Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanda gets into auto and leaves. Dharam follows her, gets into and asks driver to follow that auto. Jaggi requests inspector Dinesh to let him meet Kokila and Gopi. Dinesh says he can meet them only during visiting hours in the evening. Jaggi starts drama and says Dinesh and his team are handling criminals so well, so he brought samosas for them. Dinesh with his team enjoys samosa and asks what about other police stations. Jaggi says this police station is special as they are handling so many women here, some are dreaded criminals. Dinesh gets a call and leaves with some of his team members. Jaggi then starts joking with constable that he is unable to handle his wife and mother alone and police has to handle so many criminals, etc. Lady constable hears and fumes. Jaggi says he is joking and offers her samosa.

Chanda gets out of auto and gets into an old house. Dharam follows her and and angrily opens door. He sees Chanda in and walks towards her angrily. Chanda gets afraid seeing him. He asks where is Meera. Dharam strangulates her neck. Chanda says if he kills her, how will he meet Meera. Dharam leaves her and asks why is she doing this, where is his Meera. She smirks and asks him to sign on papers. He asks what is this. Chanda says papers of his all properties and it is clearly written that he is transferring everything in her name, he should sign it and take Meera. Dharam stands shocked.

Jaggi continues serving samosas and tea to constables and sees Kokila is in room #1 and Gopi in #3. He asks constable why is he tensed. Constable says his wife left home. Jaggi says she will come back and acting as hugging him steals keys. Constable lets him meet Gopi. He goes to Gopi and asks why did she accept mami aunty/Urmila’s flop plan. She says she wants to save maaji. Jaggi shows keys and opens cell. Gopi enters Kokila’s room. Kokila bending her head says she does not want to meet or have food, they can go. Jaggi leaves locking them in single cell. Gopi says maaji. Kokila stands. Gopi asks why did she accept wrong allegation on herself. Kokila says this is the truth. Gopi says she knows she cannot tell lie to her, her expressions are not matching. Kokila shouts she did not understand her at all, truth is she killed Urvashi as Urvashi is her sautan. Sautan took away her husband, family and daughter Gopi, so she had to plan all this. Gopi asks to take Ahem’s oath then. Kokila turns. Gopi asks what happened, why did she tell she did not do any crime, then what happened today. Kokila shouts after Ahem died, all promises have gone. Gopi keeps Kokila;s hand on her head and asks to take her oath and tell truth now. Kokila reminisces Gaura’s warning and pushes Gopi out of cell and warns her not to come back again. She requests god to forgive her.

Chanda provokes Dharam if he loves Meera he has to sign papers and taunts Meera is wrongly madly in his love. Dharam signs papers and throws and asks where is Meera. She checks papers and says her job is done. Dharam asks to take him to Meera. Chanda says she looks fool and not really is, she will enter her name in papers first, till then he has to do as she orders. Dharam angrily raises hand, Chanda warns if he tries to hit her, he will not Meera in life. Dharam hits wall angrily.

Jaggi takes Gopi out of police station and says it is good Dinesh is his friend, else police won’t spare someone easily. Gopi says she has to find out why maaji is lying.

Precap: A woman is seen running away from goons and hiding in Gopi and Jaggi’s car. Jaggi drives car home.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    Guys i heard Tanya had walk out of the show…She is not in the cast anymore due to leap sequence…

    1. No Riana. Tanya is not leaving the show SNS.She continues playing Meera’s role.Ye tho Tanya and makers also confirm Kia hai aur bahut news segments mein bhi aayi hai.

      1. Riana

        Really…thats good!!??

  2. Riana

    Either gaura will be defeated before leap else she will be the part of the show after leap too…

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Congratulations Sunshiners after long time we achieved 100+comments ??. We proved that our group is very strong.
    John on Sunday’s episode u told it was very good day to you . But unfortunately Again ur bad days started and u lost . Now better u shud pack ur bags and leave this forum forever or else u wl be insulted here like anything. Better u understand mr mad john

  4. Guys Tanya is not leaving the show SNS.

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