Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
the old couple cuts the cake. Aryan settles down and recalls kamla’s advice to think from heart. he recalls when he was making suhana eat the cake. He says do I love suhana. He feels like suhana come there and gives him a piece of cake. He says I was leaving you. He stands up and bows down to his knees and gives her a flower, he says I love you suhana. she takes the rose and says I love you too Aryan. He stands up and smiles. suhana holds his hand and takes him for a dance.
Aryna dances with suhana and the song ‘o re piya re’ plays in the background. she hugs him. Suddenly he realizes it was his imagination and he is still on his seat. he says that means kamla aunty was right I love suhana. Aryan you are so stupid you were leaving her. He stands up and screams I love you suhana. Everyone claps. He says thank you uncle aunty.
Aryan goes out it streets. he is so happy. he screams on the roads I love you suhana.

Scene 2
kamla serves the family. she is looking at the door, she says I was wrong Aryan won’t come back. There is a family that has come for suhana’s proposal. SAnjay says we are not ready for the commitment yet. MR. Malhotra says you can take your time. we can wait. The woman says you are our partners in business if this partnership turns in relationship it will be better. They are college friends and suhana won’t mind. Aryan is shocked. Sanjay and dheraj are shocked to see Aryan as well. Aryan comes in, suhana is shocked too. Sanjay says Aryan what are you doing here ? Aryan says uncle I came here to apologize you. I made a mistake. please pardon me. Kamla says I think Aryan is repentant. You should forgive him. Aryan says I won’t repeat my mistake. Sanjay says okay Aryan I forgive you. Aryan smiles and says thank you uncle. He goes to suhana, sanjay says Aryan I have pardoned you that doesn’t mean that I have changed my decision. there is no relationship between you and suhana. Aryan says all I did yesterday was a drama. I wasn;t drunk. I was just confused whether I love suhana or not and she was confused as well. I did all this to make you angry so suhana won’t be blamed. Now I realize that I love suhana so much now everything is clear. There is no room for confusions. Sanjay says now I can’t let you marry suhana. you are a nice man but you don’t deserve my suhana. He says what you think you can break up and patch up anytime. she has no deficiency of proposals. I thought she loved you like before how could you be confused about her ? What if you change your mind after some time ? My daughter’s life will be ruined. Aryan is about to go suddenly he falls and pretends like his ankles are twisted. kamla and aman help her sitting on the sofa is his room.
Kamla asks how is your foot now ? He says which one aunty ? Left or right ? Kamla smiles and says you were pretending ? You came back for suhana ? Dheraj, sanjay and suhana come it. Sanjay says dheraj call the doctor, he will see how serious the injury is. Aryan says I will be fine in some time. It was raining out so I got fever. There is no need of fever. Sanjay says okay you should rest for a day or two after that we will call doctor. Dheraj and sanjat leave. suhan is about to leave Aryan asks her to stop but she leaves.
Aryan says to kamla you were right I love suhana. I am here to rectify my mistake. I wanna go closer to her and tell her what’s in my heart. You have to help me. kamla says how ? He says I have to prove them that I deserve suhana and it is not possible without your help ? will you help me ? Kamla says no Aryan I won’t help you in all this. kamla says you have broken hearts of entire family. he says don’t worry about the family I will handle them but you have to help me in telling suhana. You know this is the first time ihave felt love and I will keep this feeling with me forever but this is only possible if you help me out. Kamla smiles at him. he says wil you help me ? kamla says yes I will but you have to apologize whole family. he nods.
Kamla leaves, Aryan says now I have to think how will I tell suhana.

Dheraj says to sanjay suhana is fine now I don’t this she needs a maid anymore. sanjay says I don’t want kamla bai to feel bad. dheraj says we can give her salary of next two months. kamla comes, dheraj says we are satisfied with your work. now suhana is fine she doesn’t need you anymore. We will give you salary of next two months. kamla says no I don’t need it. I just wanna meet suhana for one last time. suahan says who is going ? sanjay says you are fine now I think we should free kamla ji now. Suhana says what are you saying ? She has helped us a lot. kamla says he is right. we will keep talking to each other. suhana says won’t let you go anywhere.

Precap- meethi gives an apology card to suhana and sasy Aryan has given it. Suhana says to kamla what if the mistake is unforgiveable ? she sees Aryan in the window. she tears the card apart.
Suhana goes out for a call and sees Aryan holding a placard saying sorry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. no news about raghav…. is he really dead???

  2. When Ideas are lost, one should expect this from a producer

  3. Nothing intersted to watch this show any more No ragna . No ema.

  4. This show no longer a hit its stupid when suhana fall for aryan then u ppl wil bring raghav back it always heart break all over again

    1. Another stupid triangle. Raghav will come back for who, Suhana or Kalpi?? Suhana can fall for someone else, not Kalpi. If Suhana IS Kalpi, she’ll marry Aryan to keep her idiot mother Kamla happy but never fall for him. And, Raghav will come either to stop the wedding or after it. If she falls for him, that confirms Suhana is not Kalpi. Creatives who are not creative.

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