Million Dollar Girl 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Next morning Avanti gets up..Avanti is suffering from headache..Kavya comes and asks what happened..Avanti do vomits..Kavya helps Avanti..Avanti tells all happened because of Vicky..kavya calls VIcky but he doesnt pick up.Avanti’s mother tells what hapened..Avanti tells she ate something at vicky’s dhabba…Avanti calls vicky and tells that she is vomiting..Avanti tells Vicky to bring headache.tablets .Vicky comes…Avanti tells Vicky that she is having headache its looking like world war 3 is going onn..avanti’s mother comes..and asks what happened..Avanti hides..Avanti’s mother tells Vicky that how unhygienic food is made at his dhabba as Avanti is ill..Vicky feels upset..Avanti’s mother tells to drop kavya her office,,Vicky tells that his bike tyre is punctured..Avanti’s mother asks how he came..Vicky tells that front tyre is good back tyre is punctured..Kavya tells she will go..Kavya goes..
Avanti asks Vicky why Why he didnt gone to drop kavya.Avanti tells Vicky that he is 4years younger to kavya..and says it is banaras not modern city like delhi or mumbai..Vicky tells that love happens but it does not happen seeing age..Vicky tells its not his mistake that he came after 4years kavya was born..Vicky gets upset and goes..
Avanti tells the weaver to give saree by double rate..The weaver tells no and goes..Anotherside all weaver’s discuss whether to trust or not to Virat…Avanti tells that why all weaver are doing like this..One of them says that they are not getting anything..they are poor..who sit in shop gets more profit..Avanti tells that Virat will sit comfortably in factory and his buisness will work and they get nothing..The weaver tells that Avanti too wanted to start buisness and wanted Saree..thats why she is telling all this..Avanti tells all waste of telling..Virat comes along with Bhuwan..Virat tells weaver that his proposal is good..As all of them will get salary and who ever got ill will be treated free..avanti listens and tells she have to pressure her mind and thin unique..Virat goes inside the factory and take pictures of all the machines..while Avanti hides and sees…Avanti moves backwards and falls
Virat sees Avanti…Virat tells what Avanti is doing here??Avanti asks what Avanti is doing…Avanti tells she was seeing a fraud..Someone locks the door from outside..Avanti and Virat runs..VIrat phone falls down and breaks..Virat tells that Avanti always follows “Virat thakur” and comes..Avanti shouts to open the door..Virat tells that his phone is broked because of her..Virat tells that listening Avanti’s voice all will run..Avanti try to call but no signal on her phone..Avanti walks here and there She says that,,Virat became superman and broked her shop wall what happened now..And says to do something..Virat tells that they have to spent the night here only..Avanti tells noo..Virat shout and says Avanti to keep quiet..Avanti tells to cool down..Virat tells that there is no need to get scared of him..At home Avanti’s mother gets worried..and tells kavya that because of Avanti she is worried..Once Avanti came home she will beat her like anything..Another Virat sleeps…Avanti prays god to do something as Her mother will beat her..Virat tells thankgod atleast Avanti will leave him..Avanti walks here and there..Avanti shouts saying snake snake..Avanti holds Virat’s hand,,,Virat shouts to leave..Virat picks up and tells its a rope..Virat tells that Avanti is scared of a rope what will fight with “Virat Thakur”..

precap::Virat is sleeping Avanti tells that what plan is making Virat she should see..Avanti slowly tries to pick up file near Virat..Virat gets up..Avanti falls..Virat holds her..Avanti and Virat looks at each other

Update Credit to: Ansari

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