Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hetal asks Jigar to agree to her sayings. She says, I won’t allow you to go. Jigar requests her to let him go. Ahem says, you are not listening to us. Kokila wonders where is Paridhi? Jigar says, this is the only option for him and apologizes to them. Hetal cries. Jigar says, he can’t forget Rashi’s memories and promises to return back soon. He tells Gopi to love Tolu and Molu to such an extent that they don’t miss him. Gopi asks him to rethink his decision. Jigar takes his mom’s blessings. Hetal cries and asks him not to go. Kokila blesses him. Ahem asks Gopi to come to the airport. Tolu and Molu hug Jigar. He gets emotional and tells the kids to take care of themselves. Meera and Vidya meet him. He glances at Rashi’s photo and gets teary eyed. They leave the house for the airport.

Police Jeep follows them. Ahem stops the car. Inspector asks, who is Jigar Modi? Jigar says he is Jigar Modi. Inspector says, you are under arrest. Ahem asks, what are you talking about? Inspector says, he is going to foreign after marrying an innocent girl.

Ahem says this can’t be true. Inspector says, he can’t leave the country. He asks the constable to bring the girl who has filed a complaint. Paridhi comes. Everyone get shocked. Paridhi smiles. Jigar asks you? Pari calls him Pati Parmeshwar. Jigar asks, what is this joke. Inspector says, you can’t leave the country. Jigar tells him that she is mad. Paridhi says, I am your wife. Inspector says, I have to arrest you. Jigar says stop it Paridhi. Hetal calls Gopi. Gopi tells her that Jigar is not going and they were returning home. Ahem says, we will go home and talk. Hetal informs everyone that Jigar isn’t going and returning back home. They hear police jeep noise. Ahem, Jigar and Gopi come inside with Pari and Police in tow. Hetal tells Jigar that she knows that he can’t leave them. Kokila asks, what is the matter? They see Paridhi with Police. Inspector says, he has stopped Jigar as his wife filed a complaint against him. Everyone get shocked.

Paridhi shows them marriage certificate. Everyone get shocked. Jigar is shell shocked as he reads the certificate. Hetal checks and is shocked too. Jigar asks, what is all this? Paridhi says I love you. Jigar says I hate you and asks her to leave. Paridhi says, I am your wife now. Gopi asks Paridhi why she is doing this? Paridhi says, she knows everything and that’s why she married him. Jigar asks her to stop her drama. Inspector shows him the signatures.

Paridhi says, she has the proofs. Neighbours see the police jeep and says we shall get to know. They come inside. Jigar says, this is a betrayal. Ahem tells the Inspector that this girl is trapping Jigar and he didn’t do anything. Kokila tells Inspector that this girl is betraying them. Hetal too supports her son. Kids asks, did you marry Paridhi aunty? Jigar is speechless. Inspector says, law needs proofs and all the proofs are against you. We can’t permit you to go. Jigar says, he has to go. Inspector says, else we have to arrest you. Parag says, we are a reputed family. Inspector gives the final warning that he can’t go out of India else he will arrest him.

Neighbours are shocked and taunt Modi family. Gopi asks them to leave. Ahem gets angry and aks them to leave. Savita thinks this is a limit and feels bad for Rashi. She calls Urmila and informs her. Urmila gets shocked. Savita says, this might be done by Kokila. Jigar should have wait for a year. Urmila is shocked. Kinjal and Pappu come home. Urmila blames Kokila and tells Kinjal that Kokila got Jigar married to Paridhi. Kinjal gets shocked. Madhuben says, this can’t happen. Kinjal says, why she will do it. Urmila says, I won’t let Rashi’s son stay there. I will bring them here. She goes to Modi house. Madhuben asks Kinjal to call Modi house. Hetal picks the call and says she will talk to her later.

Hetal requests Paridhi to leave her son. Paridhi says, how can I leave him. I will make his life worth living. Kokila tells Paridhi that she can’t marry Jigar. Paridhi asks why? I am beautiful, intelligent etc and most importantly loves Jigar a lot. She asks her to accept her. Kokila gets angry and is about to slap her. Paridhi stops her hand shocking everyone.

Paridhi says, she won’t leave the house as she is related to them now. She threatens Kokila that she can take action against her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Bakwaas episode……but paridhi did a good this with kokila by protesting her…..but I hated today’s episode….this serial is giving a wrong message to the audience.. How can she marry jigar without his approval…. This type things will happen only in this idiotic serial….these guys are just dragging the serial without any story…as usually today too urmila was asking the custody of her grandsons nothing new bored of watching the same storyline since years….what there won’t be any change here….waqt ke saath saath toh insaan be basal jat he Hai patha nahi yeh saathiya ka writers kab badhlegaaa…..plz change writers or change the storyline…. Plz ham deen logon par daya rakho…….hamae isae torture math karo…writerji………..

  2. U r absolutely right Lokeshwari…..ur comments r so nice….they are more interesting than the story….you are a “BEST CRITIC”…..keep it up….

  3. Bakwaaas episode…..police should have asked for at least one witness of the wedding….
    jus fooling the audiences

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    1. Yeh kiya bakwas hai???

  5. starplus anthem is ” rishte wahi, soch nayi” Neither wahi rishta nor nayi soch” in this serial

    Rashi’s character was fun loving girl but ended up as kamwali bahu after marriage. Paridhi you too are joining the gang

  6. Here we r stressing over this serial ,, and there rashi aka rucha is enjoying her life in London. u rucha di

  7. I have a suggestion. . I stopped watching this serial.. why dont u guys.. instead of stressing over.. specially lokeshwari.. i agree with u,, but no use of saying at…they r just gonna do there on. So it’ll be better if we stopped watching this serial..right! Do any of u agree?

    1. Yes!!!!!

    2. i stopped watching this crap ages ago- no sense to storylines- same old kalakari’s – same urmila greedy for money etc and rashi’s character was the same – could not think without mother’s foolish ideas – all wrong but still carried on with childish kalakari’s this new character pari from the promo’s she looks like a joker- just free yoursleves from tension and stop watching,once trp’s fall they will have to end this insane programme which has no head or tail. all the men are so dumb – like hetal java deh kokila so my friends just java deh

  8. Sns is worsening day by day.

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