Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi continues dancing in front of kahanji’s idol closing her eyes. Sona sets off fire by throwing water. Gopi falls down and Sahir holds her and removes glass strands from her injured legs. Jaggi opens eyes and his situation normalizes.

Ricky gets up on his hotel room bed and searches money in his clothes. He finds 2000 rs in his clothes and thinks only 2000 rs left from selling gold chain and watch, how will he manage now. Seeta gets Sona’s call who informs Jaggi’s condition is stable now. She walks towards hospital. Ricky is in jeep with his girlfriends and seeing her yells that she is following him. She says he is always mistaken, Jaggi kaka is in hospital after his accident and her biological father died just recently, she is going to hospital to meet her father like Jaggi kaka. Once she leaves, Ricky tells her friends let us party, relatives die and they should not be bothered, even he lost his mother and is enjoying life even then.

Jaggi opens eyes. Whole family surrounds him. Gopi returns from temple. Urmila says now he will be served on his chair for some days. Jaggi says why will he be on chair, he will run soon and play with change mangu/Jai Veeru.

Bhavani yells at Imli/Divya and says she tried to kill her by mixing poison in her juice, but her husband drank it instead and died. She will kill her soon and get Dharam forever. Vidya enters and shows Keshav’s post mortem report and says he died due to poision, now Bhavani will go to jail forever. Bhavani forcefully snatches report and pushes Vidya down and burns papers. Vidya tries to snatch papers unsuccessfully.

Doc calls Gopi out and says due to severe blood loss and spinal injury, Jaggi may not be able to walk again, but he can only tell after some tests. Gopi shatters. Jaggi is brought on wheelchair. Gopi shatters seeing him. Drama continues.

Precap: Doctor examines Jaggi’s legs and asks if he is feeling any sensation. Jaggi says no. He tries to get up and falls. Gopi enters room.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Poor Jaggi is paralysed.I hate you Gaura!

  2. Isaaq

    I was right all along. I have a vamp’s mind?? I knew exactly how she would get away with the murder

  3. Riana

    Awwww What a Sad episode???…????…Ricky is insane why cvs is making him so negative???…And who is giving him money to date with those crap girls..??…Jaggi cant walk feeling sad?…Bhavani is a worst b*tch…???…Precap is bad ??…Overall Worst episode…??

  4. Please if you don’t want Writers’ update late other do this

    This update is incomplete because something dialogue missing
    I come here to read updates because i don’t understand Hindi very well
    Here in Damnark translate with English but I can’t read text all the time because i can read updates last

    Please don’t do it again
    SNS Written updates with love
    If you want

  5. Today episode was nice
    Excited for GoGi track

    I hope SNS rock like before

    Bhavini rock today

  6. Isaaq

    I hope Gaura dies. She has disappointed me? She broke my trust??? we were best friends and she went and tried to kill Jaggi Ji❤️? I hate her and I hope she screams whilst she dies. I want her to get tortured

    1. Riana

      Isaaq u r soooo funny ??????

  7. Jaggi unable to walk is so horrible I hope he get soon. Jaggi is only male lead who entertains us. Hope Vidya have kept a copy of the report and put Bavani behind the bars. She is irritating and shameless. Bavani n Gaura’s track must end soon

  8. Mansi

    Saddest episode ever??….Feeling bad for jaggi????….Vidya can’t understand still?? if she will go near her with report in her hand she won’t be getting scared she would snatch it from u?….Waiting for GoGi scenes n Meera’s re-entry??

  9. Post mortem report was handed over to Vidya.. Has the forensic lab not its copy or in server.. Y Vidya z so worried for tearing of the report? N I couldn’t understand Mira.. She is very egoist girl n whom she made her mother she has bad eye on her husband n what is Vidya’s plan exactly.. The marriage between Divya n Dharam ll lead to execute which plan? Poor Jaggi.. I like him for his hunk type body n fighting with goons.. Bt now he is paralyzed.. His mother is in coma .. So sad.. N I didn’t understand one thing.. Didn’t Jaggi know about Gaura? Kokila n Gopi hdnt told about Gaura to Jaggi? N Ramakant n Mira r biological children of Ahem n Gopi .. Both r so arrogant n selfish.. VidyA z just like Gopi though she is not biological daughter of Gopi n Ahem.. Sita z so good..

  10. Very emotional episode today, sad to hear that jaggi will not be able to walk, vidya should becomre strong now and tackle that gaura bhavani.

  11. This confirms it. Gaura is the best villain ever. Even better then Radha

  12. Nandhini

    Ricky go to Hell and party with ur girls…i am sure some magic wil happen by Kanha ji and jaggi will be able to walk…but guys we all know gopi is of 45+ years,, she is a grandma(to 3 kids i think)…how come in this age she is able to perform nritya tandava?? As leap taking place with episodes,, they are showing gopi as more younger with lots of make up and modern looks…just my personal opinion…
    Hey Raven! What happened?please dont go like this…i didnt see ur comment the previous day so i couldnt reply…please dont say good bye and go…i am sorry..please come back and comment as usual…

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