Saraswatichandra 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 22nd August 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Khusum goes to phone to the side where SC is there.. SC moves away from there just before Khusum reaches..

Khusum calls home and Dugba picks up.. Khusum informs about Dugba about the celebration.. Dugba asks her if she spoke to Pramad and Khumud.. Khusum replies Khumud said all is well but she doesn’t believe her.. They couldn’t speak much due to noise..

Khumud and Pramad are entering the hall.. Khumud falls but Pramad catches her.. He reminds her about her promise to tell him everything.. They enter and dance performance is going on..

Kalika goes to SC’s room and searches some proof against Khumud and SC.. She finds the kamarpandh in his bag.. She says that if SC would have given her some gift as this then his secret would have remained as one..

Scene shifts to the hall,
Khusum spots SC.. Alak comes and introduces Khusum to SC as Navinchandra.. Alak tells SC that Khumud’s MIL liked Khusum so she (Alak) suggested that Khusum and SC should be married..

Khusum is shocked and looks at Khumud.. Khumud avoids eye-contact.. Khusum and SC greet as strangers.. Alak praises Khumud for getting Pramad to attend the celebration.. Khusum praises her sister to make anyone say yes after a no if the person’s heart is not stone..

Alak leaves and asks Khusum too.. Khusum asks her to leave and she will come in a minute.. She is about to talk to Sc when Kalika comes and sends SC to meet Khumud’s FIL.. Kalika sweet talks but Khusum asks her to get some sweet for her.. Kalika is embarrassed but goes to get sweet..

Khumud’s FIL is happy and praises SC.. He asks Khusum’s welfare and tells her to feel at home.. Khusum looks at SC and tells that maybe all may not like her staying here..

Khumud’s FIL asks who… when Kalika comes and gives Khusum the sweet and then tells Khumud that she forgot her kamarpandh.. She tells she found it in SC’s room..

All are looking shocked.. Khusum saves them.. Pramad comes and taunts that SC is a saviour he not only saved the kamarpandh but also pride of the house.. SC is irritated and Khusum looks on..

Scene shifts to kitchen,
Khumud, Khusum, Khumud’s MIL and the servant are working.. Khumud’s MIL praises SC for organising the celebration and Khumud for bringing Pramad.. She worries about him having food.. She asks the servant to give food for SC.. Khusum takes it from her on the pretext of thanking for bringing Khumud home.. Khumud’s MIL is embarrassed but allows her..

Scene shifts to SC’s room,
SC is worried about Khusum’s reaction.. Khusum comes to give food and calls him Navinchandra..

Scene shifts to Khumud’s room,
Khumud comes in and tells Pramad that she thought he wouldn’t drink today.. He says that what celebration without drinking and offers her.. He says she always sad so she can forget her sadness by drinking.. She says that she is happy that he thought for her sadness.. She reminds him about telling everything.. Pramad had forgotten and praises her to keep her promise.. He says he shall stop drinking for sometime to listen to his wife’s love story..

Scene shifts to SC’s room,
SC tries to explain but Khusum doesn’t allow him.. She tells she never thought SC could impersonate as someone else.. She accuses him of spoiling Khumud’s married life..

Scene shifts to Khumud’s room,
Khumud tells about SC and his mother.. She praises his mother and tells about her family’s relation with SC’s mom.. Pramad looks on disinterested..

Scene shifts to SC’s room,
SC tells that he is Navinchandra and SC is dead.. Khusum continues her accusation and tells him to leave Khumud’s sasural..

Precap: Kalika tells Khumud that Pramad and she are with each other for 13 years.. She adds that they both will never ditch each other.. Khusum who hears this shocked..

Update Credit to: Maria

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