Dil Dosti Dance 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 24th December 2013 Written Update

Rey tells Kriya if she cared so much she would not have left the college then and not taught of it again. Kriya says you know why I took decision this time.If you had supported me even little in workshops I would have not taken it. Rey replies all mistakes are mine you will not loose the habit of putting up the blame on others.I dont want to attend workshop at all. Pune comes in telling Rey that VP sir has caled the team to his cabin. The team wishes VP good afternoon. Vp enquirers about the preparation when gang relies with its going good.Everyone is working hard.VP says it must be good as Media are going to see them.Sharon tells there are two performances one group and a duet by Swayam and Sharon.Vp asks why only you and Swayam are doing a duet.Rey says they don’t have

time.Vp asks Rey to make time as he needs a performance by Rey and Kriya .Vp adds he has informed the media about this duet and it cannot be undone. Swayam says they are doing it already. Vp tells add Kriya and Rey’s performance as third act.. Media is going to be the face of exchange program so they must start rehearsing soon. Sharon sees Swayam. Rey and Kriya see each other. once they moot out Rey tells why is everyone so much into Media attention now a days. Sharon asks everyone to meet in the Rehearsal hall in 10 minutes and moves out.Slowly each one from team moves. Swayam and Rey are about to move when Kriya calls Rey. She asks Rey when do they start rehearsing.Rey says anytime but not more than an hour kriya asks what style must they perform as VP sir is expecting a lot.Rey says all these can be spoken in the Rehearsal hall.Rey moves saying they will meet at rehearsals.

Vicky and Nil at the BB court when Nil says she will not leave me without getting my address. Simmi comes in and Nil asks her to help. Vicky tells in Nil’s ears if its girls its expenses.Simmi ask Nil to take her out so she will help.Nil asks Simmi does she mean a date when Simmi tells imagine whatever you want but its not just coffee but Dinner too.Nil agrees. Simmi tells him to tell her due to parents he cannot get gifts at his home and asks her to deliver the gift at his friends Nil’s house.Nil hugs Simmi. Vicky says Simmi is Nil’s true friend.

Kriya in the locker room drops her books when Sharon helps hr to keep them back in locker.Sharon asks Kriya can she ask her something and then asks VP has asked for performance do you feel pressurized. Kriya says she is not pressurized but thinks Rey is uncomfortable with this performance. Sharon tells you know Kriya unknowingly we make big mistakes that to make it proper it takes a lot of time.Sharon says she is telling this with experience.Kriya tells she knows about her and Swayam. Even in your fights one can find love.Your issues will be resolved soon.If you are Swayam look good with Someone its with each other. Sharon smiles and says The misunderstandings between you and Rey and team will be solved out soon. Kriya tells when its solved with you it will with them.Sharon asks are you taunting when Kriya says we were used to fighting earlier.Kriya Thanks Sharon telling it feels awesome to know someone understands her. I never thought we can speak personal.Sharon says when we passed personal taunts why not speak about personal stuff.Sharon tells she needs help.Both her and Swayam want Kriya to choreograph their performance.Kriya asks me.Sharon says yes will you do.Kriya replies it will be great. Sharon thanks her when Kriya says if we start saying thanks it will go on 1000 times you have been helping me since I came back to college.

The gang is in calls when Swayam asks Sharon she looks excited.Sharon y=says Yes Kriya is going to choreograph.The professor enters the class and says all are looking fresh but Vicky. Vicky says he did not have his breakfast.the professor says let us start the class with eating and distributes sweets to the class.Vicky does not take it up when professor says I saw you eating a lot in the marriage.The professor asks what do they want to do in class. Nil asks wont there be theory sessions when Professor says one learns in life by following it.they would do exercises when they will listen to all students in class and follow the best. the professor asks what shall we do in next class. Sharon asks if its free can She and Swayam go to practice for Annual day celebrations.She asks for Kriya coming with them too.The professor agrees. Kriya asks Rey if they can rehearse after an hour. Rey tells yes he has heard it.The professor asks him he just had sweets and is speaking rude with a girl.

Swayam and Sharon are in Rehearsal hall when Kriya comes in. Kriya hugs Sharon and Swayam says even he is here.Swayam is about to tell Kriya when Kriya tells Sharon as told her.Swayam asks then me speaking is not allowed. Kriya tells me and Sharon will tell you will follow it. Sharon tells boys need attention and wen it is given they don’t care.Swayam says he agrees his defeat and ask to start rehearsals.Kriya shows the steps first and Sharon follows them on.Kriya and Sharon have fun dancing.Kriya says today has been the best day since she returned. The bell rings and Sharon asks Kriya is Rey coming to rehearse.Swayam asks must he speak with Rey when Sharon tells no and Kriya to let them know in case of trouble.

Kriya calls Rey in corridor when Rey says I know its time for rehearsals.Let us not waste time but rehearse.Kriya says he is the one doing it. The rehearsal hall is booked .Rey says they can rehearse in any place how to do where to do you decide I’ll come.Kriya says she will see and tell.Rey asks her to tell soon as he has only an hour.Kriya says she remembers it.

Precap: Kriyaansh Rain Dance in Basket Ball court

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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