Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th December 2013 Written Update

The Show Starts of in Shah Home with Kinjal in pensive and worrisome mood. Madhu appears and comforts Kinjal. Says some calming and sane words of advice. Madhu says that relationship is such a fragile thing and needs constant exchange of talk and mutual understanding for each other. Further Madhu says as far as she understood and knows Dhawal, She feels Dhawal is very understanding and caring person. This emotional talk is not liked by Urmilaa and butts in with some harsh words, both to Madhu and Kinjal.

After Urmilaa leaves the room, Madhu tells affectionately that Kinjal should not take Urmilaa’s words to heart but let them out from the other ear.

Modi Home :- Kokila, Gopi, Raashi and Jignesh. Kokila is wondering why the Sareee Trader has not put

in his appearance. Raashi seeks permission from Kokila to begin her work.

Raashi goes to the Kitchen and begins small talk with Radha. Radha says she is better person than Raashi to get a husband like Umang, just as Raashi gat and deserves Jigar as her husband. Later Radha because of Tripthi’s so called widowhood life both Umang and Radha are not close. have not been able to complete the married life.

Raashi tells Radha that she would tell Radha a way out of this problem.

Umang and Tripthi arrive and join the rest of the Modi ladies, Jignesh and Saree Trader.

Jignesh offers flower, a rose to Tripthi, at Kokila’s coaxing and gentle prods. As a jealous husband watches, reluctantly takes the flower. Next the saree is selected by Jignesh, Tripthi does not like the colour. Umang is green with jealousy. And he goes upstairs.

Raashi has done her job and comes out with Radha following Umang. Radha catches up with Umang and asks him to put a chain around her neck. Umang does so while a jealous wife looks on from downstairs. An Angry Tripthi takes the purple saree.

In the kitchen a gleeful Raashi shows Kokila and Gopi the scene of jealous couple fighting with each other – Umang and Tripthi.

Kokila, Gopi and Raashi seem satisfied.

In between, at Shah Home ; Urmilaa is rubbing salt into Kinjal’s wound. Says that Dhawal will never call her and Kinjal would be leaving for Modi Home and hopefully Madhu and Jayanthilal would also go.

Kokila enters Tripthi’s room. Tripthi is distraught at her own plight. Tripthi leads on Kokila and gives the impression that she would reveal the truth of her married status. She weeps a lot and falls at Kokila’s feet and says she cannot marry and leave Umang and Radha as she, Tripthi that is, is very much attached to them. Kokila has an expression almost similar to that of a monkey that had been fooled.

Gopi is distraught at not getting the truth out of Tripthi. Both Kokila and Raashi tell Gopi not to be disheartened and be brave and strong to fight on a long drawn battle.

Umang and Tripthi are having a laugh at Kokila’s expense and Tripthi has a cake of soap with impression of the keys. We have the flashbacks of how Tripthi got Keys impressed on the cake of soap while at the feet of Kokila.

Similarly we have the flashbacks of Umang overhearing Kokila, Gopi and Raashi talking about their plan working to lead Umang and Tripthi to fight.

And likewise, Umang and Tripthi making counter plans to spoil the Kokila, Gopi and Raashi broth.

The Episode Ends ! ! !

Precap :- Kokila, Gopi And Raashi ; Kokila is telling that today is the wedding day and should be the last part of this sordid happenings. Raashi puts in a rider that what if indeed the marriage takes place. Kokila says that Umang would never let the marriage take place.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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