says power won’t come, no AC, no fan, only cool air. RV says what, will we sleep here. Balli asks whats the

problem. RV says why did I come here. He says thank God, toilets are here. Balli teases him and says you won’t get water in toilets so you have to go to the fields in the morning. RV says where did you bring me mum. Sameer comes and talks to RV. Sameer drinks the same water. RV is surprised. Sameer says water is water, whats the difference. Balli smiles fooling RV. Sameer says sorry to RV. RV asks what did you did. Sameer apologizes to him. RV says Meher is an interesting girl, I spoke to her a lot first time. Sameer says yes, she is very good.

RV says I have to get ready in the morning, I have to take Meher to see border’s sunrise, she asked you to come as you know the way. Sameer is happy and says yes, I will come. Purab gets information about some people trying to free Sartaj. Sartaj is a cunning man, we tried to break him, but we failed. Purab says it means we don’t have time. He asks Purab to think of something soon. Purab says I have a plan. Purab says I need media’s support and Sartaj’s custody. His boss says take care of the country. Purab says anything for the country.

Malik asks his men to kidnap Sameer. Sameer asks RV to get up early. RV says if we don’t go tomorrow, we can go later. Sameer asks him not to take Meher’s wish light. RV asks does Meher like anything in me. Sameer says I will help you, but promise you will keep her happy. RV says sorry, I was sentimental, wake me up at 4am. RV sleeps. Balli says he won’t get up.
Sameer says who will wake me up. Balli gives him an idea.

Purba’s friend asks him not take the risk as his name and career will spoil if he fails. Purab is confident and says I can risk anything for my country. Sameer uses Balli’s idea and lights the scented sticks to keep it in hand and sleep so that he can wake up every hour. Sameer sleeps holding it. He wakes up after an hour as it burns his hand. He lights another one and sleeps. This thing goes on and he sees its 4am. He asks RV to wake up. He says I will get ready now. RV sleeps again. Meher comes to them and sees the bed and thinks its Sameer. She puts water on him and sees Sameer. He laughs.

She says how did you wake up. He asks how to wake him up. Meher tries to wake up RV. Sameer says she puts water on me and is waking him with love.

RV wakes up and goes with the pot. Sameer says where did he go. Balli says he joked on India so I fooled him. Sameer laughs. Meher smiles and comes to Bebe. She sees Bebe sleeping. She makes tea for Bebe and keeps it at the bed table. She keeps her medicines also. Bebe wakes up and Meher hides. Bebe throws the tea and gets angry. Meher sees it and cries. Meher gives the keys to Sameer and asks him to come. Meher tells RV that she does not know the way. Purab meets Sartaj and gets angry on him. He shifts him somewhere else. RV and Meher leave on one bike and Sameer goes after them. Malik’s men sees Sameer and follows him.

Sameer asks RV to climb the stairs. RV says no, I m afraid. Meher goes up. Sameer says there is sunrise, go fast. Meher asks RV to come but Sameer goes up. Someone aims at Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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