Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi insists that he will not continue remaining wedding rituals without Gopi and asks Urvashhi to bring her back. Pari goes and informs Sona and Urmila that Jaggi is insisting for Gopi. Urmila says Gopi is locked in cupboard with Kokila.

Dharam goes to Meera and asks what is all this, why she is getting irritated for silly reasons and talking about separation. Meera says she does not want to talk to him and leaves room. Dharam follows her and asks what she needs. Meera says divorce. Dharam is shocked. Chanda hears their conversation and smirks.

Jaggi continues insisting to call Gopi. Radhika thinks where did Gopi go instead of stealing idol. Urmila says Gopi is packing Radhikas bags. She asks Jaggi which sweets he would like to have, sandesh. Urvashi sandesh, farsan and everything is ready. Urvashi insists Jaggi if he wants to have sandesh or not. Jaggi reminisces them disussing whenever anyone of them are trouble, they will talk about sandesh.

Dharam asks Meera if she has gone mad, when they got so many troubles, they did not think of separating, how can she think of it. He says whatever problems come, he will never leave her. He says they can fight, but separating is impossible, even divorce’s D should not come between them, their relationship is of soul’s and not body’s, if she really has to divorce him, she has to kill him. She keeps her hand on his mouth and hugs him emotionally. Chanda fumes that her plan is failing.

Jaggi asks Urmila if sandesh…Gopika. Urmila nods yes. Jaggi asks if sandesh is in room or out. Urmila says it is packed in box. Jaggi asks her to tell about ritual. Urmila asks what ritual. He says ritual in which groom walks out of mantap without informing. Urmila says groom is locked in a room and parents will open room and brings him back. Urvashi asks what kind of ritual is this. Modi family says they had this ritual during their marriage and they enjoyed a lot. Pandit says even he heard about this ritual. Radhika asks Veena to go and see how they perform this ritual. Urmila says Jaggi let us go and asks Samar and Sahir to burn crackers outside as per ritual. She takes him to store room and says he has to be in this room. Veena says there are so many rooms in this house, why store room. Pari says it is their house ad their ritual, why she is interfering. Veena smiles nervously. Urmila locks Jaggi in store room. Sahir and sona go out and asks goons to move their goods aside, they need to burn crackers. Jaggi searches store room andd calls Gopika.. Gopi replies from cupboard. He asks if she is in cupboard Gopi says she and maaji are inside. He tries to open door and says he will break it.

Urmila goes to Urvashi and Parag and says they have to open store room and get Jaggi out. Radhika hears that and gets tensed. Urmila asks Parag if he knows what he should do. Urvashi ask key. Urmila asks to be patient. Sahir and Sona burn crackers. Jaggi hears sound and tries to break cupboard lock with iron rod. Pari asks Vidya to keep an eye on Veena and not let him go from here. Veena corrects Radhika’s maang tika, Radhika yells what is he doing here instead of checking store room. Urvashi asks Urmila to give key. Urmila asks to be patient andd asks Vidya to give satin cloth and tilak.

Jaggi gets Gopi and Kokila out of cupboard and asks what is this bomb, who did this. Gopi says Radhika did this and tells him whole story. Jaggi asks not to worry and asks to remove bomb. Gopi says no, Radhika has kept remote in her neck thread and goons are all around place, if they do anything, Radhika will press bomb.

Precap: Gopi throws water in havan and says this marriage will not happen. Urvashi and Radhika look in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Chithu

    Wow super episode. Was full of energy. He idea of conveying the msg to Jaggi was bang on. It was smart move of Urmila to come up with this plan

  2. Chithu

    I enjoyed reading updates missed to watch it today. Will try to c it tomorrow. Good to c all working together to help each other against evil.

    1. Nandhini

      Chithu even i missed today’s episode!?? it was so thrilling to read the written update…i guess the episode must be too awesome!! And one of the best episodes!!

      1. Chithu

        I felt it like that I somehow want to c it today.

      2. Chithu

        Just now I saw the episode superb. Precap is equally inviting. In telly top up in zoom tv just now saw the scenes where Gaura is brought back in wheel chair by shravan, Meera , Dharam and Vidya are shocked to c her back.

  3. Chithu

    Dharam is simply super. He is the man with virtues. The way he handles and pamper Meera is so overwhelming. I am sure this character every women wants in her husband. Chanda c it for urself the true love of Dheera.

  4. Chithu

    Gopi has thrown water in Radhika’s plan. Now police should come fast and the duo should be sent to jail

  5. Chithu

    Mangesh is so dump. Radhika always treat him badly and still he sticks with her. I am sure if police comes she will run away leaving Mangesh.

  6. Shakaib

    Hi Sunshine friends Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini,Soumya,Issaq,Sid,Gettu,
    Sheeba,Prathyusha,Ragini,Shreestee,Saba di,Raina,Priyanka di SP,Mahi,Chanu,Rithika,Ramona,Swastika,Chithu di,Fiza,KP,Rani,
    Ashu,Arvind S,Ann simona.
    @Arvind, Hey arvind,for me best episode was when kokila has regained her memory back on Jammu. Then, when gohem united after 10years leap, I was smiling in heart,lol, when gopi was to go back home and ahem tells hetal,kokila and pari that’s there is good news….pari says wow! Ahem jiju good news in one day. That’s was most funny for me. Then, when meera ride bike to betray gaura, but even then gaura was ready to accept her as bahu, then, when jaggi return. After that, I’m just waiting for USA track.{I’m repeating my comment for you only}.
    @Ragini, Dear don’t to worry, your cousin will be alright. Well, I was glad to know about net speed. How is environment of there, please tell us a bit about America’s environment.
    @Nandhini, for me too nandhini, its my 2nd family. I do not live without my this family. Thank you dear for comment in my FF(OS).
    @sowmya, dear we know,that we can watch all star plus shows before TV time. But its matter of trp. Because watching on TV time effects trp a lot. I really think, star plus should not sell their shows to any app or website before TV time. Sorry, if someone is hurted.
    @Sunshiners, congratulations on 85+ comments.
    @chithu, sorry for calling you bhai in Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update, I write it in hurry. Well, chithu I’ve checked out your profile, there your birthday was 11 April “2016”. I just want to tell you that give your original birth year because “2016” shows that you are less the an 1 year too. I think your birth year must be 19 80+ or 1990+. Sorry, if youare hurted by my words.
    @sunshiners and Saathiya Fan Fictions’ authors, please accept my humble request, please you too update episodes of sns earlier episodes, I’ve posted earlier 2 episodes. You all too post episodes.

    1. Chithu

      I intentionally didn’t give my birth year but day n month are correct. Sorry

    2. Nandhini

      Its my pleasure shakaib?… just tell me what is the procedure for updating the old episodes..i will try to do it in the coming days…

      1. Shakaib

        Thank u nandhini! I’m very glad to know that you want to update,here is address for sumbitting article,
        Suppose, you want to give Sns’s 5th May 2010 episode, so you’ve to fill forum like this,
        *Title (required)
        Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th May 2010 Written Episode Update
        *Article (required)
        {I’ll recommend you to download episode from hot star and then watch offline and write it in MS word or any other external program and then using copy-past or cut-paste, patch article here}
        *Category (required)
        [Select ” Episodic Analysis]
        At last, choose image from gallery. You can save image of sns 4th may 2010 written episode update or can choose any other image.

    3. Hi sunshines,Shakaib,boss Nandhini,Sowmya,Ramona,Mahi,Chithu,Raven,Isaaq,Gettu,Sheeba,Prathyusha,Raina and all episode is nice I hop modi family be happy again.

  7. Hi sunshine friends, I read you comments, I’m really glad to have such a great family. Congratulations too having 90 comments on previous update. My cousin is well now. And I think its your prayers result, that he get well soon. Guys, well here I’m enjoying a lot. We have planed to go for picnic too after my gets well completely.I’m really enjoying here.I hope you all too be here.

    1. Chithu

      Ragini good to have u back. Wishing speedy recovery for ur cousin

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, Chanda is taking the advantage of being the surrogate mother.

    She is making Meera and Vidya do whatever she wants and she is treating them like servants.

    Meera is doing everything for her baby because she does not wants that anything happens to her baby.

    Meera and Vidya gets tensed seeing Gaura

    On the other hand Gaura completes her punishment in the jail and Shravan brings her home on wheel chair.

    Everyone get shocked seeing Gaura on wheel chair and back home.

    Meer and Vidya thinks that again she has entered their life to make their life hell.

    It will be interesting to see that what Meera and Vidya will do now.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

    1. Chithu

      Thanks for the updates Siddharth. Gaura’s term is finished so fast? I am sure she is acting as wheel chair bounder so that she gets sympathy from everyone and they welcome her back. Meera and Vidya’s thoughts are correct, Gaura is back to create problems in their life.

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, Kokila becomes unwell amid all the wedding drama.

    Gopi loves Kokila alot and she cannot see her in this condition so she gets shattered.

    Gopi cries and prays to Lord Krishna to make Kokila fine soon as she cannot see her in this condition.

    Jaggi and Urmila shocked seeing Gopi angry

    Just then Jaggi comes there and asks him to relax but she gets angry and bursts out in anger on Jaggi.

    Gopi just wants to see Kokila fine anyhow, she becomes restless seeing her in this condition.

    Gopi looks after Kokila and wants her to get fine soon.

    It will be interesting to see that what will Jaggi do now.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

  10. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Kokila is very much hurt seeing Gopi gets married with Jaggi against her wish.

    Jaggi was ready to destroy his life getting married with Radhika even after knowing her truth being a thief so Gopi has to sacrifice her love for Ahem and gets married with Jaggi.

    Kokila falls ill which makes Gopi very much hurt and she begs in front of Kanha ji to save Kokila as she will never forgive herself as if anything happen to Kokila because of her.

    Jaggi tells Gopi that everything will get fine in 3 or 4 day but Gopi burst out at him by telling nothing will get fine in few days.

    Jaggi enjoys Gopi’s anger as he thinks that Gopi has right o stay anything to him.

    Gopi burst out Jaggi taking everything light

    Jaggi loves Gopi a lot so he is ready to do whatever Gopi wants and Gopi decide to leave house along with Jaggi.

    Jaggi and Gopi pack their bag and ready to leave Modi house.

    Will Kokila stop Gopi and Jaggi?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you for the updates Sid! Gaura coming back,, jaggi and gopi leaving modi house,, so many things are going to happen! Its going to be interesting!

  11. hello to my sunshine sweethearts n warm welcome to new sunshine sweethearts chanu, chithu, kp, ramona, arvind. friends i hope u all r enjoying ur life.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NANDI U R ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME GIRL IN THE SUNSHINE GROUP. Today is day meant to celebrate, so let us make it unforgettable. Nandi my hope for your day carries sunny thoughts your way, with laughter and celebration headed your direction!!!! may your birthday today be as sweet as honey. have a wonderful birthday sunshine sweetheart Nandi. 🙂 🙂

    1. Nandhini

      Hiiii Akshay!!!! Woww thanks a lottt buddy!!???I am soo happiee and surprised you remember my birthday and wished me so earlier inspite of ur busy schedule!???? Thank you soo much Akshay!!☺☺☺????

    2. Hi,Akshay,welcome back we al miss Nandhini and u back then sunshines is complete,but still some sunshines like Mahi etc… Long time no comments.Today episode is really rock.

  12. Hi sunshiners I read in a spoiler that meera will get pregnant!

  13. Chithu

    Happy birthday Nandini. Wish a happy year ahead. God bless u enjoy and stay blessed

    1. Nandhini

      Thanks a lot Chithu dear!????

  14. hi Sunshiners … todays episode was brilliant.. and thanks for the upcoming episode Siddharth. You are the best..

  15. Isaaq

    Happy birthday Nandi! Well I think its your birthday…

    1. Nandhini

      Thanks a lottt Isaaq!??? yeah today is my birthday…

      1. A very happy and joyful birth day nandhini mam

      2. Nandhini

        Thank you very much kp??

      3. Nandhini happy birthday GOD bless u always and I wish u realise all your dreams.

      4. Nandhini

        Thanks a lottt saba di!??

  16. I am gonna come here talk trash about this serial and leave. No-one is gonna stop me from criticizing Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

  17. Dump serial.

  18. Nandhini

    Tomorrow’s episode will be too interesting as mangesh and radhika will be exposed and confronted and beaten up left and right by the modis…it will be very fun to see radhika getting beaten up in her bridal dress(esp from urmila,, pari and sona)! Same thing i expected to happen for naiya but she just got a couple of slaps from dharam…and chanda has to be imprisoned for a long sentence after her delivery…her suitable place is not a house but only jail!!

  19. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Wish you a very Happy Birthday Bestum Best Sunshiner Nandini ?? enjoy ?.

    1. Nandhini

      Thanks a lottt Siddharth!??

  20. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Akshay welcome back good to see you if possible do 1 or 2 comments per day friend ?.
    Friends i think USA track wl be on mid of December wt sat.

  21. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshiners hv a Nic day ?.

    1. Nandhini

      Good afternoon Sid! Yeah i also think USA track may start in mid december or on 20s of december…

  22. Shakaib

    Good morning sunshiners, Happy birthday to you nandhini. Pray for your live long.

    1. Nandhini

      Thanks a lottt Shakaib!!??

  23. Riana

    Hey guys…well my night was not good at all…as here in West Bengal an Earthquake rocked at 5 am…I was very tensed…Everything was shaking n i was ???????

    1. Nandhini

      Ohh no!! Dont worry riana…everything will be alright and normal…nothing bad will happen again hereafter…

    2. Riana

      Thanks a lot Nandini??….And A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU?????

      1. Nandhini

        Thank you so much Riana!??

    3. Chithu

      Thank God u are alright. How r everyone else in ur family.

    4. Riana

      Dont worry chithu….my family is perfectly okay!!!…and we had faced a lot quakes these couple of years…dont be tensed…

  24. Riana

    Though the episode was superb!!…precap was interesting…

  25. Happy birthday nandini..enjy d day dear..god bless u..
    Thank u Sid for updates..yesterday I was bsy dats y I didn’t cmnt..jst nw I watchd d episode its really amazing..urmila n jaggi code language n dharam meera conversation amazinggggg..hope tody gopi n jaggi marriage shld cmplete..
    Ragini I wish speedy recovery for ur cousin..god bless him..
    Chithu wts ur daughter name..

    1. Nandhini

      Thanks a lottt priyanka!!??

    2. Chithu

      Her name is Aadhrika. Wts ur son’s name Priyanka

  26. welcome akshay 2 sunamily.shiner f

  27. i mean welcome back 2 sunshine family akshay

  28. precap was awesome……. just hope radhika also understand gopi nd let that chanda idiot go out of dat suryavanshi family

  29. Ayreee bang bang going on in SNS

  30. Chithu

    Nandini I know Tamil also. I did my plus 2 degree in Tamil Nadu. Worked for few months in Chennai. My bro is currently working in Chennai

  31. Happy bday nandini.

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you very much Swastika!??

  32. Chithu ur daughter nme is vry ncee…
    My son nme is Rithvik..hez studying Ukg..
    Waiting for today’s episode..hope dat chanda Character shld end soon..i hate her..i dnt like to c her face also?

    1. Chithu

      Its such a lovely name. Me too dont like Chanda. I want her out of serial soon

  33. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends wazzup wer r u all . I think gaura is acting as she cnt walk she may be planned against Meera and vidya.

  34. hey dear sweet Nandhini today is not my day off i just had to come on and wish one of the most nicest person a happy birthday hope this birthday bring you all that you ever wish for and may lord shiva grant you all the happiness you truly deserve love you hun enjoy the rest of your birthday

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Raven! Thanks you soo soo much dear!??? i am really very happy for you have taken time out of ur work and wished me!! And you mentioned may Lord Shiva to bless me..dat made my day extra happieeee!!???? thank you darlinggg!!???

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