Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with the men comes to Rashi’s house she talks in Tamil and let them go from there . Next the men enters to Gohem’s house . They ask about Gopi and Ahem replies in Punjabi that he dont know any Gopi and they go from there too. The men gets frustrated and checks all the houses in Rajpalnagar. A family in one house also helps gohem by telling that no Gopi lives in the area. The men says that all are lying and if they got a call from there Gopi must be there and is hiding .

Urmi is putting kajal on her eyes and is annoyed why her eyes do not look big like Kokila’s. Urmi gets a call from Canada people . They inform her that they are in India and will be coming to her house today . Urmi agrees and hangs the call . She then does a bit of garba and celebrates that Dhawal’s marriage is going to get fixed

Kokila is seperating peas and is still thinking about new servant . He looks on at Kokila . Koki gets a new message from Ahem saying that the men has already come to Rajpalnagar .Kinjal comes to Dhawal’s room with tea . Dhawal who is doing the office work do not give so much care about it . Kinjal says now he have to do one thing either forgive her or give her a punishment . Urmila comes there and says not to talk to him like that . Dhawal sneezes and Urmi makes him lay on the bed and puts blanket on him and says its the beginning of cold . She tells Kinjal to go out and says Dhawal not to go out till she says . Urmi locks the door from out and Kinjal asks what she is doing . Urmi says she’s caring for her nephew and someone has to do it

Here Rashi is reading newspaper and Jigar laughs at how she looks . Chirag comes in south indian look and asks how he looks . RaJi say that he looks fine . Again Jigar laughs on Rashi and Rashi says him to stop laughing and he’s removing the glasses and all . Jigar holds her shoulders and says she really looks beautiful.They share a lovely moment

Ahem asks Gopi if Meera has slept and she says she did . Ahem is trying to fix the pagri and gopi helps him . Ahem says she looks beautiful and they hug . Parag comes and turns the another side and clears his throat . He places the tea and goes from there . Gohem blushes and laugh . Raji too are hugging when Hetal comes with tea . Hetal also keep the tea and goes from there. Raji blushes and laughs .

Canada people come to MM and Urmi greets them and takes them inside . They are surprised about how big the house is . Kinjal hears and thinks that someone has come . Urmi takes them to her room and tells no one to disturb them . She locks the door and they get shocked . She says that no one disturbs them.Kinjal comes to Meethi and asks about it . Meethi says to Kinjal. Canada people ask about Dhawal and Urmi says he’s busy and has gone to meetings and will not take his phone. They ask about his phone number and Urmi is shocked.

Gopi thinks that the men may have gone and goes out to take Meera’s napkin . The men sees her from back and calls her . Gopi is shocked . They tell that they want to ask something from her

Precap: Urmi is bidding farewell to Canada couple . She then turns the next side to see Kinjal and Kokila there . Urmi gets shocked

Update Credit to: Muskii

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