Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th April 2013 Written Update

Rubal swaggers by , oozing arrogance as he proclaims that he is damn sure that as DEWAN , he is entitled to the front row , while Harish family with elegance and humility occupies the front row , which is where they were originally intended to be .. Rubal discovers that all sponsors are reserved in the back..A mortified Dewans family , sit in the back row , with their tails tucked in .. while Rubal, the Helium buffoon shides his mom for not even doing one single thing correctly * I agree, her error prone ways began with his birth itself* ..

Pankhudi who seems unable to bask in the moment nor soak the buzzing atmosphere has stuck to her long face and is suitably frazzled, she seeks out the member who was supposed to hand over the award to Harish and requests him to allow a dewan family member to hand it over..

Just then entertain begins with with Jankee taking the centre stage.. Na hai paana starts .. Pankhudi and Adi have a dream dance ..Harish and Avantika are lost in the moment.. The song ends and all express appreciation by clapping..

The Song ends .. and the compere comes on stage and announces that achievement award is given to a pillar of acting by ramesh.. Ramesh comes and praises Harish to the Skies and calls Harish up on the stage .. A nervous Harish walks on to the stage ..Both Hug ..Pankhudi is disappointed and thinks that maybe Ramesh has rejected her appeal, just then Ramesh turns and says that the award ought to be given by the sponsers and that it is only right that Dewans should hand it over as Harish is part of Dewan’s family too..Adi relaizes what Pankhudi was up to and praises her as well as congratulates her ..

A reluctant Rubal drags himself to the dais , Harish takes the microphone and calls Adi to share the Award as he was the inspiration to him..Adi goes on to the stage ..both father and son hug each other .. Rubal hands over the award to Harish through gritted teeth . Just then the voice of Ramesh rings out requesting Rubal to say few words in appreciation..

A chagrined Rubal , bites down the rising bile , moves towards the mike and congratulates Harish by trying to insult him but try as he might, Rubal has to praise Harish and he does so with ill grace… The 1 second praise finishes, Brothers confront each other promising to teach the other a fitting lesson..

The award ceremony ends , pankhudi is moving away when the voice of Avantika hails her and stops Pankhudi, a suspicious Avantika road rollers Pankhudi into trying to get her to open her tight zipped mouth ..when Pankhudi is about to breakdown, rescue comes in the form of Preeti who staves off the confrontation for another day.. Latika who had been eavesdropping is very pleased by this development and rues the interference of Preeti..

The after awards party is on in full swing , Adi introduces Kayra to pankhudi * awkward moment* and thinks of a date where they can get to know one another .. The girls look at one another in mute embarrassment n stay silent..

The function ends,Avantika sends the men up ahead cleverly keeping Pankhudi back with her ..She demands answers in her usual abrasive style ..pankhudi crumbles and accepts that she is not working in any Production house.

Avantika is in towering anger and demands to know how could Pankhudi take a major decision of working in Dewan mansion alone, adi comes in just then and sees Pankhudi’s tear stained face.

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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