Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi is operated in OT and doc says if someone had brought him before, his condition would not have been this worse. Gopi cries and Kokila asks her to control herself. Gopi says if she had not returned, Jaggi’s condition would not have been so worse. Kokila asks what does she mean. Gopi cries if she had not returned back and helped Jaggi, he would not have been in this danger. Kokila says a savior saved them. Man says he just did his duty for humanity. Nurse comes out and says Jaggi’s condition is critical due to severe blood loss. Doc comes out next and Kokila pleads to take how much ever money he wants and save Jaggi. He says they are doing their best and Kokila and family should pray for Jaggi.

Gopi runs form hospital. Kokila prays god why he is examining him. Urmila says nothing will happen to Jaggi. Kokila leaves. Seeta sees Krisha Rukmini idol in hospital and prays god to save her father like Jaggi kaka. Urmila comes and prays that her Jaggida encourages people and he himself cannot lose life. Seeta gets Vidya’s call about her father Keshav Pandit’s death and runs from hospital.

At Gaura’s house, Bhavani sitting next to her husband’s dead body cries. Gaura consoles her. Seeta enters and walks with trembling gait. Bhavani cries Seeta became orphan and she become widow, they are alone in this world now. Seeta prays god how did this happen and cries houting baapu. Inspector calls Dharam aside and says they need to do Keshav’s postmortem before performing last rights. Dharam says okay.

Gopi runs from hospital to temple clashes with vehicles. Sona and Sahir run behind her. Gopi runs to temple and rings bells repeatedly. She starts her emotional dialogues that she did not complain about her life, but today she did a mistake in Jaggi’s case and she cannot live with this burden of guilt. She is also reason for Jaggi’s pain. She cries she could not stop and take Jaggi to hospital. She lost Ahem and does not want to lose her friend. Jaggi starts sinking. Parag stands tensely. Kokila comes and consoles him. Seeta walks back toward hospital thinking she lost her father, but will not lose her father like Jaggi kaka.

Gopi takes oath that she will dance till Jaggi gain consciousness and does tandav nritya. Jaggi continues sinking and doc applies defibrillator shock. Sahir and Sona reach temple. Gopi continues dancing and drops temple lamps on carpet. Pandit shouts to stop herr, else she will die. Gopi continues dancing. Sahir and Sona try to stop her. Doc says they need to transfuse 1 more unit of blood. Jaggi opens eyes. Gopi falls down.

Precap: Doc tells Gopi that Jaggi’s condition has stabilized, but he is still not well completely.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    Hey Guys…how r you n how was episode??….

    1. Siddharth

      hi raina episode was not so good . precap is very bad

      1. Nandhini

        Hello sid! Your exams got over today! Thats super!?? what you guessed may also becom true coz this time there is noone in modi house to stand against Gaura as you said…so ricky may take that place…if he starts trusting and loving his mom and step dad then he wil fight against Gaura…

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Riana! Very sad episode it was…

      1. Riana

        Hey Nandi n Sid…really i love the episode but only Gopi’s dance…❤❤❤…Precap is dramatic again ?

  2. Riana

    Bhavani is such a good wife…She performed all the oaths of her n keshav’s marriage perfectly thats why she killed her Husband on her own hands ??????…Sita n Gopi’s condition is really pathetic…Though i love the episode a lot specially Gopi’s dance…Precap is sad…Now Jaggi will not be able to walk or sometime…

  3. Riana

    Soon Gaura [Vandana Pathak] will quit the show…Maybe after she gets exposed…She will actually die…??…After that maybe cvs will focus on Ricita’s track..??

    1. Nandhini

      I think when Gaura gets exposed and confronted by everyone, she will kill herself and go to her Ambe maa finally…

      1. Riana

        Loool ???

      2. Nandhini you right ? I want the day
        Because I’m tired with this fat woman Gaura

        Anymore episode was nice I mean Gopi dance and pandiji expression his face when gopi was dancing ?? I love ❤️ this

        Sad ? for seeta her father died
        Bhavini act was nice and she was happy her husband died now she can married dharma lolll

  4. Isaaq

    Anyone doesn’t read Ek Nayi Kahani, please read It❤️❤️ Best SNS ff on here

    It’s amazing and it’s my favourite ff. Riana your ff are so funny and thrilling. You’re a great writer

    1. Riana

      Thankyou so much Darling ?????…Your ffs r too best…?????

  5. Bhavani is such a good actress.I hope that they will show Sita and Ricky track in the exact opposite.

  6. There are two homes , one hospital ,one police station ,one temple one forest and a few statues of Khanaji and the story goes round and round within these boundaries By turn someone is injured ,the same hospital scene ,the same temple scene the same hospital theater scene and Gaura trying to harm and succeeding.It does not change ever.No imaginative plots ,nothing.The same is doled on a platter for you to swallow.Stop this rubbish please.

  7. Sad to hear jaggi will be paralyzed, gopi,s tandav was very nice.

  8. average_girl27

    I think either Jaggie is gonna be paralysed , like not be able to walk and is bedbound or in a wheelchair or he doesn’t know who Gopi and his family are and lost his memory. Don’t know what’s going on, missed half the episodes, think Ricky will come back, feel remorse and start to love Sita after saving her life again by the bad guys. Got a feeling something like that will happen. Hope you guys having a awesome day, here in England it’s messed up, rain, snow, sun and hailstones. Like no.

    1. Riana

      Hey Avgirl…whats up ?…You r right btw jaggi wont be paralysed…maybe he will face a temporary paralysis…which is common in tv these days ??…you wont believe in west bengal somedays ago we faced a huge storm….It was a Rubbish n Horrible storm….?????…Most of the people came dead n houses n shelters got destroyed…trees got uprooted due to which network issue rised…i m vry much angry n scared ????

  9. It was kind of sad to see Jaggi unconscious in the beginning of the scene.

  10. Poor Gopi she blames herself for everyone’s accident and illness.

  11. i had commented on the 19th of april but no one paid any attention to my comment i was on one week vacation and said i would have commented every no one acknowledge me so i did not comment i am off to work i have an operation to preform [i meant every day] it no longer feels like family here you guys are in a world of your own take care and good bye for good hope all sunshine friends have a wonderful life ahead of them and may success always be your keep on writing raina shakaib you guys have a far way to go not forgetting isaaq bye bye and no i am not going to comment here any longer you guys have your own circle of friends which is good keep the bond always be there for each other so long sunshine friends it was good while it last take care

    1. Riana

      Raven….Sorry i didnt replied to your comment…as i wrote above that due to a huge storm many things got destroyed…power cuts are habitual these days…pls dont mind anything…we all love u dr ?????…Pls comment if possible ☺…

    2. Sorry Raven don’t leave
      We all love ❤️ you
      I was busy with my work and exams also

      Please come Back

    3. Sayyeda

      Hi raven, dont be sad please, all sunshines love u, be also registered member.we talk in private. ?

  12. Nandhini

    Makers please no more sad moments…please show us good,, light moments if you want ur ratings high..??

    1. Riana

      I think Nandi….makers want to show some light hearted n romantic moments between Gogi…Thats why they created this accident plot… ???

      1. Riana I think cv will starting GoGi love storyline ❤️❤️? Gopi soon will accept jaggi her husband
        And falls in love with jaggi
        Because Gopi will help jaggi to walk again both of them will start romantic

        But let’s see what SNS Cv gone do

  13. Ops meera is alive so sad

    1. She died very long time for one month back lolll ???????
      She is alive

      1. Riana

        Really meera left us 1 month ago ???…She died on that episode when bhavani told her to go to her village…That day meera died…loool???

  14. Isaaq

    Guys watch this???? Its got SNS in it???? Gopi Bahu???

    1. My sister follows Browngirlprobems on Instagram.She is really funny.

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