Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tries to slap Pari, but she holds her hand and says she cannot punish her like that. She says though her way is wrong, her intention is right, she stopped Jigar from going abroad and she even married him, so she should thank her instead. Kokila says she should kick her out instead of slapping her and drags her out of house. She says it was her biggest mistake to allow her in her house. Pari says she will not go anywhere as she is married to Jigar and police will arrests them if they try to kick her out. She says her joint family project has not completed yet. She says now that she is married to Jigar, she cannot kick her out and if she does, she will be arrested for harassment. Whole family is shocked to hear that. Kokila asks her to stop her rubbish and tries to drag her out again, but Gopi stops her and asks her to calm down. Jigar says Pari he is going abroad and asks her to do whatever she can. Pari says she is going to arrest her if he does so.

Urmila comes Modi bhavan and starts her drama. She says Kokila did a nice drama and says Hetal she is there just for namesake. Kokila asks her to stop her rubbish and says Hetal is elder bahu of this house and to stop her drama. Urmila says she is doing drama by marrying Pari to Jigar forcefully. Kokila says she did not force anyone. Pari says Urmila that she married with her wish and says she will try her best to be like Rashi. Urmila slaps her. Pari starts laughing, hugs her, and says first time someone slapped her, says not to repeat this mistake again. Urmila asks her not to try to take Rashi’s place and says she has come to take tolu/molu and stormingly goes towards kid’s room while whole family tries to stop them. She enters kid’s room and asks them to come with her. She starts packing their clothes. Kokila says she will find some way. Hetal requests not to take kids and even Jigar requests. Urmila says kids that your badi mummy told that your mummy went to god and asks them to ask their badi mummy if she has any story about their pappa remarrying. Kids say they don’t want to go with her. Urmila says she will not let them here with their step mother and drags her from there. One other side, Chirag and Parag ask Pari if she took permission from her dad. She says no. They say she should take permission first. Kokila comes down dragging kids with her while whole family pleads. Pari stops Jigar from stopping Urmila and asks to set things right.

Kokila scolds Pari for stopping Jigar and says everything is happening because of her. Pari thinks instead of thanking her, everybody is scolding her.

Hetal speaks to Kokila and asks her not to worry about kids. Kinjal informs Madhuben about Urmila forcefully bringing tolu/molu here. Urmila comes with tolu/molu and asks Kinjal and Madhuben to go from her house as she has to give their rooms to kids. Kids ask Kinjal if Jigar really re-married. Madhuben says Urmila is lying.

Jigar gets ready and tries to go abroad. Hetal requests him not to go and even whole family request. He says he has to go at any cost. Hetal starts crying and requests Jigar again to think about children at least. Pari comes there and asks Hetal to stop crying. Hetal asks her to keep away from her family. Pari says Jigar is her husband and it is her right to interfere. Jigar says she is not his wife. Pari sends everyone out and locks Jigar in a room. She says now Jigar will not go anywhere. Kokila says Pari that she is doing wrong and will repent for her mistake. She then says Hetal taht she will go to Urmila’s house. Hetal says even she will come with her.

Gopi asks Pari to stop her game. Pari says she will realize later that she is doing right.


Precap: Kokila says her family that they know Pari has not married Jigar and should collect evidence against her.

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  1. Guys i didnt intend to be mean.. I just said that lokeshwari’s comments may offend some people that are fans of this serial or any cast..
    Just like you guys dont take lokeshwari’s comments negatively why do you take mine offensively ?

  2. I totally agree with you sid.Lokeshwari g as u said this story is very disgusting… This story has no new storyline dragging on the same line.

  3. Yes….Alia if u don’t like Lokeshwari’s comments then stop reading them.why r u calling them as rude stuff I enjoy reading her don’t write this type of rude stuff.

  4. pari radha all r same… i dont lyk both…

  5. I read on metromasti that in the upcoming episodes pari will try to slap the kids..she will order pizza nd kids hear that nd eats the piza before pari could she will get angry nd try to slap the kids…

    Dumbo pari

  6. Not to kick out the serial…but that stupid Pari.

  7. Most idiotic episode…. First kick this serial out of the channel….how many days we want to bear this nuisance…. Nothing is new here except the same story everyday…..This KOKILA always keeps on shouting like a CROW…. Idiot kick this paridhi out are else we will quit watching the serial….instead of modi bhavan keep the name as modi family court…as always here something goes wrong n everyone tries to judge everyone…. I am unable to know whether this paridhi is positive character or a negative one……

    1. Loleshwari you always say you are going to stop watchingg and reading wu but everytime you come back and say rude stuff why?

    2. Lokeshwari**

    3. Dear Alia….try to understand my comments well…I said that we will stop watching the serial if they didn’t put an end to that nonsense I didn’t said that I am not going to watch this serial anymore and by the way in our houses we will say to kids that if they do wrong things we will send them to some ghosts but we won’t do so really na…..this is also the same ….n if everyone¬†stands on their words no we might have developed very much…hope you understood my point…****This is not any rude stuff this is my point ofview…if u ddidn’t like my comments then stop reading them OKAY…..
      With lots of love

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