Mere Angne Mein 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam seeing Riya and calling him out. She gets glad seeing him standing on feet. Her saree gets stuck aside and she stops. She recalls Shanti’s words. Shivam recalls Riya’s words and gets sad. Riya cries and gets away. Sarla says this receipt will prove me and my children were not here, we will get saved. Raghav says you went to Bangkok also, you have ticket also. She says I will tear the ticket. Raghav says fine, I will sign. Shanti stops him and asks him not to sign, everyone will get trapped. Raghav says we can have someone to help us out from jail. Sarla gets glad. Raghav signs on papers.

Sarla says you all can stay in my house if there is a problem. Shanti says we are not cowards to run away like you. Sarla goes. Shanti calls Sarla selfish. Shivam asks what happened, you thought I will be on wheelchair all my life, I can walk. She says I m happy seeing you. He says stop the drama, you left me before I got well. She says no. He says I thought how can you think so, when I saw the video, I understood, I thought you love me, but its fine the misunderstanding got cleared, you know my family is in problem because of you, police blamed my family for your murder. She gets shocked.

She asks what are you saying. He says you are reacting as if you don’t know, the news has come in papers too, even your Papa did not come to find out about you, everyone knows news of your murder. She says don’t get him in between, he does not know that I m here. He asks why, are you ashamed, when you can tell my family you left me, why did you not tell him. She says you know why I left you, why did you come here. He says I m helpless, else I hate you and your name, my family is trapped in your murder case, till you give statement, this case won’t end, I don’t have much time, come with me. She says it means you came here as your family got trapped, else you would have not come. He says you left me, I did not leave you, come with me.

She says I won’t go, ask police to come here and take my statement. He asks did you go mad. She says yes, I will give statement to police and say what you want. He says then tell police that I left my husband when he got handicapped, and now when he got fine, I want to come back. She cries and says you are so selfish. He says this statement suits you Riya, not me, come with me. She refuses. She gets adamant and says ask police to come here and take statement, your family will get saved, I can’t do anything else. Shivam calls her out. She goes.

Shanti waits for him and calls Shivam asking about Riya. Shivam says I got her. She says get her fast. He says Riya refused to come. She gets shocked. She says she will refuse, she did all this, tell me the address, I will reach there. She tells Nimmi that Riya is found, I will get her, manage home, I will just come. She leaves. Nimmi gets relieved and sees the time.

Preeti hides the mattress. Nandu says I got the mattress maker, he will make it fine. She says this is old, its not needed now. The man says its my work to make old mattress fine. She says its bad now, leave it. Nandu says I got this man home for this work. She thinks how to refuse him, my secret will come out. She says fine, do it. Nandu asks the man to get the mattress.

Preeti asks Nandu to get vegetables. Nandu asks the man to make mattress new and goes. Riya sits crying. Her inner self says if anything happens to Shivam’s family, you will be responsible. Riya says what did they with me, Shivam fought with me, he hates me. She gets in dilemma. Riya says I don’t hate Shivam, I love him a lot and his family. Her inner self asks her to go with Shivam and prove her love, help his family. Riya asks what will happen after that. Her inner self says leave it on them to decide to accept you or not. Riya thinks.

The man says I think there is something in mattress. Preeti says I have allergy with this, get a sack and take the cotton. She sneezes. He goes. She gets the hidden things out of the mattress and keeps it in a bag. She hides it under the bed. Nandu comes and asks what are you doing. Preeti says I asked the man to get sack and clear the mess. Nandu asks how did papers come inside mattress. She says yes, I asked him to make new mattress. Nandu goes to check the man.

Riya asks Shivam why did he get Shanti. Shanti says I came to remind you the duty towards our family. Riya asks what duty, you said something else that day. Shanti worries and asks Shivam to go out. Shivam goes. Riya asks why did you send Shivam out, you got scared that your truth will come out. Shanti says I m not scared. Police is after us, I know you did this. Riya says my thinking is not small to risk relations to get relations, the truth is I was going to police station myself, I did not like what was happening with you all. Shanti asks did you want to do deal with us, tell me what you want. Riya says I learnt this from you, if you said this, fine we will strike a deal. Shanti asks what do you want.

Riya says I will come with you to Shanti Sadan and give statement to police, and instead that, I want your swing. Shanti gets shocked.

Shanti begs to Riya to save her family. Riya says no need to do this, make me your heir or do anything, decide soon, there is less time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why didn’t shivam stand away and hear shanti and Riya’s conversation? Why he always believing shanti? Hope Riya brings out sarla and shanti’s truth soon. Great NAYI SOCH leading ladies shown as liars and evil conspiring people getting away.

  2. Shivika__Oberoi

    Proud of Riya… First time in life , she made a correct demand…??

  3. @shivika I agree, it’s about time Riya made Evelyn aware, especially Shivam what his families really like. It’s a shame she didn’t record anything like pari. Shanti believes everyone’s in the right except her daughter who planned all this and now trapping raghav.

  4. Don’t think shanti’s behaviour will change towards Riya, she will still think it’s all her doing. Only Riya can prove shanti wrong and clear her name in front of shivam.

  5. This time riya proved that she can do anything beacuse enough of shant and sarla drama actually it is sarla who influence shant but if riya try think smart and expose cunning sarla pari and preeti let see how sarla react when she know the swing is riya;s I mean shant only care about her daughter and grand daughters but riya is also someone daughter how can they treat her like doormat now riya has show them what she can do I like she demand the the swings they all blame her who care keep it up riya good job you proved that you are lead in the serial

  6. Good to see Riya getting a challenging role! She demanded the swing, but what will Shanti and Riya do about the wealth which Shanti accumulated by collecting from Ragho & Riya and often she freely gave to Sarla, Pari and Sarla’s family. The wealth has been stolen by the cheat and characterless Priti. Priti tried hiding the stolen goods from Nandu.

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