Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila prays in front of tulsi plant that she always wanted to see her children happy, but Ahem/Gopi and Pari/Jigar are parting ways instead, prays god to show her a way to get them closer. She sees children preparing mud house, gets an idea, smiles, and thanks god for showing her a way. She asks Gopi, Ahem, Jigar and Pari to prepare something from mud individually and to show her once they are done.

Gopi thinks if Kokila has asked to make something from mud, there must be some reason. Jigar reminisces Rashi and starts working on mud. Pari thinks about Jigar and Ahem about Gopi and prepare their items.

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Once they are done with their mud items, Kokila asks them to show it. Jigar shows a mud butterfly. Kokila asks why did he prepare it. He says Pari is just like this butterfly, flies everywhere and cares everyone. She asks Pari next, and Pari show 2 idols and says these 2 are her and Jigar. She then asks Ahem, and he shows flower and says when Gopi came in his life, she was like a flower bud, but has blossomed over years and self-expecting like it. Gopi shows god idol and says until Ahem was in her life, only god was in her life, and since she married Ahem, Ahem is her life and she felt god has given Ahem as a blessing and nobody can be in her heart except Ahem. Radha watches all this and thinks what drama Kokila is playing now.

Kokila says she is feeling very happy seeing her children’s love for each other and asks if they really love each other. She asks Jigar he described Pari as a happy butterfly, but has he seen Pari smiling since yesterday, no. She asks Pari, she made her and Jigar’s idols, does she really love him really, says Jigar that after Rashi went, Pari took care of his children and did not think of herself at all, so she wants him to move ahead with Pari. Radha gets irked thinking her plan is failing. Kokila then says her god’s most beautiful gift is Gopi and she is like a daughter and friend to her, and Gopi should understand that their relationship is because of Ahem. She tells Ahem that she knows he is angry on Gopi, but he should not have shouted at her, Gopi considers him as her god’s most precious gift and she helps everyone selflessly, he should respect her feelings. She says like elders are base of Modi family, they all 4 are pillars of it and should be strong to run this family. She says Ahem that he will go to US with Gopi and children. Hetal surprisingly asks why foreign country. Kokila says Ahem got a big US project and it is turning point for his career, but Gopi and Ahem decided themselves that they will not go away from family. Ahem and Gopi say they will not go away from family. Kokila says she has taken a decision that Ahem will go to US with Gopi and children.

Gopi tells Ahem that all this happened because of her and apologizes him. He wipes her tears and says she did wrong by comparing him to her god and apologizes her for shouting on her, says I love you, says he is nothing without her and children and they are his identity. They both hug each other and smile. Serials title song….saath nibhana saathiya… plays in the background..

Precap: Gopi and Ahem say Kokila that they want her to accompany them to US. Kokila says she does not want to. Hetal asks her to agree.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. radha I wish you leave the modi house and go away you are so annoying

  2. Spoiler says that gopi will eventually kill radha… Is that true??

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