Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 14

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Srisha, actually I forgot to mention about Laya (She is actually the niece of Abhi) in the OS?? and I only realize that after uploading. I thought a lot of u will ask about that but thankfully u all had forgotten. And Pls don’t say sorry if u all can’t comment regularly friends! As previously said before, I do understand the reasons behind not commenting regularly so no worries. Keep smiling and keep reading ???!

Shooting back to shots:

Abhi “ You know Mithz, with you by my side is making me feel my life is meaningful…” He said while driving and hearing that Pragya thought, There he goes…this won’t end now!

Mithra blushed hearing that and was looking at her lap.

Abhi “ But ya what to do behind me there is meaningless things that makes me feel life has both meaningful and meaningless sides”. He said in a low tone making Pragya to be super annoyed.

Pragya shrieked “ What the!!!” She paused midway when he applied the sudden break.

Abhi “ Did u hear any noise Mithz?” She in return signalled with her eyes to look behind.
Abhi looking at Pragya “ You ah?” Pragya “ No! Your Ma!” Abhi “ Oh u still remember that Meri Ma!” Pragya “ Yes my child why not u stop talking and drive!” Abhi closed his eyes and looked back at Mithra.

Abhi “ Mithz…thanks for being beside me as u are making me not to lose my cool…” He said softly making Mithra to shy a lot.

Pragya “ Oh god!” Abhi “Oh god!” He said by looking at Mithra shying and making to radiate in shyness.

Abhi “ How did god make you so beautiful?” He asked her in a dazed tone and she looked away unable to stand his continuous flirt.

Pragya “Mr Abhi! Are we going or staying here?” She asked loudly with impatience. Abhi “ Do I have a choice Ms Pragya?” Pragya gasped and thought him being unreasonable.

Abhi started to drive and as for Mithra was feeling that she is having butterflies in her stomach thinking of Abhi’s words.

Abhi was driving and at times checking on the rear mirror whether Pragya was sleeping.

Abhi, This Pragya is keep on observing me as if she is an officer! I don’t like that!

Pragya yawned and was about to close her eyes when Abhi applied sudden brake again.
Pragya was taken aback and asked “ Ms Pragya! Nobody is sleeping until we reach there!”

Pragya and Mithra sighed and Pragya asked “ Why? Why we can’t sleep?” Abhi “ It’s an order from Uncle!” Pragya “ Like seriously?” Abhi “ Like very seriously! I know u won’t believe me! See for yourself in the message that Uncle sent me!” Pragya took his phone that he passed and saw the message saying MAKE SURE nobody sleeps during travel.

Pragya passed back his phone to him.

Pragya “ I still can’t believe this!” Abhi smirked hearing her.

Pragya “Wait! If we never sleep then won’t we be tired? It’s such a long journey and why would Uncle say like that?” She questioned him.

Abhi “How would I know Ms Pragya? It’s an ORDER from him!” Pragya hearing that rolled her eyes and Abhi “Anyways we have food stocked up and I guess it will make you awake!” Pragya remained silent as she felt calmed when there is food in the jeep itself.

Abhi thought, Always silenced after hearing the word food. I wonder how she is so thin even though she eats a lot.

Mithra looked sleepy and asked “Does the order applies for me too?”

Abhi pondered and said “When your friends are like this, will you sleep Mithz?”

Mithra shook her head as No. Pragya was finding all this suspicious.

Pragya, I could have checked the message more properly and silly me I have placed my phone inside the luggage bag. Now how can I cross check what he said?

Pragya was thinking deeply of how to prove that he is playing with her.

Abhi was happily driving and thinking that he had more time to irritate her.

He never noticed there was a van approaching them as he was looked behind to check on frustrated Pragya.

Pragya and Mithra at the same time screamed “Look in front!!!” The van was approaching in a rash way probably the person driving was drunk. Abhi quickly drive and in a hurry he collided against the van itself which made Mithra to fall out from the jeep. Pragya became unconscious in shock and Abhi was the only one who was conscious with slight injuries.

Hours later in a hospital,

Pragya was slowly opening her eyes and looked around at her whereabouts.

Abhi “Ms Pragya! It’s an hospital not anything else for u to look like an officer…” Pragya blinked her eyes as she can’t see him clearly without her chasma. Abhi made her wear the chasma by coming close to her. For a moment, they both froze in each other’s eyes.

Abhi, Is this eyes or some magnet that have strong attraction?
Pragya, Why is his eyes is with so much of depth?

Both came back to senses when the nurse came in by clearing her throat.

Abhi moved back as Pragya looked away.

Nurse “She had fractured her leg and is crying heavily….” Hearing that Abhi and Pragya were worried and Pragya was about to get from the bed when Abhi asked her to stay there itself. Pragya “Mr Abhi! I am fine, I just fainted but she fractured her leg….” She said by standing up and he “You are sure that u are fine?” Pragya calmly “Mr Abhi….we should go and see her now…” Abhi nodded his head and both went to the ward she was in.

Mithra covering her face with her hands was crying profusely. Pragya sat beside her and she hugged Pragya.

Pragya “It will be alright….It’s just a fracture Mithra…” Abhi “Yes Mithz! Very soon u will be ok!” He said cheerfully by trying to make her feel better.

Mithra looking down “No…I am not crying because of that…if my parents know about this then they will be mad at me…I persuaded them a lot but now if they know that I had fractured my leg, they will surely kill me!”.

Abhi and Pragya hearing that look shocked and were feeling bad for her.

Pragya “Mithra…I can talk to them…I will explain to them, you don’t worry yaar…”

Abhi didn’t know what to reply as he was feeling guilty. It was him who requested her to come with them and now she ended up in this state.

Mithra “No Pragya, they won’t understand….they are very strict towards me even at this age…” She said by still sobbing.

Pragya “Then you could have told us before right, that u can’t make it…why do you have to come with us when your parents are so strict?” Mithra looked at Abhi and he looked like a child in return. Pragya “All because of him! Never mind, now that is not the issue…”

Abhi “Let me talk to your parents Mithz…” Mithra shrieked “No!! If my parents know that I came with a man, then I am dead for sure!” Pragya “Then what did u said to your parents for coming with us?” Mithra “Wo…I said I am going with my friends to a village for my friend’s marriage preparations….” Pragya raised her eyebrows hearing that.

Abhi “Marriage preparations?” Mithra nodded her head as yes. Pragya “Ok…” Abhi “What ok?”
Pragya “Idea! I got an idea!” Abhi “You got it! So fast!!” Pragya “I am always fast Mr Abhi!” Mithra “What idea Pragya? But I said I will be back by few days….” Pragya “Make it few weeks!”
Abhi “Huh? Why?” Pragya “Listen! I am her friend now as in the one going to marry…” Abhi was about to say something when Pragya gestured that she needs to talk first.

Pragya “ The plan is this, I will talk to her parents saying that Mithra have to stay with me for a few weeks as she is very good at doing make up. Since Mithra lied that the wedding is at some village, I will say my family is not that rich enough to afford a beautician and no beautician will have the time to come down to my village and stay over to do the bridal make up for me!”

Abhi “ Wow! Great Ms Pragya! They will surely believe this!” Pragya smiled proudly when Mithra “ But what will u say for few weeks? I mean I said to them few days then how did it become few weeks?” She asked with worry.

Pragya “ Simple! You lied that it is few days as u were scared that your parents won’t allow u for few weeks!” Mithra “ Do u think this will work out?” Pragya “ We can try as it’s all in the way we speak and convince them….” Abhi “ Small correction, it’s in the way you speak to them…” He said and gave a pout.

Pragya “ You only know how to spoil things not work out things right?” Abhi got angry and both of them were arguing making Mithra helpless of how to stop them.

Mithra dropped the glass beside her and stared at Abhi and Pragya.

Abhi and Pragya looked at her and then looked at each other being out of breath after argument.

Abhi looking away “ I am sorry…” Pragya “ I’m sorry…” Mithra “ I should be the one saying sorry!”

Someone “ Sorry to disturb all your sorry time!” The trio looked at who was telling this and they smiled realizing who it was.

New staff interrupted: New entry ah?
Purab smiled: Hmm..what do u feel?
New staff: Already it’s going fine but my instinct tells that it’s you…
She said with a smile making her face to glow.

Purab with curiosity: You are right! It’s me but how do u know that?
New staff: Only u can make others smile…
Purab: Acha…does that mean I make u smile as well?
New staff smiled and nodded her head.

Purab: Shall I continue?
New staff: Sure….but there is no time now….I will catch u later after work!

She said that hurriedly and walked away from there.

Purab smiled like a lovesick puppy looking at her walking away.

Abhi noticed this from a distance and was feeling disturbed for some reasons.

He went to his cabin and called Pragya who was at home.

Pragya never picked up the call as she was running after the kids who were now walking fast and trying to run.

After a number of tries, finally Pragya picked up the call.

Pragya was breathing heavily out of tiredness.

Abhi: Why do u sound like this!! Did u run?
Pragya: Haan…wait Boss…let me drink water!
Abhi waited for a while and she: Boss! U know what?
Abhi sounding panicked: What? Don’t make me scared yaar! Already I am nervous…
Pragya: Oh Boss! It’s nothing serious! I was running after kiddos!
Abhi: Running after them?
He asked with confusion.
Pragya: Haan Boss…a few days only they started walking but now they walk fast and try to run also….do u know both try to hide under the table just like u?
Abhi chuckled hearing that and Pragya was irritated.

Pragya: Boss!
Abhi: Sorry…I was just imagining them making u tired!
Pragya: Very funny Boss…
Abhi: Okok! So where are they now?
Pragya: At last they got tired and had milk. Now they are sleeping like you…
Abhi: Wait, why is everything like me?
Pragya: I think I feel like that as u are not with me now…
Abhi grinned and said: I also feel everything I see is like you…
Pragya: Boss! You shouldn’t think like that!
Abhi: Why is that so?
Pragya: Ya then what if u see the female staff as me!! I will kill you Boss if u see anyone like me!
Abhi: Woah! Itna possessiveness!
Pragya: Because u are mine and my possession!
She said firmly in a loud voice.
Abhi: Okok! Calm down! I actually called u to say something…
Abhi said to her about his uneasiness and Pragya understood his feelings.

Pragya: Boss…what we did is not entirely wrong…like u said if I think it’s my fault then it’s your fault as well but I think what we did is to make sure there is no fault in her life…
Abhi thought of her words.

Pragya: Boss…this is the best for her…Purab will tell our love story to her sister…Firstly the misunderstandings between the sisters should clear first. Then we will clear her misunderstanding about love and life. She deserves more Boss…As you know she is a deserving person….

Abhi smiled hearing to Pragya’s words and said: Thank you…
Pragya: For what?
Abhi: For clearing my disturbances and making me to deserve you!
Pragya: Thank god that my Boss is now with a clear mind!
Abhi with a light chuckle: Yes but my god is in you…
Pragya with sarcasm: Ya ya…
Abhi: Hey! I am really telling the truth! I see my god in you…
Pragya: I got a lot of works as I need to clean our room before they are awake.So bye!

She said by diverting the topic.

Abhi: You are ignoring my words!
Pragya softly: Suniye…
Abhi: Hmm…
Pragya: Do you want to watch Rab ne bana di jodi movie tonight?
Abhi: Huh? Why that movie all of a sudden?
He asked with a puzzled face as he never expected her to reply that way.
Pragya: Only in that movie will have that song na…tujh mein rab dikhta hai (that I see god in you…)
Abhi: That’s true though! Don’t u think so?
Pragya: Get back to work Boss…
She said in a pleasant voice making Abhi to smile.

Abhi: Bye…
Pragya: Bye and work with a clear mind Boss!
Abhi: Yes Boss!
He said with like a military man.

Pragya giggled hearing that and their conversation ended there.

Both in flashback and present Pragya avoids Abhi.

In flashback:
Pragya restless by hiding inside the storeroom.

Pragya, How dare he!! How can he do like that? What if I had heart attack when he did that?

As she was thinking that Abhi opened the door which made hers screamed and run around the room.

In present:
Pragya restless by hiding in the playroom of kids.

Pragya, How could he do like that? What if I had heart attack at that moment?

As she was thinking that Abhi opened the door which made her scream and he rushed to cover her mouth.

What happens in both the scenarios? Any ideas? If u all have , do share about that.

And yes until now new staff doesn’t knows about Mithra in the story as her sister. Mainly because she is thinking her sister is bad for some reasons and it wouldn’t be the Mithra her sister in Abhi and Pragya’s love story.Hope it had clarified the doubts on this and thank u all for reading again. Thank u to both silent and non silent readers for the support. ??

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