kriyam – u r my strength Episode 125

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Episode 125
Krishna : ( Semi Unconsciousness ) maa….( Tries to Gets Up )
Saumya Hearing Krishna’s Voice Turns back n Tears of Happiness Started to Flowing from Her Eyes n Hugs Krishna Tightly Lovingly..
Saumya : Krishna’s…tu uth gayi beta..aaram se beta… ( Hugs Krishna Tightly ) Tu theek toh hai na Krishna..
Krishna : ( Smiles n break the Hug ) Haa Maa..I’m fine..Ur Daughter is fine don’t worry…U were ryt I can’t loose n give up soo easily.. ( sees sayyam ) i will fight till end..i will make sayyam’s project a complete one..n will not let anyone harm me or our child…i’m krishna sayyam birla who can fight back..( hugs saumya ) thanks maa ( kisses her )
Saumya : ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome beta..accha u take rest..i will go nw..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) ji Maa..
Saumya Leaves kriyam Room n Krishna sees sayyam n Lies on His Chest n Starts Talking to Him with Teary Eyes.
Krishna : ( Teary Eyes ) sayyam seems like u r Enjoying seeing Me in Such State…. dekho u r still Sleeping Peacefully n not even Responding a bit… I Hate U sayyam.. ( Teary Eyes ) I Srsly Hate U..Plzz Come back Soon..i can’t Stay without any Longer sayyam..I need U.. ( Cries Miserably )
As Krishna was Talking to sayyam while Crying Miserably sayyam Feels Her Tears on His Chest n Cries too In Heart n Keeps on Cursing n Fumes on Himself on Tears again Starts Flowing from His Eyes… Krishna who was Crying on His Chest Feels Hairs Wet n Wakes Up sees sayyam’s Eyes which was Wet Both Had a Passionate but a Painful Eyelock for Sometimes n were Lost in Each other’s Eyes which was Fully Filled with Pain n Sorrow.. Sad music plays from background…[RAOne u can imagine the song u told me… Actually I don’t remember it’s name… ]

As both were having a painful eye lock krishna’s phon rings n hearing her phone ring she wipes her tears n composed herself n picks up the phone immediately as it was from a unknown number.
Krishna : ( Composed Herself) Hello..
Os : ( Smiles Evilly ) Hello Krishna Darling ..Hw r u ?? How is ur Health? ?
Krishna hearing the unknown person’s voice got shocked n fumed in anger…
Krishna : ( Angry ) Hw Dare U RAJ ?? hw dare u to Call me again after Facing Such a Big Insult Today ?? Don’t u have Shame ??
Sayyam Hearing Raj’s Name Fumes in Anger n His Eyes Becoming Red n a Restless n a Fear full Feelings Started Taking in His Heart…As Krishna was shouts yuvaan n kushi comes inside the room… Kushi sit near Krishna n hugged her sidely…
Krishna : ( Fear,while covering the phn ) bhai…
Yuvaan : Kya huwa..?
Krishna : ( show the phn ) Woh..Rraj
Yuvaan : (Understood ) ek kaam karo..Keep Phone on Speaker..n don’t let him know ki m around u?
Krishna : ( Fears ) ji..
Krishna Keeps the Phone on Speaker n Starts Talking with Raj Whereas others Listens to Raj’s n Krishna’s Conversation…
Raj : ( Laughs Evilly ) No Krishna…i don’t have Shame..agr Sharam hoti toh i would I have not Called u
Krishna : ( Angry ) Shut Up Raj..hw can a person be soo shameless like u… Frist u harmed my husband n misbehaved with me n attacked me n even tried to force me fr a physical relationship..hw cheap u r Raj….

Raj:(evily) that’s who I am Krishna… U will suffer more if u didn’t stop this project… So hand over this project to me..warna…
Yuvaan was out of control n was about to scream on Raj but Krishna held his hands n stopped him from doing a big mistake n continued her talking with Raj…
Krishna: Warna kya huh?… Why will I hand over this project to u… Just get lost… I will not let this project be incomplete… (ends the call)
Yuvaan:(fuming in Anger) How dare he talk like that… I will try to do something for this… I will not leave this Raj…
Krishna who was hearing all these was heart broken n feeling disgusted… She immediately hugged kushi n Started Weeping Miserably.. Kushi tried her best to console her.. She was also closing her eyes.. Tears were rolling down from her eyes also… She was also heartbroken to see her sister like thus…Whereas sayyam who saw n listened to the Raj n Krishna’s conversation was fuming in anger n gripped da bed sheet n started moving his fingers n responded for the first time which was unnoticed by Krishna n Kushi…Seeing his princess in such state sayyam lifted n moved his hands slowly towards krishna indicating he is always there with her entire life but soon his hands fell on bed due to sudden movement n stress..
Krishna : ( Angry ) bhabi…what kind of man is this Raj ?? He is soo disgusting..chi..mujhe bahut dar lagraha hai bhabi..i have seen his Revenge Feelings in his eyes ..kaash sayyam mere saat hota…. ( Covers Her Head with Her Hands in Tension )
Kushi : ( Consoles ) Krishna……don’t take tension we all r there na with u..n i guess fr some days u should stop going to office..u should take rest for some days….u will feel better…n besides that u can spend time with ( turns her face towards sayyam ) with sayyam….u n ur baby will also feel much better..
Krishna : ( Thinking ) Hmm u r ryt bhabi..but what about the pending work bhabi..who will manage those..we have only 1 month to complete it n im such situation hw can i take rest…its sayyam’s dream..hw can i leave it in middle like this? ? ( tensed )
” aree meri maa…office mein ithni saare employees hai na…”

Krishna: (turn towards the door)Naina… Why r u standing there… Plz come in…
Naina:(smiled) we will Manage office Krishna.. Mr.Yuvaan Me n Suresh bi hai… Yeh log kaafi hai.. Don’t worry ..n if we need any help then we will ask u… n haa don’t take stress n tension about Raj..he won’t do anything till u r at Relax… Ab mein office ja raha hu… Take care of urself krishna… Bye…
Krishna: Bye Naina… N thank u soo much for everything…
Naina: It’s my duty ma’am…. My boss appointed me for that only… Bye bye..
Naina left BM…
Kushi:Krishna I’ll also go mujhe kuch kaam hai… If u need anything tell me ok…
Krishna: Ok don’t worry I’ll call u… I’m little sleepy… May be due to medicine… So I’ll sleep a little bit…
Kushi: Ok…
Kushi also left the kriyam room…After kushi went out from the room Krishna Closes the Door n Turns n Sees sayyam n Smiles n Goes Near Him n Sits Besides Him n Starts Talking to sayyam with a Smile on Her Face.
Swara : ( Smiles ) So Mr Sayyam kase hai aap? seems like u don’t miss me ryt… u must be enjoying by staying away from me..waise do u remember our honeymoon trip to singapore…kitna enjoy kiya tha humne..i wish ki hum phir se honeymoon per jasakte.. ( smiles naughtily ) waise my sayyam agar if u wish na we can go fr our 2nd honeymoon n can spend some special moments together again.. . sayyam ek baath baatau when u were there na with me i never realized the importance of ur touch… but nw ( looks at sayyam with teary eyes ) sayyam i m missing ur fact starving for ur one touch…ur touch gives me a special feeling sayyam…it makes me feel complete…bt jabse u went in coma na i’m dying for ur one touch sanskaar….plzz utho for ur wife n make ur her feel complete again….plzz utho.. ( wipes her tears n composed herself ) chalo anyways…now it’s late…i should sleep nw..warna yeh tumhri badmaash baby hai na will start kicking me n will indicate me to isiliye for baby starts kicking i should sleep.. ( arranges blanket on sayyam more properly ) chalo..u also sleep nw.. . kyounki jab uthoge na i won’t let u sleep. .samjhe ( blushes ) good night my prince ( kisses his cheeks )
Sayyam who was listening to all these was overwhelmed n had a slight happiness in his eyes n was proud of his wife n tears of happiness n proudness flowed from his eyes n whereas krishna who was feeling sleepy sleeps besides sayyam n on his chest peacefully with a bright smile on her face n starts remembering all the special n happy moments spent with sayyam like their mall kiss moment,wild safari moments,their family masti done together n many other special moments which brought tears in her eyes along with a smile becoz even after facing many problems in her life she feels lucky to sleep on her husband’s chest n under his warm embrace till nw…krishna while thinking about sayyam n their special moments dozes off peacefully on sayyam’s chest with a bright smile on her face.while krishna dozes off peacefully sayyam feels her tears n tries moving his hands slowly towards krishna but falls to reach towards krishna…but sayyam was still feels satisfied n happy becoz he was at least able to move his hands slightly n nw somewhere he had a new hope in his eyes that he would be with his princess very soon…

Hi guys I know this track is boring so sorry about it… Sayyam is improving day by day.. Soo keep reading.. He get better soon..


  2. Hafsaaa

    Improving saiyyam? Finally but I am dying for saiyyam to be better again,can’t see our Krishna is such pain ?? the episode wasn’t boring at all shaani,on fleek✔️?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u ? bare it until 128th episode… From that episode sayyam will be alright… Just few more episodes… I’m working on it… Will upload 2mrw may be…
      Keep reading..

  3. Saiyyamlover_17

    Really hope her gets better soon? Once again another AmAzInG episode?Just loveeeed it❤️❤️❤️✨✨

    1. Shaani

      Thank you ? will upload soon…
      Sayyam will be fine in 128th episode… Not exactly on it but recovery track will be start from there…
      Keep. Reading

  4. it’s not boring at all❤it’s beyond amazing?

  5. It a not at all boring just the perfect touch of emotional witty dialogue waiting for the 128th episode❤️?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much next episode is also uploaded… Keep reading ?

  6. AnahitaAnnie

    Its not boring at all…its has tragedy, love and villains..something which makes a story interesting…and the episode was…??..keep going..

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