Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla says to Raghav shut up don’t call me kamla mma. I am not your mom. You broke my daughter’s heart and considered it your right. You made fun of our poverty. You played with my innocent daughters. You and only you are responsible for destruction of Kalpi and Pakhi. Raghav says please pardon me Kamla maa. I am ready for the punishment iw ill make everything okay. I still love Kalpi like i used to do. Kamla sys top it don’t ever say her name. What will you fix ? People like yoyu can only break. The fire of revenge always grows never abates. kamla says for sake of your revnenge you burnt you own happiness as well. Ragahv says please Kamla maa don’t come between and Kalpi. Kamla says I guess you are forgetting that you broke her heart. If someone loves another person they leave everything for them It was your decision to decide what to choose between love and revenge. She handover him the wedding locket and says keep it to you. You made fun of wedding. It is worn for the strength of love. You made fun of this precious relationship. I pray that you.. Kamla stops and says I can’t pray bad for your because you are associated to another daughter of me. I will pray to God that you may chnage. You lost Kalpi now I hope that you don’t hurt Pakhi. Kamla says life won’t let you settle down.

Scene 2
Kalpi is in balcony and is in tears. She sits down. Raghav is alone now at the place. Pakhi is alone and in tears as well. The ‘rabba’ plays in the background. All of them are in deep thoughts Raghav is looking at the moon.
Gauri gives a spoon of food and say eat it. She says call your parents and tell them that the food left for servant is being eaten by their daughter. Pakhi stops right there. Gauri says what you thought that i started loving you ? Finish this food all right ? It won’t be easy for you to live here.

Scene 3
At night Nettu can’t sleep she says there are so many mosquitoes. How do they sleep here. The matress is so uncomfortable. Kamla comes and asks Nettu whats wrong ? She says there are so many mosquitoes here let me go out. Nettu says this all has happened because of Raghav. I won’t forgive him I will make hi cry. Kamla says he if Pakhi’s husband don’t say like that. Nettu says ask poki to divorce Ragahv. Kamla says what are you saying its not a joke. You know how much Pakhi loves Raghav. She should strive for a new happy life with him. Kamla goes in and asks Vitthal to sleep at the floor. She says Nettu can’t sleep there on floor. Vitthal agrees. Kamla asks Nettu to sleep there. The light turns off again.

scene 4
Pakhi says whether Raghav accepts me or not i will do all a wife has to do. She goes to kitchen. Gauri stops her and says leave. I have to make Raghav breakfast. Pakhi says let me make it. Gauri says he won’t eat it. I know you are playing these games to catch my son but you will never win his heart. When Gauri is done Pakhi comes in again and makes the sweet. She takes it to the table and says i made this for you Raghav. This is my first dish. Raghav leaves the table and so does Gauri.

Scene 5
Some man has come to mee Raghav. He says I need a favor of yours, there is a girl i love her. To confess her I have arranged a t20 match, I want you to be in my team and let me get him. Sammy says i think you should help Raj. Raghav say yes i will come for your love.

Kamla calls Pakhi and asks did she make the dish ? Pakhi says yes but he didn’t even taste it. Kamla says it will take some time. I know your nature will win their heart just keep on trying. Pakhi plans on sending the dish to Raghav with dirver.
Kamla sasy to nettu that I am going to temple will you come with us ? Nettu says i haven’t even taken bath properly there was shortage of water. Kamla says let me get you more water. Pakiya says you are not there servent anymore. Let her bring it. Vitthal says he is right.
Nettu goes downstairs to get a bucket of water, its so tiring for her. On the way back she sees a paper in trashbin that says Kalpana Yadav. Its the same Raghav sent her. She takes it out and reads the letter. She is really shocked at it. She says so this is the actual scene. I got my key to get back to old life.

PRECAP- Nettu says to kalpi i can feel your pain kalpi. You heart has beem broken.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Girija ji even I have replied in twitter
    for vitahal recent comment on ragna bullshit.but pd thrugh twitter sje is justifyin her storyline amd definately she is trying to promote paaki. And if she is going to promote rakhi definately no raghna fans will support.and slowly trp willngo dwn nd serial will lso close as like pds previous serial. sry I dont remember the serial ne

    1. Choti Bahu(ZeeTv),Meri Bhabhi(star plus) just a month before windup

    2. i gave the following link:below shirina singh-Pakhi interview

  3. Tu frnds plz try to vote jodha akbar each an every single website try to make look ema down so pd hippo will know power of raghna frnds
    Only us can help eachother
    Don’t hope anything from pd writer

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    1. Hi!how was your week end with family?Regarding EMA no hopes. now they reduced showing Kalpana and Raghav, giving more importance to Kamala and Pakhi.Ayoooooo. don’t want Kamala lecture or neetu brain wash to kalpana. atleast they must show – RAGHNA -meet each other once again.if they both meet- everything will be fine- may be kalpana stand up with Raghav- not bothering about KAMALA- because as she know about kapoors criminal activity.it will be interetsing between mother and daughter to stand against eachother – kamala supporting criminals- kalpana supporting affected one with help of SAMMY GURU

  6. vry gd noon guys girija AP anshu ek dd……gd nyt to u mon…trini……..today wl b nothng special in EMA…again PD’s bullshit track………every1 is angry & irritated with this track….they brustout their feelings….in different forums sites fb twitter…..its trp also fel down…..cn’t understand what is wrong with ths cvs…….hw long wil continue ths nonsense track……y cn’t she change is damla’s character….that iz gvn wrng message to viewrz….i understnd marriage is not a joke it may not end soon bt she has mny options to change ths track……she cn put in there new twist that this marriage wz fake…….raghav had made ths strategy to destroy kapoors….for me that is the bst option for her……to get back its trp & audiunces…..& our interst wl also cmback…..

  7. Leave it chocopie
    These things dont bother pd
    So y 2 waste our energy & frankly saying i dont care abt ragna now
    I just want story to focus on kalpana
    Her dreams, her carier not raghav’s revdnge
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    Actually my tab gets mad ehenever i open twitter page
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    1. you can see only KAMALA LECTURE MORE OFTEN.KALPANA shoulf join company.as she got 1st position – she will get a top post.she should not listen to her now. if she want to stand up against criminals.

  8. HI chocopie mon dd girja ap anshu an all tu frns anshu how was ur exams frns i think pd is going to give kalpi a -ve shade bcs she wants to fix pakhi in o ur heart but she donot know that this will not going to work

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    Raghav to marry Kalpana in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan!

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    2. is this true

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