Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa gets worried about Kokila. Hetal says everything will be alright. Kokila comes there with dirty clothes and says she will wash them in washing machine. Parag asks her to rest, but Kokila says she is fine and goes to wash clothes.

Vidya sadly says her siblings that Ahem and Gopi are still not in talking terms. Samar and Sahir say it is very simple and discuss how they united Rashi and Jigar. They say they should asks Ahem to give Gopi roses. Vidya asks them to bring roses from garden. Samar and Sahir bring roses and say they brought it without Kokila noticing them, else she would have scolded them for plucking roses. Kids then prepare greeting card with message as Badi mummy and bade papa. Vidya says they will come to know it is our plan once they see it. Meera says she has a solution for it and tells her idea. Samar/Sahir writes I love you on the dressing table mirror.

Kokila opens her cupboard and sees a doll. She goes into flashback about the doll with a child and gets dizzy. Gopi and Radha come there and see her stumbling. Radha holds her on time and asks if she is fine. Kokila then sees Gopi there and asks her to go from there. Radha asks Gopi to go from there and smirks.

Kokila thinks what is happening to her. Her family is hiding her something and she gets flashbacks about a child. Radha says nothing will happen to her and starts crying. Kokila consoles. She smirks in Kokila’s lap.

Kids say Gopi that they want juice. Gopi goes to kitchen to bring juice. Kids then see Ahem going towards his room and thinks to send Gopi to her room before Ahem goes. Samar and Meera stops Ahem and starts chatting with him to stop him from entering the room. Vidya and other kids ask Gopi to bring her dupatta to play. She goes to bring her dupatta. Samar says Ahem that he must have forgotten and says he can go to his room now. Ahem comes to his room and sees it decorated. He thinks Gopi must have done it. Gopi also comes there and sees the decoration. Ahem picks rose and greeting card. They hear kids smiling and running from there. Gopi says she did not do it and will clean it. She says she does not want to come close to him forcefully and does not want to try living a new life with him as she cannot get him back.

Gopi says Ahem that she spent 8 years without him and now she is habituated living without him, so she does not want to try getting him back. Ahem feels sorry for his mistakes. He holds Gopi’s hands and starts slapping himself. Gopi asks him what is he doing. Ahem says he is her culprit and could not tell what she means in his life. He kneels down and asks her to forgive him. They both emotionally hug each other and cry. Saath nibhana sathiyaa… song plays in the background. Gopi remembers marrying Ahem twice. Kokila comes there and sees them hugging. She calls Ahem, Mr. Bharath. They both part ways seeing Kokila. Kokila comes in and sees greeting cards, etc. She asks what is happening between them.

Precap: Kokila says now Bharath/Ahem and Gopi are united together and should back to their home.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. todays episode just loved the drama by the kids, that was so cute. Radhas drama is so boring. Koki is she acting memory loss or has she lost it actually, her part is getting so boring.

  2. this serial will become more and more boring and its very irritating to hear kokila shouting.

    please make changes

  3. Hi sexy

  4. I heard Koki will get back her memory when the whole family visits the same temple where everything happened.

  5. Am happy that gohem is back together but nw it will b nore longer nw that koki wants them to go bck to they own place as thy gotted together

  6. Atleast they didn’t drag ahem and gopi’s “dooriyan”…after getting to kno that gauri is meera…!!
    radha is the worst kind of creature ive ever come across…..bullshit girl!!
    Kokila must be sent to an asylum and made to stay with ragini(of ragini mms)!!!!!!!

  7. You’re losing viewers like this. Half of my family have disowned this show and,most of my friends,have given up on it as well. It is just long and boring with.the radha character.

  8. This is not 2 hour movie where every problem is solved in 3 min. It’s a long running show for old aunties.

  9. what a lousy episode when will koki stop her overactin and get rid of radha OMG

  10. Kab tak chalega radha ka drama!! :-/

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