Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with constable calling from a Jodhpur hospital telling her that Raghu’s bus met with an accident and asks her to come. Ginny asks Shivani whose phone it was. Shivani says it was a wrong call. She thinks nothing can happen to her Raghu, she will have to go and check. She gets into an auto go to hospital.

Maya says Latha that it is 3rd day since Vivek is in jail and she is feeling helpless and sad. Latha says as a mother, she is more tensed and says once Raghu comes, he will get Vivek back. She thinks how will we tell Raghu that Vivek is suffering because of someone else’s mistake. Lata says Baburam has gone to Vivek’s hospital to requests not to dismiss Vivek from his duties. Maya says if Shivani would have bailed Vivek, he would have come back by now, she will not forgive her.

Door bell rings. Latha goes and finds Vivek and Sumitra standing near the door. She gets happy and calls Maya. Mayua gets happy and says Vivek he does not know how she spent these 2 days. Latha asks Vivek to come in and says she can understand how he is feeling to be punished for someone else’s mistake. She says inspector would have understood you are not a culprit and left you. Vivek says I came out on bail and Maya bailed me out. Latha asks how did she get money to bail Vivek. Sumitra says she thought nothing is important than Vivek’s bail, so she sold her jewelleries. Latha bless Sumitra for bailing Vivek and says she does not know how to repay her. Sumitra says Vivek is like her brother and she can do anything for him. Maya thanks Sumitra and says she proved to be an elder bahu of this house. She says Latha that Sumitra is always thinking of safeguarding our house and Shivani wants to ruin our house. Sumitra says this is what she wanted to hear and says Shivani should pack her bags and leave from this house now.

Shivani reachces hospital and sees injured people there. She gets worried for Raghu.

Maya comes to her room and sees Vivek sleeping. She touches his feet. He gets up and asks what is she doing. She says let her serve him as she understood how difficult it is to stay without him. She asks if he informed about her to police. He says if she has gone mad to think that, he did not tell anything to police. Maya says she thought of bailing him out from the money they saved, but thought police will doubt her, so did not take out the money. Vivek says she did it right and asks her to bring that money.

Shivani searches for Raghu. Baburam is seen pleading doctor not to remove Vivek from his job. Doctor asks him to go out as he is very tensed with this accident cases. Baburam sees Shivani there and what is she doing here, she is the main reason for her family’s problems. Shivani starts crying and says Raghu… He asks what happened to Raghu. Shivani says she got a call from hospital that Raghu’s bus met with an accident. Baburam is shocked to hear that. Baburam starts crying and says nothing will happen to his son. They both start searching Raghu. Baburam says doctor that his son was in the bus which met with an accident. Doctor asks to check in general ward. Shivani says they searched everywhere. Doctor asks to check in morgue then. Shivani gets very tensed and holds doctor’s collar. Doctor says he can understand her situation, but they should check in morgue once. Baburam tries to console Shivani and says nothing will happen to our Raghu.

Vivek and Maya bring their money in the backyard. Vivek burns their whole money saying he was behind bars because of this money.

Shivani and Baburam starts checking for Raghu in the morgue house. They check each body and finally Shivani sees Raghu’s chappal on 1 dead body. Baburam is about to check that dead body, just then ward boy asks him not to check him as his face is totally burnt and gives wallet which has Raghu’s wallent. Baburam sees that and starts crying vigorously saying that his son is dead.

Precap: Shivani rechecks dead body’s chappals and says he is not our Raghu..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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