Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd August 2013 Written Update

-Kinjal is pulling the rope . Rashi throws water out there she says now her team will win. Gopi removes the ropes and gives the rope first to Kokila. The modi family is glad. Savita says she has seen the she did it purposely to win and its cheating. Kokila says her to keep quiet and she has seen Rashi doing it for which as a result Kinjal lost. And thats why the winner is team B.Rashi is disappointed. Hetal says Rashi that there wasn’t no need to it as they would win.
Savita and another neighbor get into fight. Gopi says them to keep quiet and tries to handle the situation. Gopi sees that the the flag is about to fall. Gopi comes and holds it on time.

Kokila and Madhu ben comes and helps Gopi. Gopi says on this day they respect and they on this day

are fighting for such issues and if they keep on with these what will they teach to the kids. Others apologize. Kokila says to bring the kids and they will raise the flag. The children raise the flag and sings the national anthem.

Later on the night Kokila shows Meera the rakhis and tells she will tie them to Tolu Molu. Ahem gets a call from Kinjal saying that tomorrow is Rakhi. Ahem says what she needs. Kinjal says she need a diamond necklace. Ahem says she will give her the necklace this time. Urmila hears this and is shocked. Kokila too listen to this and is irked. Kinjal tells to Urmila about it. Urmila says who will gift her and she should gift Madhuben. Urmila says Kinjal will get gifts and what will she do.

Ahem and Jigar gets a message of the necklace Kinjal needs. Rashi says they are very costly. Jigar says its the Kinjal’s favourite and they should gift it. Kokila says she is right and a gift is of no use if there’s no need of it later. Ahem argues that Kinjal needs it . Kokila says they will think what to be given to Kinjal. Rashi is glad that Kokila has supported her in that.

Dhawal is on a call with someone. He says he remembers that he have to pay the money but not to ask her money this month as it’s Rakshabandhan. He then gets a call from Rashi asking what he’s giving her. Dhawal says whatever she wants. Rashi demands a designer saree. And he agrees.

Jitu bhai is searching the cupboard for money. Urmila says not to give her a costly gift to Madhu. Jitu says her got her sister after so many years and will the best gift. Urmila says give any gift whatever she want but not a costly one. Jitu says her to keep silent and she will gift. Dhawal is on phone with Gopi. Dhawal says to be ready and he’ll gift both her sisters a designer saree. Gopi says whats the need of it and Dhawal says only once in a year they celebrate it.Gopi says its fine with her. Dhawal says they will take Radha along too. Urmi overhears the conversation is angry. Dhawal puts money to a bag and thinks he have to pay money but Rakhi is important.

In morning Kokila asks what she has prepared for Dhawal and Hetal says to prepare Sheera for Dhawal. Kokila says to clean the rest and not to go out. Rashi looks on in disappointment . Dhawal gets a call from Dhawal asking if the 3 sisters are ready. Rashi says she cannot go out. Dhawal says she will bring the 2 sisters then. Rashi gets annoyed and says they too are busy and he should buy any of his choices. He agrees. After the call Dhawal checks her bag and sees that the money is not there. Kinjal says she haven’t seen the money and the two search for money. Kinjal says Urmila has stolen it and other than her who will do it. Dhawal says it wont be right to talk to her in this time.

Radha comes to talk sweets . And Rashi asks for some help. Radha refuses saying she is busy. Rashi says she will fast so she gets a husband like Ahem. Radha gets delighted and agrees to make it for her.

Precap- Kinjal says first she want to see the gift and then she will tie the rakhees. She is disappointed to see a gold necklace. Urmila whispers that she was proudly saying she’s going to get a diamond necklace. Kinjal throws the necklace and says she don’t need a gold necklace. Everyone is shocked

Update Credit to: Muskii

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