Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila says Radha that she purposefully arranged remarriage of Pari and Jigar and division of wealth to trap her. She says Radha’s supporters that Radha she is not married to Jigar and is it is her cook-up story and asks inspector to arrest her. Radha says she did not do any mistake and cannot be arrested and tells her supporters that they are telling lie to trap her. Pari says she remembers Radha kidnapping and dragging her into a roller coaster ride and trying to push her from there. Radha says she is pregnant and very petite, how can she drug such a big lady. Supporters say they believe her. Inspector asks what proof Modi’s they have. Kokila says Pari herself is standing in front of her. Radha says Modi’s hatched a plan with Pari to trap her with kidnap drama.

Inspector says he cannot believe only Pari and needs more proof. Gopi says Radha is telling lie and has even gone to jail before. Radha says she make mistake, but now after pregnancy, she has changed. Jigar asks her to stop her drama. Radha says Jigar made her pregnant and wants to get rid of her, so he planned and threw her out from his life. Kokila asks her to stop her lies. Radha says inspector that without proof he cannot arrest her, so he should arrest Jigar instead as he remarried Pari when she is alive. Gopi asks her be in her limit. Radha says they are crossing their limits and says again Jigar made her pregnant and to escape from her, he married Pari and abandoned her. She insists inspector to arrest Jigar. Inspector says he cannot arrest both and to get more solid proof and leaves.

Kokila asks Radha to get out from her house. Radha says she has married Jigar and will go out only after her death. Radha’s supporters warn Modi’s that they will not spare and asks Radha to inform them if Modi’s trouble her.

Radha taunts Pari and tells Modi that they cannot do her anything and walks into her room asking Meethi to bring tea for her. Jigar shouts and says he does not have any proof against her, so they cannot get her out. Kokila says they have to get proof. Pari says she knows how to get proof and asks to wait till tomorrow morning.

Urmila scolds Pappu’s dog for eating too much food. Pappu comes and asks why is she shouting. She says his dog eats a lot of food. Pappu says dog works hard though. She says he does not earn anything at all and then smiles saying she will get work from him.

Vivan in jail thinks hopes Pari forgives her. Pari comes there and says she will forgive him and will be his friend rest of their life if he proves his friendship. He asks what he can do. She asks him to give proof against Radha. she will ask her dad to take back case against him.

Jigar eagerly waits for Pari. Gopi asks him to calm down and wait as Vivan me not agree to help them if he sees with him. Vivan agrees to tell truth, holds Pari’s hand, asks to promise him, and records their conversation. Pari promises and says once inspector comes back, he will get her released.

Jigar comes to Gopi/Ahem’s room and asks Gopi if he can take Pari out for dinner. She smiles and says he can go, she will take care of kids. He thanks her and leaves. Ahem gets irked hearing that and asks Gopi not to interfere in someone else’s life and spend some time even with him. She asks what did she do. He says he wanted to go out for dinner with her, but she sent Jigar and Pari out instead.

Precap: Kokila asks Gopi where are Jigar and Pari. Pari and Jigar come from outside and Pari feels embarrassed.

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  1. nw whats so der to get embarased?u have done enough rigt..??

  2. How good will this serial get. Radha is great. I hope she wins a whole bunch of awards

  3. Guess Radha is giving lessons on how to trap a man by using pregnancy which by the way, she technically raped Jigar as he was drugged and she slept with an unconscious man, how degrading…unless she was pregnant before coming to the Modi’s…I wish that is the case, then she has no rights to live there YAH!!

  4. I think that radha is not pregnant and just waiting for the correct time to take her property share watever she wants and then leave modi bhavan

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