Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Koki wondering whats going on Umang and Tripthi’s mind while Gopi says that they upto no good and they are planning something big. Rashi wonders what is it. Meera comes with the chloroform bottle and gopi takes it, rashi takes it and tells that it is used to make the people unconscious. Gopi asks meera from where did she get the bottle and she shows Tripthi’s room. All three are shocked. At Shah house, Kinjal tells Dhawal that she didn’t tell Umang anything and he asks her why did she cut the phone on the engagement day. Kinjal says that she didn’t get any call, dhawal says he did 4 times. She shows the phone to him that there are no calls,he tells her she might have deleted them. Kinjal questions him why would she do like that, and then

she remembers the flash back and tells him that Umang was near the dining table where she left the phone and he is responsible for the misunderstandings between them, as only an eveil one like Umang is capable of it. Kinjal asks him to trust her and says that why would she tell someone against him(dhawal) , she also tells him that Umang was a part fo her bad past but now she is in love with dhawal. She tells him that she loves him a lot, she apologizes him and he tells that its his mistake and he also apologizes and they hug. Kinjal says that Umang should apologize them.

Rashi tells Koki and Gopi that now she understood why they slept for so long, the chloroform was used on them. She tells them that she will throw this away as Umang and tripthi shouldn’t know we suspect them. Koki agrees. Rashi while throwing it out finds Koki’s ear ring and wonders why it is outside. Tripthi tells Umang that their plan is failed and if Koki is suspicious about them then she wont leave them. Umang gets irritated and tells they need to do something. Rashi gives the ear ring to Koki and tells her that she found it outside and Koki asks them to come to her room. Kinjal leaves the shah house angrily and Urmila says glad she left. She tells dhawal he did a good thing by sending her away and he tells her that he didn’t send and infact everything is fine between them and she left Modi Bhavan and they should also go in the evening. Koki gopi and rashi check the cupboard and rashi and gopi says that everything is present so how did they find the earring outside. But koki says that this not the way she kept the money and jewellery. Rashi tells that thye might have sprayed the chloroform to steal them. Gopi says they might have taken the key from Koki but Koki tells that only she knows where she keeps the keys during night. Gopi sees the duplicate key and gives Koki. Rashi tells them that they have made a duplicate key and they are way more intelligent than they thought. Gopi tells that its enough, when a person could make them unconscious and steal their stuff can do anything so she would tell everybody their truth. Koki stops her, and tells that they need to be careful and radha is in their hands. Rashi says when Umang could marry radha, tripthi can marry jignesh too.

Jignesh calls Koki and asks her if tripthi is really going to marry him? Koki says no,we will manage and asks him to come with baraat. Gopi tells whats the guarantee that tripthi will not marry, she tells them that they cant wait and she would like to go to umang and make him confess. Nani comes and asks her what is going on, koki signals not to tell anything. Gopi says nothing. Nani forgets what she wanted to say and rashi tells that they wanted to go to the swing and they leave. Koki tells its time they bring the truth in front of everybody.

Kinjal comes to Modi Bhavan and she goes to Umang’s room and shouts at him how dare he tries to create a misunderstanding between dhawal and her. Umang denies at first but kinjal is about to slap him and he holds her hand. He says she is very intelligent but dhawal is buddhu, she gets angry and warns him not to speak anything against dhawal. He holds her and tells her that he cant forget herven though his marriage was over with radha. Ahem sees this and comes and gives him one tight slap, he asks him how could he touch her and thought he actually changed. Tripthi sees this and gopi comes, ahem slaps him again and gopi tries to stop him, koki comes and asks him to go to his room and kinjal and ahem are shocked,.

Ahem angry and leaves, she also sends kinjal when she tries to tell her what happened but she doesn’t listen. kinjal leaves and koki tells umang there must have been some misunderstanding and asks him to forget and get ready for marriage preparations. Koki and Gopi leave. They go to ahem. Ahem tells koki that she shouldn’t have stopped him today as what he did with kinjal was worse. Kinjal tells ahem is right and she also tells them that his plan was to create misunderstanding between kinwal and dhawal would have left her. His plan was to ruin her life, everyone are shocked. She tells them that she wouldn’t leave him. Ahem tells he would throw him out but Koki stops him and asks if he is the only one who is angry? She tells them that even she is angry but she is thinking about radha. Kinjal amd Umang displeased, and Koki tells them that he would be punished at the time. Rashi tells them their real intentions and also tells them about Umang and tripthi real identity of their marriage. And radha doesn’t know all this. Koki also tells that he is very evil but she wil throw him out of the house. Episode ends of Koki’s determines face

Precap for Monday: Koki tells Umang that Radha believes the false love of Umang, and she will remove it. She tells him that his failure will happen. Umang tells her that the kids of the house are afraid of her threatening and not Umang Kapadia, he pushes her and leaves. Gopi in tears and shocked.

Update Credit to: madhu

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