Sampurn (Feeling of completeness) (Swaragini) OS

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Shiv :Shaleen Malhotra
Ragini: Tejaswi Prakash

“Papa” screeched our 10 year old daughter when I entered my home after a tiring day from Police station. She came running and hugged me and gave me my daily dose of sweet kiss which is my only solace in this cruel world. I being an ACP will go through so many cases in a day that drain my emotions and feelings sometime and make me look emotionless tough ACP but when I reach my home the melody of my daughter’s laugh makes me crave to live in a fictional world away from that terrible real world. I fed her dinner for which she waits for me all night. We have made a practice to have our dinner together. So she won’t leave me and have food though she is damn hungry. She is just like her mom sweet and caring.

“Papa” called my life sleeping in my embrace after we finished dinner and settled in bedroom. “Hmmm baby” I responded. She turned her little head to me and asked smiling “Who named me Rashi” I smiled at her and said “Your Maa. She named you mixing mine and her name. Ragini ka Ra and Shiv ka shi” She chuckled listening to it. “How you met mumma” she asked curious. I smiled at her and looked at ceiling. All the memories flashed in my mind. It still looked like it just happened yesterday. I remembered that most special day of my life when dimension of my life changed to completely upside down.

“Shiv he ran that way” said Ram one of my colleague when we were chasing a gang of two thieves in the market which was crowded. We were in civilian dress and we could not use our guns sensing security issues. One among them was caught but the other ran in the crowd. I followed him. He sensing that I’m very close to him clutched a woman’s hair. The women jerked and screamed. He turned to me twirling still holding the woman’s hair in his clutches. As I heard her scream my feet stopped with a sudden force. I stumbled and stopped looking at him. He smirked at me that he won the race and he will be out of my reach with his latest prey. Then my gaze went on his prey. And the time stopped there when I saw her beautiful face. Beautiful? Common Shiv Kapoor how can that word come in your dictionary. Seriously mahn the tough cop Shiv Kapoor is lost looking at a woman and calling her beautiful. Such occasions come in a life time. I brushed the thoughts of my naughty conscious and came back to the real world. The woman was struggling in that beasts hold. It pained me deeply. I have seen worst situations but somewhere her pain was piercing me. Then I saw something which made my eye balls jump out due to shock. She glared him with anger and screamed “Teri himmat kaise hui mere baal ko haath bhi lagane ki” His smirk widened listening her kiddish voice trying to sound tough. Even I couldn’t control my laugh when her high pitch voice was trying to sound manly. She turned her gaze to me on my chuckle and gave me death glares. My eyes shone for the momentary eye lock we shared. She swiftly turned to that beast and huffed. She took a deep breath with her cute pink lips and closed her eyes to cool her burning anger. I should admit she was looking damn cute like that. She opened her eyes and gave the goon a fake smile which was like she was teasing him for her upcoming move. She positioned herself and her right hand. Before the goon could grasp anything he felt a powerful blow on his stomach due to her sharp and strong elbow. He bent forward due to pain and his grip loosened on her hair. She smirked and held his hand and brought it forward, twisted it and pinned it to his back.

The goon was wincing in pain. Oh my God what am I seeing. I expected her to plead me to help her. And I like a superman will save her. But now I have to save the goon. I saw her screaming in his ear. “Ullu ke pathe kya samja hai tune ladkiyo ko haa. Yeh haath chudiya hi nahi pehnte wakht aane par tere jaise ko tikhana lagana bhi jaante hai. Agli baar kisi bhi ladki ke baal pakadne se pehle dus baar sochiyo” And she twisted his hand more. The goon cried with pain and looked at me to help him. Truly speaking I felt pity on him. She jerked his hand and he fell on the ground with a thud. He looked at her horrified folding his hands like he has seen Kaali matha. She blew air from her pink lips to make the hairs strands falling on her face to fly back. She fixed her hair, rubbed her nose with her palm and turned and walked with rage. Ahh she did not even see me. I felt bad. My colleague who came on my way picked the horrified goon and started moving to our jeep. “You carry on Ram. I will meet you in sometime” I said to Ram while leaving. I could sense his confusions. More than him I was confused about my newly discovered feelings. I ran in the direction she went. I felt I will miss her for life. I became so restless first time in my life. Then I spotted her and my heart was flying with joy. I saw her walking with her shopping bags. I ran swiftly and matched my steps with her. She jerked a bit and found me walking beside her. She gave me confused look and I smiled nervously at her. Her eyes always bound me to something from which I could not drag myself away. Her eyes became intense. “Hi” only could escape my mouth. Gosh Mr. Shiv Kapoor was nervous for the first time. Again my stupid conscious spoke. She shrank her eyes and looked at me piercing with her gaze. I left a breath relaxing and smiled at her weakly. “What?” she asked me confused. “Ahhh Hi. I’m Shiv. Shiv Kapoor” I said forwarding my hand. “Tho?” she asked without shaking hand and folding her hands. “No I just… I just” I struggled to reason. I was the fierce cop whose voice only used to make the goons and even normal public shiver. But here her voice was making me shiver. What the hell I’m doing. I closed my eyes frustrated due to my stupidity. Her melodious laugh fell on my eardrums and my heart fluttered with joy. I opened my eyes and found her laughing looking at me. My heart started flying again and I blushed and smiled widely. “Oh I’m sorry.

My name is Ragini Gadodia” she said controlling her laugh and shaking my hand. Her soft palm touched my hard hand and my heart melted and I controlled my growing excitement and my smile widened more. My jaws were cursing me for smiling so much and making them pain. “Actually I was just pissed off due to that idiot. Don’t take me wrong” she said smiling. I felt something strange. How sweet she was. “You are seriously very brave” I said. She blushed. Gosh her pink cheeks made my heart race with joy. “Thank you” she said and dragged her hand back. I looked at my lucky hand sad. Then I looked up at her. “Bye” she said and walked. “Can we meet again” I asked her not able to control myself. Ahhh you call me stupid you are more stupid than me. What might she will assume about you said my stupid conscious. First time it was making sense. I closed my eyes for my stupidity. She smiled and turned and said “Sure. CCD Lalbagh Sunday 10 o clock. Is that fine?” Oh My God I can’t believe my luck. I smiled widely and nodded my head swiftly. She smiled and headed on her way nodding her head in disbelief. I caressed my neck blushing.Luckiest day of my life today that I met her.

“So” she asked me sipping her coffee. “Will you marry me?” I asked her straight. She spit the coffee and gave me weird look. “What?” she screamed. All the people around were looking at us. She said sorry to everyone shrinking her eyes embarrassed. “Are you” she was ready to scream but she looked around and lowered her voice and said “Are you insane?” I smiled and said “Actually I wasn’t but after I met you I have become one” Wow Mr. Shiv Kapoor you can also speak cheesy lines I’m impressed said my conscious. She blushed a bit but covered her expression suddenly sensing my gaze on her. She looked around not able to meet my eyes. “I think I should leave” she said trying to get up. I felt she is going away from me. I immediately held her hand. She stopped and looked into my eyes which were so happy to meet her eyes. And we were lost in each other for a moment.

And when we came back to our senses we looked around avoiding eye contact. My grip on her hand tightened grabbing her attention to me. “Give me a chance” I said pleading her. “You have to talk to my mom” she said blushing. She dragged her hand and headed out blushing. I leaned back to my chair relaxing and looked at her. As she reached the door she turned and smiled which made me sure that she was ready to enter my life. I felt foolish of myself. Just in one meeting I fell in love with her so deeply. After we departed that day I was always restless. I missed her badly. Though we were just away for 2 days. It seemed like we were away from ages. How much I got attached to her in a single meeting that I was sure that I cannot live without her and I needed her in my life badly. I know I did not give time to understand her and her to understand me. But I have all my life to understand her. I just need her in my life. We don’t have anything called perfect partner. When we accept the imperfection we become perfect for each other. That confidence I had on me and I had on her from the time I met her.

“Aap dono pati patni hue. Apne bado se aashirvad lelijiye” said the Pandit announcing us husband and wife. That was the best sentence I had heard in my life so far. Finally she was in my life. After I proposed her that day in CCD all the things happened so swiftly. I told my mom about it who agreed happily to go to her house with Shagun. I was hesitant where her mom will not agree sighting my profession as reason. But her mom turned out to be so understanding she agreed for the proposal. Then I came to know that her dad was an Army officer who lost his life in war. From then those two has been fighting strong. Her mom agreed because she had immense respect towards Army and police officers. I’m again lucky. Actually after I met her I have been lucky only. Her mom became my mom and I started calling her Sumi maa. And she accepted my mom as her mom. They had problems initially but then as her nature was she made my mom also fall in love with her. So much that my mom loved her more than me. I always used to get jealous of her bond.


“How come today you came so early” said my life cupping my face when I was back hugging her. I tickled her with my fingers on her shoulders and kissed her back. “Shiv” she called as she jerked due to it. She was arranging the cupboard and for a surprise she wore Sari today. I couldn’t control my senses looking at her milky skin and hugged her from back as soon as I entered the house. I closed the door of the cupboard with my right hand and kissed her neck. She blushed and held my left hand which had encircled her belly. I lifted her in my arms and moved to bed. “Shiv…” she said and glared me. I made her stand near the bed. Her cheeks turned crimson and she turned and her hand traveled on my stomach over my shirt and she encircled her hand around me. My nose touched her forehead and she blushed more and smiled closing her eyes. I kissed her nose. I bent more to her lips and my lips met her soft lips.

Such blissful feeling it was. After a week of our marriage we got our moment of love. I was tasting her lips. Six months back I never even imagined that she will be in my life. Our kiss became more and more passionate and we landed on bed in each others embrace. Our soul mixed with each others and we became one that day. I kissed her tear which escaped her eye after we became intimate. “Are you okay?” I asked her concerned. “I feel complete” she said smiling through her tears. I kissed her forehead. I turned and slept on the couch and dragged her in my embrace. She kept her head on my bare chest smiling. I kissed her hair again. I looked at ceiling feeling complete. She completed me and I was the happiest person in the world. My messed up life was falling in place. I smiled widely. Now I could tell her those magical words really. “I love you” I said dragging her more close to me. “I love you more” she said and smiled and hugged me more tightly.

“Jaan” I screamed as I entered our room. Mom told me that she did not had her dinner. As I entered I did not find her. I was restless. I saw the washroom door open. I saw her sitting on the bath tub nervous. I neared her worried. I sat on my knees and cupped her face. Tears were rolling from her eyes I got hell worried. “What happened?” I asked her wiping her tears. She showed me a small instrument. I looked at her confused. Then I analyzed what she was holding exactly. Oh my goodness I was about to faint due to excitement. “Are you?” I asked her closing my mouth with one had. She nodded her head in yes with tears and smiling. I kissed her immediately. Tears rolled down my eyes. When we felt difficult to breath we departed and I held her head and touched her forehead with mine. “Thank you my life” I said panting. She smiled widely. She was happy. That’s why she was nervous to tell me the news. We consulted the gynecologist who confirmed her pregnancy.

Once again she filled my life with more happiness. I decided to give her all my attention to take care of her. She was carrying my Ansh. I always wondered and respected women for their immense courage to carry a life within them. She suffered with mood swings which gave me shivers sometime. I was extra cautious that I don’t take my anger on her in any situation. I was struggling initially. Mom came to my rescue and made me understand everything. Even I was busy with my duty I used to call her every half an hour. She was so understanding that she never complained about me being away from her due to my work commitments. She was grown up away from her dad all her life due to his work. She learned from her mom to be so strong even if she was away from me. That is what impressed me. Her courage to face anything.
I was enjoying her pregnancy more than her. I used to tease her sometime to cheer her by calling her moti sometimes. She used to pout and I used to side hug her and kiss her forehead to console her. I have been noticed now a days she had started writing a diary. I tried asking her many times but she denied and avoided the topic. Then I thought if it is necessary to me to know she will definitely tell me. She made a new habit of having dinner together. I always used to reach late. But she used to wait for me always. And she was becoming emotionally weak now a days.

“Please I want to spend today with you” she said hugging me on the bed. I felt it strange she never forces me like this. I complied and stayed home. She just rested in my embrace all day. She had food in room only. I saw a tear escaping her eye when I was feeding her lunch. I asked her through eyes what happened. She nodded smiling through her tears. I was feeling restless due to her strange behaviors.

“Ahh” I heard her scream holding her baby bump and breathing heavily. My heart sank when I saw her through mirror. Her due date was still a week away and I wasn’t prepared to see her like that. I panicked and rushed to her. “Ahhh. Shiv. I’m not able to tolerate the pain.” she screamed. Tears flowed from my eyes. I carried her in my embrace to the car. She was resting her head on mom’s shoulder and I was sitting on her other side rubbing her hands. She held my shirt tight and winced in pain. I couldn’t see her like that. I told the driver to drive faster. My heart was sinking more and more as her face was burning due to pain. I dragged and placed her head on my chest. “I’m there na my life. Don’t worry. You are my brave bacha right?” I asked her and wiped my tears.


“I’m sorry we could not save Mrs. Kapoor” said the doctor coming out of the operation theater. My world collapsed and shattered into pieces. “No no” I said and collapsed on the chair. My mom sat beside me and caressed my hair. My tears flowed and I was not in my senses to wipe them. I hugged my mom sobbing. “How can she do this maa. Why did she leave me. How will I live without her. Simply I did not call her life. She was no She is my life” I said sobbing. My mom sobbed. She herself did not knew how to console me. She was like her daughter. How will she tolerate and overcome this lose. “Ragini” we heard Sumi maa’s cry as she heard the doctor when she came to hospital. I went and hugged her and consoled her. He daughter also left her alone in this world she felt. I could feel her pain. The nurse came out with our baby. I took her in my embrace. I felt Ragini standing beside me resting her head on my shoulder and caressing our baby’s forehead. She smiled looking at me with tears in her eyes. Slowly she walked away from me. I was looking at her feeling my soul is going away from me. Our baby cried grabbing my attention I looked at her and then at Ragini. She smiled and signed me to smile by stretching her lips with her fingers. I smiled unknowingly. When she completely disappeared I came back to reality. “Ragini” I screamed and collapsed on floor holding our daughter.
She left me. She left me forever

“Shiv” I heard my mom calling when I was sitting on bed. Our daughter was playing with my white kurti sleeve. I wiped my face and looked at my new life. She was smiling unaware of surrounding. When I was getting down from the bed my gaze fell on the dairy which Ragini used to write. I neared it and saw a note on it. “To Shiv, my world” and it was wrapped across with a ribbon. I opened the ribbon and opened the dairy. “Shiva” called mom again. I kept the dairy aside and took our daughter and headed down. I never used to leave her alone from the day Ragini left. She was just like her mom. She used to understand me without me saying anything. She never used to trouble me. It was just one week that Ragini left me but it looked like from ages I’m living without her. Was this also life? Living without my soul I felt. After dinner I came back to my room with my new life and placed her on bed as she slept after I patted her back to make her sleep. Then I went back to the table and took the dairy in my hand. As I opened the second page I found our marriage photo pasted on it.

Tears rolled my eyes when I saw it as it reminded me how my life was full of her love. We were looking at each other and smiling in that picture. I caressed her face. I wiped my tears and turned to next page. “Thank you for coming in my life” was written in bold font. I smiled a bit still with tears in my eyes and hugged the diary feeling her. I turned the next page. I looked at the highlighted date. It was the date of her check up when she was seven months pregnant. My eyes shrank realizing it. I had mugged up all the dates of her check up as soon as I had got the card from the doctor when we went for the first time. And among all the check ups I missed only this date because I had an emergency case so she had to go alone. I instructed the driver to take her safely and bring her back safely.

“Hi Hubby” I read the first line. Whenever she used to feel more romantic she used to call me that. I smiled as I felt her voice.
“Today I came to know biggest shock of my life. I did not want to tell you though. But it is your right to know so I’m writing here so that you will know it someday. Doctor had analyzed my scan report and said I have complications in my pregnancy. I felt my world scattering around. She said now if we don’t abort the kid I may lose my life.” My breath was stuck in my throat only. Anger crept me. I felt cheated that she hid such big truth from me. We could have sorted it together. I continued reading. “I know you must be hell angry on me but I had no option if you would have known this you would have aborted our child. And I didn’t wanted that. I know how much this child meant to you”
“But you were more important to me than anybody in this world” I said looking up as if she will hear me.
“I know I’m stupid. I should have told you but I did not had the courage to lose your Ansh. I don’t know whether it is a girl or a boy also. But I strongly feel it is a girl as your wish. Will you name her Rashi. Ra from Ragini and Shi from Shiv” I smiled through my tears and nodded my head.

As I read more I found all the things I should do as a mother to our Rashi as she grows. It looked like she is around me and we are enjoying our parenthood together. She made it easy for me. She solved my problems always. I read the last page on our Rashi’s first birthday. “I know now you will be fully prepared for taking care of our kid. Give her lots of love. Mai bahut badnaseeb hu na Shiv. Mai usse apne hisse ka pyar bhi nahi de payi.” Tears rolled from my eyes. “But I know you will give her my part of love also I have that confidence on you. If she misses me just tell her that I’m always around her, blessing her. I wont tell you to move on as I know what I’m to you. I know I’m your life and you cannot give my place to anyone.” I looked up and said “How you know me so well Jaan” I continued reading “I love you more. Though we didn’t spend our lifetime with each other but whatever we spent the time together was like I spent my whole life with you. I enjoyed every second of my life with you like it was an year of my life. So I lived the longest time.

I will be always with you Shiv always” I found the last page filled of our photos together. One was of our marriage reception. One of our first evening on terrace after marriage in which we are enjoying our Sunday coffee. Then one of her Godh Bharai where I was side hugging her smiling touching her forehead with my nose. Like that many of our beautiful moments together. I caressed all the photos feeling her presence still in my life. She did not leave me. She can never leave me. I closed the diary and hugged the diary. I felt she is in my embrace. Rashi chuckled grabbing my attention. I kept the dairy on table and moved to our bed where she was sitting and playing wearing her pink birthday frock. I lifted her and headed out. On the way I held Rashi’s hand and made her caress Ragini’s photo. I felt Ragini’s smile widened in that lifeless picture. I headed down for her birthday celebration.


As I was hugging Rashi and looked up at ceiling I spoke to my life. “You know Jaan our Rashi is just like you. All this ten years she filled your place and made my life complete again. She is your shadow. She senses my anxiety always like you used to do. She never troubled me. I’m so lucky to have you both in my life. I love you Jaan” Our Rashi who was half asleep murmured “I love you more Papa” I smiled and kissed her forehead.

Hi RagLakholic. I don’t know your name dear. But I wrote it just on your request. Hope you liked it. Keep smiling. Sorry for any typos.

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    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear. Glad you liked it

  1. Sreevijayan

    I hate u..i hate u…whn i read the first para itslef my heart was in my mouth..hw cud u do dis to me….woh bhi playing wid my nigin nd ragini..arghhhhh…am angry..*pouts*

    I was laughing like a maniac whn i saw hw ragini tackled d goons nd my eyes wer on d screen whn he proposed her juz like dt…bt d ending was so heartwrenching yaar…comeon…GOD…am in tears ….

    Awesome yaar bt still cutty wid u fr a sad ending…bt stoll love u sooo much my sisy….

    1. Sally_blr

      I love you when you say that you hate me. But I love you. Aww I didn’t knew you will relate it to RagNit story. Chorry. Maan bhi Javo. Chod do ghussa aur gale lag javo. Big teddy hug now atleast cool down

      1. Sreevijayan

        Awwwww….hw can i b angry wid u my sisy …….bigggg hugssssssss

  2. Raglakholic

    Hey dear
    Thank you so much
    I’m harshitha and u can call me harshu
    U just left me tounge tied by your amazing writing skills
    It was the best os till I read today
    In this you showed every emotion like sentiment,comedy,romance everything
    U just did an splendid job
    Because of u I’m obsessedby shaja ( shaleen and teja )
    Now don’t blame me for this u made me like this
    Nd thanq so much for this os
    Nd from now I will keep on asking you to write on shaja
    Hope you won’t mind
    Love you dear

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank God you liked it Harshu. Thank you so much. It means a lot sweetheart. Oh my God you are seriously obsessed with them. I won’t mind even I’m crazy fan of Shaleen I will love to write stories on him. Love you too. Keep smiling. I know after reading this it is difficult but still you can try

      1. Raglakholic

        Hehehehe …
        U gave me licence to bug u
        So I want another one
        U can write it as ss,os or ff
        I don’t mind
        But I want another one
        Love u so much dear

    2. Sally_blr

      I will write sweetheart. Even I love to travel in his dreamland. But I got to finish rishtey otherwise I cannot picturize him in any other role. So till then you got to wait

  3. Ck1234

    aww this is amazing…nice & emotional too….

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. Glad you liked it

  4. Deesh

    Sisso!! It’s my time to get emotional. It was such a beautiful one. I am out of words. Tears are covering my eyes, blurring my vision. A heart touching and a lovely os. Love u.?

    1. Sally_blr

      Awww. I’m so glad I made you emotional. Love you too Deeshu

      1. Deesh

        what? u are glad that u made me emotional?? not fair sisso. very bad sissy. I want to tell u a secret. U know what, my friends call me a stone hearted person as I have never ever cried in front of them. Never ever. When they came to know that I cried reading ur emotional, they were appreciating u to the core. Only your ff’s have created such an emotional impact on me sisso. love u.

      2. Deesh

        sorry, in the 4th line it was to be emotional ff.

    2. Sally_blr

      Then I should party to make you cry. he he he he

      1. Deesh


    3. Sally_blr

      This is why my cousins circle call me half mental and torture ki dukan. Ha ha ha ha ha. I loved that expression

      1. Deesh

        Torture ki dukan. Ha ha ?????. Loved that tag.

  5. Jazzy

    hey sally u r tooo much yaar i hate u … u always make me cry yaar it was sooo emotional amd hearttouching amd u took revenge from me na
    see deesh i told u na she always make others emotional

    1. Deesh

      Yes jazzy. And she did it once again.

      1. Sally_blr

        I told you even if you are prepared you will surely cry. Dekha bachu mujhse panga liya tho kya hoga

    2. Sally_blr

      But I love you. Feel like pulling your cheek. Alele Jazzy baby don’t cry

      1. Jazzy

        huhhhhh i m not a emotional person bit u always make me cry huhhhh and u wanna pull my cheeks hehheheeh u can

  6. Fouzarshi16

    It was really heart touching. Tears rolled down without my knowledge. Hat’s off to u my dr

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Fouzi. Awww I’m sorry I made you cry. Thanks a ton. It really means a lot

  7. Manolove

    It was a brilliant story.. I just hoped ragini was not death.. because I couldn’t control my tears… Wat a emotional part.. really brilliant.. but have happy ending going’s just a request

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. I’m sorry I made you cry. It was just the story’s demand. I thought of make her fall in coma but this is OS and I did not wanted to end it hanging situation.

  8. Shambhavi

    Dearest Sally,
    You made me cry, yet again!? But I love your stories, so don’t worry, I meant it in a good way.
    My favourite part was when Ragini beat up that guy and blew away her hair!?
    I could almost see it in my mind.
    Thanks for recommending this to me. I always look forward to your posts.
    Keep up the great work,
    Love always,
    Sham. <3

    1. Sally_blr

      Aww Sham thank you for reading it. That’s so sweet of you. Love you too. I’m really grateful for your immense love and support you show me dear.

  9. Pari123

    Hi dear till now i had never read your story because I’m a swalak and ragsan fan . and i love to write story on them and i read only their story. But today from the title only you force me to read it .how can you write so well yaar. It’s every part touched my heart i just love it. Thanks for this wonderful os . keep writing and keep smiling

    1. Sally_blr

      That’s so sweet of you dear. Ahh I’m so happy that title made you read my story. I struggled a lot for a title for this OS. Finally I’m happy it served its purpose. Thank you for reading it.

  10. Sindhura

    Its awesome kiddo

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so so much Sindhu. I’m really glad that you liked it

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much j. Glad you liked it

  11. Nice, please next time Happy wala os

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much lovely. Ofcourse dear I will give happy wala OS.

  12. Hi!!!!! I’m maleeha…I don’t watch swaragini drama…..not any other….only krpkab…..but I have read many OS on swasan….raglak… But I think…..this was the best ❤?masterpiece…..I have read…….
    Really commendable job???????…….I was literally crying…..this was so full of emotions…..a full useful package to read……u have covered each and everything so nicely…..and perfectly…..I really loved it to the core…..❤??

    1. Sally_blr

      Hi Maleeha. Thank you for reading my story dear. Thanks a ton. It means a lot. I’m all smiles reading your comment. I really love it when someone likes a post for its story though they don’t follow the serial. I’m really glad you read it.

  13. Ragz_teju

    superb…i just loved it…after swaragini ,hope shaleen and tejasswi would do a project together…. wishing for it fingers crossed

    1. Sally_blr

      Awww then my dream will come true. Hope so it happens. Any producer is listening please make our wish come true.

  14. Ragz_teju

    you made me fall for this pair…i like shaleen and tejasswi but you made me love them as a pair…thanku for such a woderful os dear

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much Ragzee. It really means a lot. I love them and I wish to see them as pair. And I’m happy that my story made you love them. Love you. And thank you for reading it.

  15. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous Outstanding Marvelous Wonderful Mind blowing
    U left me awe stuck
    No words will be equal to how it was
    U just nailed it down DEAR
    I really started crying while reading it
    The way u described was very nice
    Thanks for the OS

    1. Sally_blr

      Hey sweetheart. Thank you so so much. I must say I missed your comments. Thank you for reading it and appreciating

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear
        And I am glad that u like my comment
        Give ur ff name or links as I am finding difficulty in loading some of the ff dear

      1. SPP

        Thanks for the link DEAR

  16. Sargam

    its awesummmmmmmmm
    shiv ,and his lyf wow ,fell in love with ragiini
    no words to describe how beautifully shiv;s character is woven
    their love story is amazing from their 1st meet to sudden proposal and than marriage
    felt bad in last …….rags is no more……….but still shiv has rashi by his side and i loved the last scene ,awwwwwwww

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. Glad you liked it.

  17. When I read shaleen’s name I understand it’s you
    Why did you do this To me?I cannot control my tears after reading this
    It’s sooo emotional but it’s amazing
    True love story
    It’s sooooo amazing

    1. Sally_blr

      You know me so well. What to do I’m crazy about him. Sorry I made you cry. Thank you so so much

      1. You are welcome dear
        Are you a fan of shaleen???
        Which is your favourite series of shaleen???

    2. Sally_blr

      I loved him in all his serials. But I loved him more in Arjun.

  18. Asw

    Awesome keep going

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear. Glad you liked it

  19. Crystal089

    sally this was another blockbuster i have no words to compliment u really yaar the way u portait the story was just aawwweesssoommmmeee supppeerrrbbbbb…………………. Loved it too core of heart the start was cool funny haappy as the story proceed new changes and twist the end was too emotional tears flowed down my cheeks even my mom asked wheter i was fine it was really a heart wrenching story………… Felt sad at end but love is something like that kuch kushi kuch gam……….. Some storys have happy ending and some don’t but they show a new side of love that many ignores or fear and take some wrong step life is percious love is immortal
    we are loving teju varun and shaleen more through ur ff it was toooo goooddd…………
    May god bless u and u keep writing such stories………….

    1. Sally_blr

      Aww crysti I loved the way you explained love. Glad you loved this one shot.

      1. Crystal089

        ohh sally i wrote what i felt and i am inspired by ur stories they are so beautiful that it makes me comment so……….. Ur stories have made me see new and other side of love…………. so thanks to u

  20. Riyanjali

    OMG DI!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sally_blr

      Woe wow relax baby I guess you used all the words in dictionary. Thank you so so much. Love you

  21. Asra

    I knew thz….when I read Shaleen name I know that u only author of this os….i don’t know y but whenever I read or saw Shaleen name or picture I remember you only….how can u do thz to me….u made me cry….omg my ragini s died….y u always make me cry….but sometimes u make me happy and crazy….but thz os make me cry yar….when I see you i give a punishment for u make me cry…that punishment s how ragini give such a nice plow to goon na like that I will give u…..
    u made me a fan of Shaleen….
    shiv love at first sight and first meeting u proposed…too good ya….diary part was osam dear…i loved the pair….u made me cry Thn also I love u lot dear….tkcr dear….

    1. Sally_blr

      You made me look like Jabra fan of Shaleen. Thank you. *blush* *blush*. Love you sweetie

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