Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2014 Written Update

Ahem asks Gopi, why she is staring him. He asks her to sleep and says he will sleep too. Saathiya’s sad music plays. Gopi and Ahem look at each other. Tripti comes with a lady and asks her to do what she asked. That lady enters the Modi Bhavan in the night. She wonders where to go because of the darkness. She collides with a vase and it falls down. Kokila hears the noise and comes downstairs. The lady sleeps hugging Jigar to hide herself from Kokila’s eyes. Jigar is sleeping. Rashi thinks that the children thief must have completed her work. Gopi comes in the hall and switches off the light. Kokila tells her that she is unable to sleep. She tells her that she gets images of a little girl. Gopi asks her not to over think and asks her to sleep. Gopi closes the light.

The lady gets up and goes inside. She comes to the Tolu and Molu’s room. Radha stops her and takes her to go to Gauri’s room. She shows him Gauri and asks her to do the work. Radha orders her to take Gauri away from Modi Bhavan. The lady makes Vidya smell the choroform as she assumes her to be Gauri. She takes her in her hands and leaves from the room. Gopi is walking on upstairs and sees the woman leaving with a kid. She asks her to stop there itself. Jigar wakes up. Radha gets shocked. Everyone get up from sleep. Tripti looks on from the hiding place.

Kokila calls everyone. They ask the lady where she is taking their child. Tripti thinks to run away. The lady is about to run but is stopped by Rashi and Gopi. Hetal says, who is she? Ahem takes Vidya from her. Gopi tries to wake her up. Rashi asks the thief, where she was taking the girl. Ahem slaps her and threatens to send her to Jail. Kokila recalls Tripti and Radha’s conversation about Meera in black and white flash back. She shouts Meera.

Radha gets shocked and thinks whether Kokila recalled everything. Kokila looks at Radha. Radha gets scared. Kokila goes towards Meera and gets unconscious. Radha signs the thief to go. Rashi stops her. Radha gets worried. Hetal urges Kokila to open her eyes. Hetal asks Radha to get water. Kokila wakes up and calls Kinjal. Ahem says, yes Kokilaji….Ahem says, this thief wanted to run away with Kinjal. Kokila hugs Vidya and gets worried for her. Radha gets relieved thinking Kokila didn’t regain her memory. Rashi says, we shall handover this thief to the Police.

Ahem asks her, where you were taking our child. The thief says that she came here to kidnap Gauri. Gopi asks, why? Radha says, someone called at midnight and said she is Gauri’s mom. The lady says, she is Gauri’s mom. Ahem asks Gauri to look carefully at her. Gopi also asks her to remember her. Gauri says, I just remember Panditji and his family. The lady starts acting and says I left her when she was 2 years old. Rashi says, I didn’t agree with you. She asks, why you came to take her back after so many years. The lady gets tensed.

The lady is about to take Gauri with her. Kokila stops her and says I need a proof which proves that you are Gauri’s mom. Radha and the lady get tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Koki remember
    Radha get lost
    Gauri remember
    Gopi and ahem dNA test

  2. I love you nikhil !!!

  3. Omg what just happened I thought she was supposed to get her memory bak

  4. What a wast of tym man what is this watin pl tym watchin this show

  5. Boring just waste of time
    They hv nothing to show
    Show something new now otherwise ur trp will fall down
    It’s becoming boring now as we know wat next is going to happen
    Every time old story

  6. Idiot Radha n tripti
    Hate their faces

  7. Y is this show being bragged so much!!???!! for heaven sake plzzzz dont torture viewers like this… the story is not moving ahead at all.

  8. boring
    waste of time
    better end the serial if can’t make any changes
    when will kokila get back her memory – when the children are ready to marry

    too boring…

  9. Dear Shahin in my secondary school
    I love u soo much that I can’t wait til we get older to get married
    And you know ummmm
    Love you

    Ps this was a dare

  10. Please end the show because it’s really boring

  11. the show is dragging so much. pls end the show. some characters are said to have sharp intelligence but now they are acting dumb. waste of time, pls pls end the show.

  12. dumbheads think if the women was really gauri’s mother why would she come at midnight. gauri is meera cant u all see, ok u dont know but cant u try to find out hw that kid came to be abandoned in the mandir, talk to the pandit u will get proofs of hw he got her. her dress or anything which is hers will be with that pandit and he will show you. kick radha out hw does she speak in btw when rashi and gopi is not allowed to speak. radhas body language speaks of her crime why dont u see it. if ph rings at midnight jigar must have heard it as he was sleeping nearby. hey were is the modi house watchman can anyone enter there house at night? they have a cc tv camera outside isnt it. this is lot of bullshit,dont drag the story unnecessarily with all this evil crap.

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