Madhubala 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 27th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

A goon comes and bashes the fake RK!

He is chanting Hanuman chalisa and Bhujang asks him to drink! He opposes!

Bhujang fumes on him for failing on the first day despite one month training! RK apologizes and says.. how he grew up in a tabela and worked with band people..!

He says how he is shy from women..! He says will give my life except for drinks and women! Bhujang tells him to give up all his weakness ..! He asks fake RK to drink …or else and fake RK says.. need to help release my land.. and so will do as u say..! He drinks!

Bhujang says.. now biggest challenge is RKs wife Madhu who knows RK better than himself..! Says dun make any mistake.. KRK! RK says.. will take RKs place! KRK says… am coming Madhu n RK will be lost in a storm

and it will be only u and KRK!

RK comes in bedroom n makes faces seeing Madhu in mirror! Madhu asks whats the matter? RK says no use of all this if i have to lose big things..coz of u..!

Sikky comes and looks lost..! Radha asks the matter? Sikky says.. if only u saw what i did.. n Radha says. lost his marbles since Dips went to London!

Madhu asks can i do something? RK asks what? Madhu says havan..! RK says am pati parmeshwar so .. do my puja.. n says.. have only one demand n pulls Madhu closer and she runs off..!

They come downstairs and Rishbala come n say wanna keep Havan! Radha agrees! Sikky loses it and says.. how RK drank milk in front of his eyes.. n RK says.. get a brain from London..! Madhu asks what? RK says.. he is faking.. i dun drink milk ..!All lauf at him ..!

Madhu is about to leave n RK asks where are u off to? Madhu says for darshan n RK says. .think again.. maybe u wont c me again! Madhu says.. fine. .then u find me.. n leaves!

KRK is at temple ..

Part 2

Radha and all are surprised to see RK at temple and he says .. all were coming so ..! Madhu flirts with RK n says. .my hubby is so large hearted..! KRK drools on Madhu …! Eyelocks..! BG – Haule Haule..!

Madhu snaps her fingers and says.. why drooling am ur wife..! She says.. now ur here.. u will get what u want!

KRK says. .u look much more pretty in real life than onscreen! Madhu asks the matter? So many compliments?? She says.. u look handsome too..!

Part 2

Pandit asks RK and Madhu to take prasad when RK takes.. all are surprised but happy too!

KRK recollects the promise to his mom about taking revenge for his fathers death.. n to free the land! Radha is holding the thread to put on RKs hand n RK glares… but extends his hand n all are delighted

They put their hands together to offer ahuti ..but KRK steps back..!

Radha is trying to break the coconut but cant.. n KRK does it ..!

Radha thanks RK for coming n he says..gotta go..! Madhu asks where? KRK says shoot! She reminds of Havan n KRK assures.. will come! Madhu tells Radha so happy …!


Precap — At the havan .. KRK is praying and suddenly lights go off… and RK asks the matter.. Madhu says u were here n RK says no was outside! Madhu is shocked n sees a note withi name KRK !

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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